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  1. Notes from NorseRadish:

    Below is a review of an excellent news squib that appeared at Gates of Vienna on January sixth.

    The Norm is Not Democracy — The Norm is Extinction

    By David P. Goldman

    Before we wax too eloquent about the democratic aspirations of the great Iranian people, we should keep in the mind that the most probable scenario for Iran under any likely regime is a sickening spiral into poverty and depopulation. Iran has the fastest-aging population of any country in the world, indeed, the fastest-aging population of any country in history. It has the highest rate of venereal disease infection and the highest rate of infertility of any country in the world. It has a youth unemployment rate of 35% (adjusted for warehousing young people in state-run diploma mills). And worst of all, it has run out of water.

    We might be observing the birth of Iranian democracy in the protests of the past few weeks, but it is more likely that we are watching the slow-motion train wreck of a once-great nation in all its gory detail. As I noted in an Asia Times analysis this morning, the most violent protests, e.g. the burning of a police station near Isfahan captured on this video, happened in the boondocks where water has run out. The river that runs through Isfahan, a legendary city of gardens in the desert, literally has run dry. Some Iranian officials warn that tens of millions of Iranians will have to leave their homes for lack of water. The country has used up 70% of its groundwater and it is literally drying up major rivers to maintain consumption. It’s the worst ecological disaster in modern history.

    The Islamic Revolution presided over an orgy of corruption, brutality, and mismanagement. Despite the Obama administration’s cash infusion and the lifting of sanctions on oil exports, the government is nearly bankrupt. It has allowed several major banks to fail, wiping out the savings of millions of depositors, after the banks lent vast sums to regime cronies for real estate speculation. Forty-five percent of Iranian bank loans are toxic and the cost of cleaning up the bank mess is estimated at half of GDP (to put that in perspective, the U.S. Treasury set aside $700 billion, or 1/20th of U.S. GDP, to bail out the banks in 2008, and needed only a fraction of it. The Iranian banking crisis is a full order of magnitude worse than the U.S. 2008 crisis)…

    — Hat tip: KS at GoV

    NR: From later in the same article —

    Add up the costs of dealing with the water emergency, the bank crisis and the pension crisis, and Iran is close to broke. And that’s just the beginning: The average working-age Iranian today comes from a family of seven children, but has fewer than two children. That means that when the older generation retires, there will be fewer than two new entrants into the workforce to pay for the pensions of seven retirees. The demographic crisis hasn’t hit yet, and when it does, it will be the financial equivalent of an asteroid hitting Iran.

    It’s curious how Water Poverty (i.e., “the water emergency “) tops this preceding list, even above economic bankruptcy and demographic collapse. Best kept in mind is that if Iran immediately began a multibillion dollar crash program of building desalination plants, there is no way on earth they could possibly keep the entire nation from dying of thirst (or having its crops wither).

    This applies even if Iran did not divert a drop of reclaimed water for brine disposal (a very serious desalination issue that can destroy adjacent marine environments). Regardless, attempting to distribute desalinated water into the heartland would consume massive amounts of energy and require extra billions of dollars in pipeline construction (and power-hungry pumping facilities).

    One crucial side effect is that—due to outdated Iranian agricultural practices that are equally prevalent throughout the Muslim Middle East—exposed topsoil will be eroded by wind and whatever meager rainfall that happens. As it is, Iran’s rate of topsoil loss is 2.5 times the world average. Some experts rank Iran as worst in the world for soil erosion

    From: Soil Erosion in Iran Costs More Than Oil Revenue:

    According to a senior environmental official, the cost of soil erosion in Iran trumps the country’s oil revenue.

    “Between two and four billion tons of soil wears away in Iran every year,” said Yousef Yousefi, director of the provincial office of Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization in Markazi Province, IRNA reported.

    If the numbers are correct, the rate of soil erosion in Iran is 20 times over and above the global average. “With an estimated price of $28 per ton, soil erosion costs Iran between $56 billion and $112 billion.”

    Iran earned $53.6 billion in oil exports in 2014.

    Put another way, Iran’s immense oil wealth cannot possibly (or simultaneously) remediate its soil loss, construct desalination plants, and build a pipeline network for distributing whatever paltry freshwater output there is to be had from those facilities.

    Consider this: “The time needed to form a soil depends on the latitude; in environments characterized by a mild climate, it takes 200-400 years to form 1 cm of soil; in wet tropical areas soil formation is faster, as it takes 200 years, but in order to accumulate enough substances to make a soil fertile it takes 3000 years.”

    The countless billions of dollars that Iran diverted into its development of nuclear arms assured only one outcome. That Tehran’s mullahs are doomed to be preening roosters crowing atop one massive dunghill. Theirs will be one of human history’s most Pyrrhic victories.


    It is more than a little worth noting how Iran, in many ways, is a micro-scale case of the Communist Chinese macro-example. Again, Water Poverty, economic bankruptcy (i.e., the largest financial and real estate bubbles in human history), along with an impending demographic collapse, all rear in the face of Beijing’s constant central planning meddling with the environment, free-market economic forces, and—in some ways, most devastating of all—their genetic manipulation of The Mainland’s entire population. This refers to the OFOC (One Family One Child) policy which has guaranteed that Chinese people will get old before they ever get rich. The sociopolitical implications of this ultimately disastrous program cannot be overstated.

    This same modeling applies with excruciating precision regarding Water Poverty and topsoil loss. Some 90% of all surface water in Red China is non-potable. Additionally, Communist China loses an area the size of Britain’s County Kent (1,537 square miles or nearly 4,000 square km) to desertification every single year.

    Finally, in the same micro-versus-macro construct, Israel represents the small-scale aspect of what the entire world can expect from Muslims and Islam in general. Let there be no doubt that Iran and Communist China cheerfully help to drive this equation (at every opportunity) as part of bleeding Western powers into a state of toxic anemia.

    • NorseRadish,
      Thanks for this article. Water is a priceless resource . You can live without electricity, food (for a while) but you can’t without water.
      In USA and Canada, we flush our toilet with drinkable water…that always drive me crazy.
      Many years ago I was a « flight Nurse » in North Canada where we had to melt snow before you could wash yourselves or brush your teeth.
      Today’s abundance and waisting of resources in Europe, USA, Canada tell us that eventually water will be like the value of Gold . WWIII will be about water and elimination of those who do not produce but used resources (old, disable, ect)
      Massive immigration, uncontrolled births (inbreeding) can only destroy civilized country.
      If true we are entering a mini Ice Age will run out of food before water.

      • Today’s abundance and wasting of resources in Europe, USA, Canada tells us that eventually water will be like the value of Gold.

        In reality, water already has become one of the world’s most critical resources. If only the atmosphere was as easily controlled, this world’s air supply would be of more importance.

        WWIII will be about water and elimination of those who do not produce but use resources (old, disabled, etc.)

        Madi, you are disturbingly close to the mark. Decades ago, India and Pakistan verged on the brink of nuclear war over hydro projects being constructed on the upper reaches of the Indus River (Pakistan’s “aorta”).

        All the same, absolutely NO ONE is raising any hue or cry over China’s commandeering of Tibet, widely considered to be “Asia’s Water Tower” (i.e., the headwaters of several large Asian waterways.

        This is just one more reason why I take such a dim view of Communist China’s future. Just like Islam, both of these aggressive and hostile entities are, “making too many enemies too fast.

        Massive immigration, uncontrolled births (inbreeding) can only destroy civilized countries.

        And yet, this is what all too many Western nations are encouraging, even as they economically and demographically gut themselves trying to oblige hostile, invading predators who would NEVER make similar accommodations for them in their own countries of origin, EVER!

        Thank you for your insights, Madi.

        PS: If you think these wars about oil are bad, just wait until the Water Wars begin.

    • I have to smile when folks call Iranians ” wonderful Persians”, they are Muslims, Shia Muslims in the homeland of Shia Islam. That isn’t going away. I look forward to the bloodbath between factions however.

      • All of them aren’t Moslems, there are also Christians and Zoroastrians, both groups are growing because of large numbers of converts due to the Mullah’s heavy handed attitudes. If we can keep the conversions going and increase the number of secular Moslems we stand a chance of taking Iran out of the Islamic equation.

        • Too much reverence for this “Persian Iran” that’s devolved to a “kleptotheocracy” [Bret Stephens] and picked up loads of garbage since its salad days.

          “Persians represent only 65% of its population…. Shi’a Azeris 16%, Kurds 7%, Lurs 6%, Arabs 2%, Baloch 2%, Turkmens 1%.”
          Iran protests could evolve into Ethnic/Sectarian Strife

          And the Persian fraction is shrinking fast. Doesn’t matter if they impose their Farsi on Arabs and Kurds; they’re not having babies.

          • Let’s inject some Andy Bostom into this myth of the charming, tolerant Persian Shittes:

            “My recent book Iran’s Final Solution for Israel, painstakingly documents the continuous inculcation of conspiratorial Shiite Islamic Jew-hatred in Iran, and its myriad repellant manifestations, since the society became a Twelver Shiite theocracy under Shah Ismail—a visceral Jew-hater, himself—during 1501.

            One of the most striking, and depressing contemporary examples of this deeply embedded, hateful Weltanschauung was captured by U.S. political scientist Eliz Sanasarian, an expatriate Iranian from the Armenian minority community in Iran, in her 2000 study of Iran’s non-Muslims religious minorities.

            The eyewitness account by Sanasarian’s colleague provides a res ipsa loquitur demonstration of the inveterate nature of Shiite Iranian Jew-hatred, a “cultural prejudice,” which persists even within a present day “secular,” highly-educated diaspora.

            A Group of Expatriate Iranian Shiite Physicians in the US, & the Banality of their Islamic Jew-Hatred

            You ain’t seen genocidal Jew-hate till you peer through Dr. Bostom’s microscope.
            It just doesn’t get worse.

      • [email protected], I sincerely suggest that you take the time to engage Iranian Persians. A huge percentage of them are (not just fed up with Shiite domination but) ready to start cutting the throats of Tehran’s mullahs.

        We in the West would be wise to recruit such opposition as part of neutralizing the Iranian threat. The price of not doing so will be a nuclear-armed Iran that might easily trigger WWIII.

        • It’s all bull-shiite, NR.

          I’ll praise Cyrus and the Second Temple Era. I’ll smile at the pictures of the fashionable Shah-era cosmopolitans. The latter constituted the most shallow layer of a society excessively glossed by wishful-thinking Westerners.

          I suggest you take a good hard look at Dr. Bostom’s book. Check-out the Houthis of Yemen, if you want a glimpse of “Persian” cultural imperialism.

          Something had to be festering to manifest in the florid disease that threatens _me_ and _my people_
          – – for
          – – what
          – – we are.

          How many of your charming Persians were sufficiently repelled to OBJECT to my dehumanization? Incitement to murder me and my people?

          Have you ever LISTENED to any of it?
          Have you seen the roaring masses baying for MY death?

          For decades? Far longer by now than the Nazi interlude. And these genocidal devils are treated like people – clients! – by the oh-so sensitive Eurotrash.

          • You are right there, we need to cultivate the non Islamic portion of the population but not trust any of the Islamic section. We also need to insure that any solution is seen as an Iranian/Persian solution and not and American one.

            Having said that as much as I hope for the protesters to take over and bring about a semi-peaceful solution to the Iranian problem I doubt if this is going to happen. Long before the protesters gain that much power the Mullah’s will take their gloves off and start acting like their true selves.

            • You are right there, we need to cultivate the non Islamic portion of the population but not trust any of the Islamic section.

              I agree and had hoped that was implied in my comment. Clearly, it wasn’t adequately established and (from all the trailing comments) there seems to be a lot of justification for requiring such a distinction.

          • How many of your charming Persians were sufficiently repelled to OBJECT to my dehumanization? Incitement to murder me and my people?

            I will freely confess that my exposure to the Persians in question came before learning about taqiyya. (For the record, any “Persians” I was referring to are not Shiites.) All the same, for that reason (i.e., taqiyya) alone, I am withdrawing my assertions about Iranian Persians and will monitor the situation accordingly.

            Thank you and everyone else for clarifying about this.

            • The ethnic breakdown:
              Even though the Islamic republic is 99.4 per cent Muslim, there are other religions represented. There are 8,756 Jews in the country, according to the census. That was fewer than the 20,000 figure previously estimated.

              There are also 117,704 Christians, the census said, as well as 25,271 Zoroastrians (adherents of a faith that dominated pre-Islamic Persia), and 49,101 listed as “other”. A total 265,899 people did not give a religion.

              No doubt Iranians lie about religious preference to census-takers, i.e. many more athiests and Christians hiding out.
              But Zoroastrians and Jews are identified as ethnicities, so those figures are likely to be accurate.

    • China is a group of first world cities surrounded by a Third World Nation.

      Remember this is the nation the left thinks will take over once they destroy the US.

    • It isn’t helping the Chinese economy any either, they don’t have the money they are spending to build the railroad.

      I have heard that the Kenyans are calling the British Colonial period the good old days.

      • It isn’t helping the Chinese economy any either, they don’t have the money they are spending to build the railroad.

        Beijing is deluding itself with a fundamental characteristic of naked greed. Namely, the belief in an infinite market. When (not “if”) China’s economy tanks, its shrunken manufacturing base will have little ability to use all of those African minerals and other natural resources. Much less be able to afford shipping them half way around the world.

        Communist China’s maiming of its own people’s genetic base quite easily is one of the most egregious crimes against humanity in all human history. When taken in combination with the earlier Maoist “reeducation” slaughters, the level of evil becomes transcendent.

        Through corruption, preference, environmental devastation, cronyism, and over-dependence upon intellectual property theft, the doors are slamming on genuine innovation and the creation of a free-thinking culture.

        I have heard that the Kenyans are calling the British Colonial period the good old days.

        I predicted this years ago. A Kenyan woman I met back then confirmed my suspicions that that the whole country (save, perhaps, for its political and financial elite), would look back fondly upon British rule.

        • I doubt that the Chinese economy survives the massive drop in customers that will be caused by the civil wars/chaos that is growing in Europe. The German Policeman who is on youtube telling the public that it isn’t the polices fault they aren’t enforcing the laws is a sign that chaos is about to start. Probably sometime in the spring since no one with any sense wants to fight in the winder. Although the Russians and at times the Eastern Europeans have used this to their advantages in winter campaigns against invading forces. Generals January and February are hard opponents to beat.

  2. As Germany moves with fast steps towards Islamic horror republic. Taxpayer paid television programs like these from KIKA (Children’s Channel – not joking) support this development with this lovely romantic tale of a 16 year old German girl who is swept off her feet by a Syrian refugee (20 year old?).

    Originally aired on 26. November 2017 – it is being re-aired on the 14. January 2018

    Originally link:

    Commentary from MICHAEL STÜRZENBERGER here:

    • Eeyore,

      Although (most likely) vomit-worthy, would you please consider getting this translated and subtitled? People need to see how Germany (and other EU countries) are soft-pedaling the intrusion of predatory rapefugees.

    • Hi NorseRadish,

      It is necessary to have a bucket ready whilst watching. I could barely get through 1 minute. Utterly revolting propaganda.

      Meanwhile, the mainstream media has picked up on the story (BILD) and the “Children’s Channel” (KIKA) has removed the romantic film from being re-aired and no longer listed at the original link.

      In a new article on the subject, MICHAEL STÜRZENBERGER reveals that Malvina`s mother, Katja, had taken over the sponsorship for two refugees in 2015. One of them is Diaa (the boyfriend). In addition, the Fulda local newspaper Marktkorb 2016, a year before the publication of the KiKA broadcast, presented the Syrians as – 18 years old. One year later, he is in the children’s channel 17. The whole situation is looking even more suspicious when evidence is discovered that Malvina could have been just 14 when they met.

      More here (in German):

      • It is necessary to have a bucket ready whilst watching. I could barely get through 1 minute.

        Same here.

        Utterly revolting propaganda.

        It goes beyond mere propaganda. This is wholesale cultural and racial betrayal. These should be treason laws that address this sort of treachery.

        • I feel the same way and as they are government funded, a case could actually be made.

          However the first and most defensible thing would be to defund CBC. This crap will stop for the most part if they do.

          I have a friend who moved to a small town in Ontario from basically communist Ottawa. He was looking forward to it with the reasonable expectation of small town conservatives being his new normal as his relationships did not go well here if he actually expressed his own thoughts.

          He discovered that it was WORSE in this small town because all they have is CBC, and people were chanting postmodern maxims thoughtlessly and with zero personal experience of the issues as we do in cities like zombies. He was stunned. And a little crushed.

  3. Recovering Sen. Paul says political violence rising concern

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Rand Paul says he’s recovering well from the November assault that left him with six broken ribs, and says violence against political figures is a concern among his colleagues.

    The Kentucky Republican tells CBS’ “Face the Nation” that fellow lawmakers don’t want to think it’s open season on elected officials.

    But he says his own injuries and the June shooting that wounded members of Congress at a baseball practice in Virginia have made an impression on lawmakers.

    Paul was pressed during the television interview about whether political grievances led his neighbor to tackle the senator while he was mowing his lawn. Paul gave no opinion and said people are too focused on attackers’ motivations rather than on punishment and deterrence.–politics.html

  4. Last Updated Jan 8, 2018 7:45 AM EST
    A fire has broken out near the roof of Trump Tower in New York City Monday morning. The blaze started just before 7:00 a.m., the New York Fire Department confirmed.
    People posted video and images to social media, showing smoke rising from the building, which houses both residences and businesses.

  5. Meritocracy is a ‘tool of whiteness,’ claims math professor

    A math education professor at Brooklyn College contends in a recent academic article that “meritocracy” in math classes is a “tool of whiteness.”

    Laurie Rubel implicates both meritocracy and “color-blindness” as ideological precepts that hold back racial minorities from succeeding in math classes in an article for the peer-reviewed Journal of Mathematics Education.

      • That is what he is saying, which is increasing the number of real white supremacists. The fact that the lib professors don’t seem to understand what their statements are really saying shows that most of them aren’t really very intelligent.

        • Welcome to the “soft racism” of lowered expectations. It is some of the most condescending and patronizing Liberal bull hockey to be found. This is a Politically Correct byproduct of the “little brown brother” mentality that preceded it and which blossomed forth to create LBJ’s “Great Society” (i.e., welfare state) that devastated whatever growing prosperity there was for America’s original Black community.

          It is a variant of this same corrupt mentality that’s used to excuse all of the rape and murder committed by both American Blacks and Europe’s recent influx of “immigrants”. Namely, “Oh, they just can’t help themselves” or, “They just don’t know any better”.

          Which, once again, infers an acknowledged lack of impulse control or sheer ignorance—despite how neither of those mannerisms are admirable or even desirable. Yet, somehow, they become nonsensically adorable idiosyncrasies of the various protected species that Liberals continue to slobber over like so many excessively hydrated Saint Bernards.

  6. Iran Bans English in Primary Schools to Block ‘Cultural Invasion’

    DUBAI — Iran has banned the teaching of English in primary schools, a senior education official said, after Islamic leaders warned that early learning of the language opened the way to a Western “cultural invasion.”

    “Teaching English in government and nongovernment primary schools in the official curriculum is against laws and regulations,” Mehdi Navid-Adham, the head of the state-run High Education Council, told state television late on Saturday.

    “This is because the assumption is that, in primary education, the groundwork for the Iranian culture of the students is laid,” Mr. Navid-Adham said, adding that noncurriculum English classes might also be blocked.

    The teaching of English usually starts in middle school in Iran, around the ages of 12 to 14, but some primary schools below that age also have English classes.

    • After all, who would want to have their school-aged children influenced by a culture that landed lunar astronauts (AND safely returned them) a half-dozen times?

  7. Iran warns world to prepare for US nuke deal withdrawal

    Tehran (AFP) – Iran warned the world on Monday to prepare for the possible withdrawal of the United States from the landmark nuclear deal agreed in 2015.

    “The international community must be prepared for the US possibly pulling out of the JCPOA,” said deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi, using the technical name for the nuclear deal.

    • Iran: US intervention ‘major challenge’ warns foreign minister

      Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned West Asia is undergoing one of its most difficult times during a speech at the 2nd Tehran Security Conference on Monday.

      SOT, Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister (Farsi): “The policies of the US and its intervention in the region have been the major challenge that fueled current crises and made them more complicated. The US continues to ignore the concrete realities in the region, and persists in its destabilising and destructive policies, such as maintaining its illegal military presence in Syria.”

      SOT, Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister (Farsi): “Extremism which pushed the region into one of its most difficult and devastating periods is facing eradication, and IS, the most terrible instance of extremism in the region, has fallen into steep decline in terms of its military forces. IS’ self-proclaimed caliphate that rose to power through fear-mongering has also been destroyed.”

      SOT, Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister (Farsi): “The Syrian and Iraqi people and governments opposed IS bravely for the last 6 years and achieved numerous victories, and we are glad that we supported the nations of these two countries under said conditions.”

    • Iran: Burning Iranian ship ‘critical’; US bid at UNSC a ‘failure’ – FM spokesperson

      Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi said the situation of the Iranian oil tanker that collided with another ship off the coast of China remained critical, during a press conference in Tehran on Monday.

      Ghasemi confirmed that a fire was still raging on the afflicted Sanchi tanker, and that the incident had caused an ongoing oil spill.

      Ghasemi touched upon Friday’s United Nations Security Council meeting on the recent Iranian protests, calling the US’ role in it “another failure that adds on to Mr. Trump’s failures.” Reservations expressed by various countries on the UNSC meeting were seen by Ghasemi as symbolising a “new era” which “doesn’t follow Mr. Trump and the US.”

      Regarding the January 12 due date of US President Donald Trump’s decision over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA), Ghasemi warned that Iran would react severely to “irrational behaviour.”

      The Panamanian-flagged Sanchi tanker had been carrying 136,000 tonnes of light oil when it collided on Saturday evening 160 nautical miles (300km) east of Shanghai.

  8. President Trump, French Leader Macron Discuss North Korea, Iran

    President Trump spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron on the phone Sunday to discuss a number of issues impacting both countries.

    They covered the current issues on the Korean peninsula, as Trump reiterated his commitment to achieve the complete denuclearization of North Korea.

    The leaders also talked about the protests in Iran, agreeing the demonstrations proved the country was looking after itself more than its own citizens.

  9. In jab at hardliners, Rouhani says Iran protests were not only economic

    LONDON (Reuters) – Protests that shook Iran were not just aimed at the economy, President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday, remarks suggesting the real targets were powerful conservatives opposed to his plans to expand individual freedoms at home and promote detente abroad.

    The pragmatic cleric, who defeated anti-Western hardliners to win re-election last year, also called for the lifting of curbs on social media used by anti-government protesters in the most sustained challenge to hardline authorities since 2009.

    “It would be a misrepresentation (of events) and also an insult to Iranian people to say they only had economic demands,” Rouhani was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency.

    “People had economic, political and social demands.”

    Iran’s influential Revolutionary Guards said on Sunday the security forces had put an end to a week of unrest fomented by what it called foreign enemies.

  10. Cryptocurrency may be getting quietly channeled to North Korea university: report

    SEOUL (Reuters) – A cybersecurity company said it has found software that appears to install code for mining cryptocurrency and sends any mined coins to a server at a North Korean university, the latest sign that North Korea may be searching for new ways to infuse its economy with cash.

    The application, which was created on Dec. 24, uses host computers to mine a cryptocurrency called Monero. It then sends any coins to Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, said cybersecurity firm AlienVault, which examined the program.

    “Crypto-currencies may provide a financial lifeline to a country hit hard by sanctions, and as a result universities in Pyongyang have shown a clear interest in cryptocurrencies,” the California-based security firm said in a release, adding that the software “may be the most recent product of their endeavors.”

    Richard: This is part of a war of shadows so you have to wonder if what you are reading is what is really happening. Spy v Spy and false flag operations running all the time.

  11. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough equates ‘red state’ Americans with supporters of Iranian mullahs
    By Joe Newby January 7, 2018

    It seems that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has been taking lessons from Chris Matthews. During Friday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” Scarborough and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius compared “red state” Americans — those who are generally conservative and vote Republican — to those who support the mullahs in Iran.

    “David Ignatius, I know you want to get a question in on Michael Schmidt, but before you do that, I want to ask you about what is happening in Iran,” Scarborough began. He then added:

    • Moral equivalence at its worst. Moral equivalence that shows the lefts true attitudes, if you oppose their agenda. The left always tries to make the case that those who oppose them are evil, recently they have decided to throw away large segments of the voters by calling them names like Deplorables, and now the equivalent of the Mullahs. Since political violence in the US has always been a monopoly of the left they are probably signaling that they are getting ready to once again turn loose their militias/thugs to attack, intimidate and injure or kill the people who oppose them.

      We have seen this tactic used in Europe in the antifa riots and in the US during the 2016 election. Now they appear to be getting ready to start the violence leading up to the 2018 election, they are doing this during a a time when we see increasing Judicial over reach trying to dictate the Foreign and Immigration policies of this administration. Democrat run States and Cities are trying to establish the precedent that they can ignore any Federal Law they dislike. The ignored voters that banded together to elect President Trump and sick and tired of these tactics and the way they are destroying the rule of law in the US, the left needs to get out of their echo chambers and take a good hard look at reality. They are creating a divided nation an action that is leading to a civil war. A civil war they can’t win. We have the vast majority of the military and the police on our side the left may have some of the senior officers in both the police and the military but we have a lot of those as well as the vast majority of the rank and file of both groups. This means the left can’t win the war they are fomenting.

      Buckle up for a very bumpy ride for the next few years.

    • New England Liberals Shut Down Coal Power Plants, Now They’re at Risk of Freezing

      [Nelson Muntz]

      Haw haw!

      [/Nelson Muntz]

      Maybe they’ll have to collect firewood by chopping down all of those trees that they saved from acid rain. Can you tell that my heart is bleeding?

  12. New CFPB scandal: cost overruns for agency’s luxurious new headquarters
    By LU Staff January 8, 2018

    Renovation costs for the brand new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau headquarters have skyrocketed, posting 25% in cost overruns — significantly above the original budget set by the General Services Administration, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

    Original cost estimates for the CFPB’s renovation were estimated at $55 million, but the bureau ran up the proposed cost to $216 million. The Federal Reserve Inspector General rejected the proposal in 2014, saying there was no “sound basis” for the figure.

    As the CFPB renovation costs continued to escalate, renovation was taken out of the CFPB’s hands and transferred to the General Services Administration (GSA). GSA’s budget, however, was nearly twice the original $55 million, hitting $99 million.

    That figure ballooned to more than $124 million, according to a June 30, 2017, GSA document obtained by TheDCNF under the Freedom of Information Act. The document was part of a release of “change orders” and “modifications” submitted by Grunley Construction, the Washington, D.C.-based general contractor selected by GSA to renovate the CFPB building.

    White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told theDCNF about the “excesses” he saw within the new building on his first day as acting director of the CFPB, stating in an email:

  13. Is this federal court scheming to sabotage the travel ban?
    By LU Staff January 7, 2018

    The last time the U.S. Supreme Court intervened in the travel ban cases, it ordered two circuit courts then considering travel ban challenges to render their decisions quickly.

    A month later, one of those courts, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, has yet to produce its opinion on the administration’s latest travel sanctions. This continued delay suggests that the court is strategically withholding its ruling, so as to sabotage President Donald Trump’s signature immigration policy.

    Here’s how that could happen.

    In December, the Supreme Court issued an order lifting lower court injunctions barring enforcement of the third iteration of Trump’s travel sanctions. At that time, there were two separate challenges to the ban in the federal courts: one in the 4th Circuit, the other in the 9th Circuit.

    The justices ordered those two courts to “render [their] decision with appropriate dispatch.” Such language is highly unusual in a Supreme Court order, and indicated that the justices hope to take up the cases themselves as soon as possible.

  14. Judge orders Antifa teacher to pay conservative student thousands in damages

    A California judge has ordered a middle school teacher associated with a violent-wing of Antifa to pay thousands to a former conservative student at the University of California, Berkeley.
    What happened?

    On Thursday, an Alameda County Superior Court Commissioner ordered Yvette Felarca to pay former Berkeley College Republicans leader Troy Worden $10,000 in attorneys’ fees and $1,100 in court fees over her botched attempt to get a permanent restraining order against him, according to The Berkeleyside.

    • On Thursday, an Alameda County Superior Court Commissioner ordered Yvette Felarca to pay former Berkeley College Republicans leader Troy Worden $10,000 in attorneys’ fees and $1,100 in court fees over her botched attempt to get a permanent restraining order against him, according to The Berkeleyside.

      On Thursday, an Alameda County Superior Court Commissioner ordered Yvette Fellatrix to pay former Berkeley College Republicans leader Troy Worden $10,000 in attorneys’ fees and $1,100 in court fees over her botched attempt to get a permanent restraining order against him, according to The Berkeleyside.

      There, fixed that.

  15. Britain’s NHS Cancels 50,000 Surgeries Amid Long Waits For Care, ‘Third World’ Conditions

    Last time we checked in on Britain’s National Health Services — often hailed as the model of a functioning socialized healthcare regime — government bureaucrats were proposing a suspension of certain surgeries for smokers and obese patients. Why? To alleviate funding crises via an extreme government rationing scheme, under which “NHS will ban patients from surgery indefinitely unless they lose weight or quit smoking.” This proposal was to build off of similar regional cuts that had been already been implemented: “A number of areas have introduced delays for such patients – with some told operations will be put back for months, during which time they are expected to try to lose weight or stop smoking,” the Telegraph reported. That was in October. How are things going across the pond today? New draconian measures:

    Richard: Those sound like death panels to me. Bureaucrats deciding who lives and who dies because of life style choices. If the bureaucrats like your choices you live, if they don’t you die. Welcome to dystopia.

    • It’s already happening. Quietly.
      The elderly and people with chronic illnesses are not being referred for treatment that could give them years of decent life. Surgeries delayed till complications preclude satisfactory outcomes. Curable cancers go untreated.

  16. Mass Migration: The European Commission’s New “Norm”

    by Alain Destexhe
    January 8, 2018 at 5:00 am

    Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, recently published a startling opinion, advocating for more immigration as an inescapable reality to which European citizens should just adapt without any further discussion.

    The article illustrates much of what is wrong with European institutions, in particular the European Commission, a mixture of bureaucratic arrogance, false creed based on dogma rather than facts, and a disdain for democratic debate. The Commission, based in Brussels, is not elected but, according to EU treaties, it has a monopoly — yes, a monopoly — on initiating legislation at the European level. Each Commissioner is an appointed bureaucrat, one for each member state — often a former top politician, now sidelined in his country of origin, therefore with very little democratic legitimacy.

  17. Moment jihadi bought ‘Mother of Satan’ bomb-making ingredients from Asda days before he planned devastating Christmas ISIS attack with lover he met on
    Sudanese asylum seeker Munir Mohammed volunteered for ‘lone wolf’ mission
    He had been chatting on Facebook with a man he believed was ISIS commander
    Got help of pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan, drawing on her chemical knowledge
    Couple both denied preparing terrorist acts but were found guilty at Old Bailey

  18. Grandmother, 80, ‘was strangled to death with lawnmower cord with cold-blooded deliberation and left inside locked shed by fellow allotment committee member’
    Rahim Mohammadi, 40, is alleged to have strangled Lea Adri-Soejoko, 80
    She was discovered by police in a locked shed at Colindale allotments
    She had been due to appear at the allotment groups’ AGM on February 27
    Police later found her body in a locked building the group used to store tools

  19. Turkey’s parliament to investigate Islamophobia in Europe

    Turkey’s parliamentary subcommittee will begin to investigate Islamophobic attacks targeting Muslims in Western countries, which will later be compiled in a detailed report.

    The commission will begin to work on January 9 to examine the countries where Islamophobic incidents are most prevalent, beginning with examining incidents in Germany, Austria, France and Belgium.

    The committee will ask for visits to these countries and meetings with the respective authorities. In the event that the countries grant permission to the committee members, they will investigate the causes of Islamophobic attacks in these countries, the Daily Sabah reported.

    The committee will also conduct interviews with those affected by Islamophobic attacks. The victims of attacks will be asked about how they coped with it and their expectations after the attack. The committee will consult with experts, public institutions, universities and international organizations on the issue until the completion of the report.

    The country’s Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin earlier expressed regret over the “increasing wave of Islamophobia” in Europe.
    Parliamentary committee to investigate Islamophobia in Europe

    A parliamentary subcommittee will begin to investigate Islamophobic attacks targeting Muslims in Western countries, which will later be compiled in a detailed report.

    The commission will begin to work on Jan. 9 to examine the countries where Islamophobic incidents are most prevalent, beginning with examining incidents in Germany, Austria, France and Belgium.

    The committee will ask for visits to these countries and meetings with the respective authorities. In the event that the countries grant permission to the committee members, they will investigate the causes of Islamophobic attacks in these countries. The committee will also conduct interviews with those affected by Islamophobic attacks. The victims of attacks will be asked about how they coped with it and their expectations after the attack. The committee will consult with experts, public institutions, universities and international organizations on the issue until the completion of the report.

    There were more than 2,800 recorded Islamophobic attacks in Western countries in 2016. In 2017, it is estimated that they exceeded 3,000. Up to now, 260 anti-Islamic acts have been carried out in Germany. A total of 664 asylum seekers were attacked and more than 60 mosques have been targeted.

    A recent report by the Ankara-based Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) says there is growing anti-Muslim sentiment in Germany in education, media, law and the internet.

    According to another report by Alexandra Lewicki, an expert in political sociology, anti-Muslim tendencies in Germany have gradually increased since 2015. A variety of minorities have been affected, according to the report, as the number of attacks on Muslims and refugee shelters has quintupled in two years.

    Far-right extremism has been embodied in Germany after the Alternative for Germany (AfD) received more than 10 percent of the vote on Sept. 24.

    In Belgium, 60 percent of the population sees Muslims as a threat. Some 71 percent of Muslims think they are seen as terrorists. There have been more than 20 attacks in the country. France is one of the countries where opposition to Muslims is at a high. There have been more than 360 attacks.

    In the Netherlands, Islamophobic circles target mosques the most. More than 100 attacks have been carried out in the Netherlands so far. More than 20 of these attacks have been aimed at mosques. In the U.K., especially in London, more attacks than ever have been carried out throughout the country. Although most of the attackers target Muslims in general, 60 percent of the main targets have been Muslim women.

  20. According to a global development news site’s interview with David Miliband, CEO of the giant International Rescue Committee (one of the nine contractors*** which place refugees in your towns), Miliband is worried for the future of his organization and presumably the refugee industry in general.

    Not just for one year, or four years but going forward.

    He doesn’t say it explicitly but what has happened over the last ten years is a gradual erosion of a feel good reaction by the general public (around the world!) when they hear the word “refugee” making it harder to sell resettlement almost anywhere.

    Why the “backlash?” Whose fault is that?

    • CBC – Trump is undermining American democracy and Canada should be concerned, expert says

      ….Canada needs to be concerned, history expert Timothy Snyder tells The National’s Susan Ormiston.

      • Oh My God! This guy is so full of sh!t that I can smell it through my monitor.
        I could write an extended rebuttal to his 8 minutes of garbage but I will suffice to say that his complaints about Trump’s governance sound a whole lot more like the Obama admin than the Trump admin.
        As far as his comments about people sitting on their sofas, isn’t the TEA Party exactly the opposite of what he is claiming? People that had never involved themselves in politics got up off their sofas, went into their kitchens and wrote signs on cardboard scraps and went out into the public sphere to express themselves.
        I don’t know who the Canadian media babe is, probably our Canadian readers do.
        I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone look at these 8 minutes and think clearly about them.
        Actually, I’m going to watch it again.
        Thanks for the catch Martin.


        • If I watched the lying leftist again I would have to take a pain pill for the headache I got. Yes everything he says fits the Obama administration, but the left always projects their sins and crimes onto thier political opponents. After all they know they are the good guys and their politicians are incredibly corrupt so ours have to be several orders of magnitude worse.

        • Babs I think it deserves the rebuttal. CBC is a travesty. It should not have a cent of public money. Only by shining searchlights at its horrors do we have a prayer of cutting it off.

  21. Haters are gonna hate … and increasingly, they’re hating on white people.

    According to the latest hate crime data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), racially motivated offenses targeting white people represented the fastest-growing category of hate crimes in America last year.

    In 2016 there were 876 reported anti-white hate crimes – up 19.3 percent from the previous year. Meanwhile there were more than 2,100 hate crimes targeting blacks – roughly equal to 2015.

    All told there were 4,229 offenses targeting “race, ethnicity or ancestry” in 2016 – a 4.9 percent increase from 2015.

  22. CBC – Joshua Boyle, facing 15 criminal charges, makes brief court appearance

    Accused’s next court appearance set for Jan. 15

    Joshua Boyle, the Canadian who was held captive in Afghanistan for five years with his wife and now faces more than a dozen criminal charges, made a brief court appearance via video link Monday morning in Ottawa

    The 34-year-old was seen in court via a video link from the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, wearing a chinstrap beard and an orange jumpsuit with papers in the breast pocket. He has been held at the jail since he was arrested in Ottawa on New Year’s Day.

    He is being represented by lawyers Lawrence Greenspon and Eric Granger.

    Boyle’s next court appearance was scheduled for Jan. 15 at 9:30 a.m. via video link again. The one-week adjournment will allow his lawyers to continue working on a bail plan.

    The Crown took no issue with the defence team’s request, but asked that judicial pre-trial procedures begin soon, since disclosure was provided from the Crown to the defence Jan. 3.

    Boyle is charged with:

    Eight counts of assault.
    Two counts of sexual assault.
    Two counts of unlawful confinement.
    One count of uttering threats.

    One count of public mischief (misleading a police officer into believing that someone was suicidal and missing, causing the officer to start an investigation, and thereby diverting suspicion away from Boyle).
    One count of administering a noxious substance (the antidepressant Trazodone).
    Police allege the offences happened in Ottawa between Oct. 14 and Dec. 30. None of the charges has been proven in court.

    Court records show there are two alleged victims, but their identities are protected by a publication ban.

    ‘The kids and I are doing OK’

    Boyle, his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three children were freed in October, five years after the couple was abducted while on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan. The children were born in captivity.

    In an interview Wednesday with The Fifth Estate’s Habiba Nosheen, Coleman said she hopes Boyle gets the help he needs, and that she and her children are doing all right.

    Upon Boyle’s return to Canada, he told CBC News that members of the Taliban-linked Haqqani network killed their infant daughter and raped his wife during the years they were held captive.

    Over their five years in captivity, the family was moved between 23 different locations within 50 kilometres of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and spent time in both countries.

    During that time, Boyle said his family was shuffled among at least three prisons. One was remarkably barbaric, he said, while another one was particularly violent. He and his wife were frequently separated and beaten.

    Boyle settled into his parents’ home in Smiths Falls when he returned to Canada in October, but court records show his most recent address was in Ottawa.

    Ottawa police declined to comment on the case when contacted by CBC News.

    A man who answered the phone last Tuesday at Boyle’s parents’ home in Smiths Falls, Ont., said, “We don’t have any comment,” before hanging up.

    ‘Never been in trouble’

    Granger and Greenspon wrote in an emailed statement to CBC News last week that Boyle is presumed innocent and has no criminal history.

    “He has no criminal record and has never been in trouble with the police. As Mr. Boyle has only just been charged, we are waiting to receive more information (disclosure) about these allegations so that we can respond to them appropriately in court,” the statement reads.

    “As the matter is currently before the courts, we have no further comments at this time, and Mr. Boyle will not be making any statements.”

    “The kids and I are doing OK given the circumstances,” Coleman said.

    Boyle, his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three children were freed in October, five years after the couple was abducted while on a backpacking trip in Afghanistan. The children were born in captivity.

    In an interview Wednesday with The Fifth Estate’s Habiba Nosheen, Coleman said she hopes Boyle gets the help he needs, and that she and her children are doing all right.

    “The kids and I are doing OK given the circumstances,” Coleman said.[…]

  23. Libyan navy rescues 272 migrants from stranded boats (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Libya’s navy says it has rescued 272 migrants whose vessels were stranded in the Mediterranean Sea as they tried to reach southern Europe.

    A navy statement late Sunday said the migrants were on two vessels. The engine of one vessel sank into the sea while the engine of the other broke down.

    It says the migrants included 53 women and 57 children. The bodies of two female migrants were found on one of the vessels. It added that the survivors were taken to a port in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

    Libya has been plagued by lawlessness and militia rule since a 2011 uprising toppled and killed dictator Moammar Gadhafi. The chaos has allowed the North African nation to become a major transit point for migrants seeking to reach Europe.”

  24. Former Iran judiciary chief being treated in German hospital (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “The German government says the former head of Iran’s judiciary is receiving treatment at a hospital in Germany.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Rainer Breul said Monday that Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi has been at a hospital in Hannover for several weeks.

    Breul said Shahroudi had sought treatment in Germany for a “serious illness” and that the request was granted after “credible health reasons” were given.

    Shahroudi heads Iran’s Expediency Council, which moderates disputes between Iran’s parliament and a constitutional watchdog known as the Guardian Council. He headed Iran’s judiciary for 10 years from 1999. Iran’s judiciary has faced international criticism over its frequent implementation of the death penalty.

    Shahroudi’s presence is drawing criticism in Germany. The mass-circulation Bild daily’s front-page headline Monday read: “Death judge in Iran, luxury patient in Germany.””

  25. Bahrain raises gasoline prices to reduce state spending (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Bahrain has lifted some subsidies on gasoline, raising prices a week after introducing a tax on cigarettes and soft drinks as state revenues continue to face pressure from lower oil prices.

    Bahrain’s state-run news agency on Monday said gasoline prices would increase between 12 and 25 percent, depending on the grade of gasoline. The government has reduced its expenditures by lifting some subsidies in recent years following a collapse in oil prices in mid-2014.

    To boost revenue, the tiny-island nation imposed an excise tax on tobacco products, energy drinks and soft drinks this year.

    Bahrain’s reforms follow both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which have reduced gasoline subsidies, introduced similar excise taxes and added a 5 percent tax on most goods and services.”

  26. France sees sharp spike in asylum applications in 2017 (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Official figures show that 100,412 persons applied for asylum in France in 2017, up 17 percent on the year before.

    Pascal Brice, director of the French Office for the Protection of Refugees (OFPRA), told CNEWS television Monday that the number seeking asylum was the highest level for “at least 40 years.”

    The highest asylum requests came from Albania, Afghanistan and Haiti.

    Though France saw asylum requests spike further in 2017, Brice noted that Germany registered twice as many during the year.

    About 36 percent of applicants were granted refugee status, a slight decrease on the year before.

    The agency said a focus was placed on women victims of violence — over 6,000 girls and young women received refugee status to protect them from a risk of genital mutilation.”

  27. Prospective Merkel partner wants to make Germany EU ‘motor’ (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “The leader of Germany’s center-left Social Democrats says he hopes talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives on a new government will produce results that make the country “the motor of European policy.”

    Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats and Merkel’s conservative Union bloc are aiming to decide by Friday whether they want to launch formal negotiations on renewing their governing coalition of the past four years.

    Germany currently has only a caretaker government, limiting Merkel’s ability to launch major initiatives while French President Emmanuel Macron presses for ambitious reforms in the European Union.

    Schulz said as he arrived for the talks on Monday that Europe will be a central issue for the next government.

    He says he hopes party leaders achieve “results that make … Germany the motor of European policy again.””

  28. Turkey intends to extend post-coup state of emergency (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Turkey’s government intends to extend by another three months the state of emergency that was declared following a failed military coup.

    Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag told reporters after a Cabinet meeting on Monday that Turkey’s National Security Council would discuss prolonging the state of emergency for a sixth time this month before seeking approval in Parliament. The declaration currently is set to expire on Jan. 19.

    The state of emergency has allowed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government to launch a massive crackdown on suspected foes. Nearly 50,000 people have been arrested for alleged links to the July 2016 coup attempt.

    Critics say the government has used its emergency powers to go after all opponents, including politicians, journalists and activists, and to often bypass lawmakers by ruling through decrees.”

  29. Syrian troops capture 14 villages from rebels (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Syrian government forces captured 14 villages on Monday as they advanced on the largest rebel-held enclave in the country’s north amid a wave of airstrikes.

    Syrian government forces and their allies have been on the offensive since late October in Hama and Idlib provinces, capturing nearly 100 villages from insurgent groups, including the al-Qaida-linked Levant Liberation Committee. The offensive intensified on Christmas Day after reinforcements were brought in from other parts of Syria.

    The main aim of the troops is to reach the rebel-held Abu Zuhour air base and secure the road linking the capital, Damascus, with the northern city of Aleppo, Syria’s largest. Rebels captured Abu Zuhour in 2015 after a three-year siege.

    The government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media said the newly captured villages, include Freija, Jahman, Dawoudiyeh and Jub al-Qasab, bring the troops closer to the air base.

    The SCMM and the opposition’s Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that 14 villages have been captured over the past hours…”

  30. Couple who met on dating site convicted of UK bomb plot (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “A man and woman who met on a Muslim dating website were convicted Monday of plotting a bomb attack in Britain.

    Prosecutors say Munir Mohammed, an asylum-seeker from Sudan, and London pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan met on and bonded over their shared extremist views.

    Both defendants denied the charges, but jurors at London’s Central Criminal Court found them guilty of preparing terrorist acts.

    Prosecutors said Mohammed volunteered to carry out an attack during Facebook exchanges with a man he believed to be an Islamic State group commander.

    Police said they found bomb-making instructions and two of the three components for the explosive TATP at Mohammed’s home when he was arrested in December 2016.

    Prosecutors say Mohammed drew on El-Hassan’s knowledge of chemicals during his preparations.

    She acknowledged an “emotional attachment” to Mohammed, but denied plotting an attack.

    Judge Michael Topolski said Mohammed, 36, had been “planning an explosion to kill and maim innocent people in the cause of Islamic State.” The judge said El-Hassan, 33, was “ideologically motivated to provide him with support, motivation and assistance.”

    They are set to be sentenced Feb. 22 and face a maximum sentence of life in prison.”

  31. Jordan says it foiled ‘massive’ terror plot linked to IS (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Jordan’s state news agency says the country’s intelligence service has foiled a “massive” scheme of simultaneous attacks on military installations, shopping centers and other targets by a cell linked to Islamic State extremists.

    The Petra agency said on Monday the cell planned to carry out the attacks last November, seeking to harm national security and create chaos. It says security forces arrested 17 people and seized weapons and other materials.

    It says media organizations and moderate clerics were among would-be targets.

    Petra says the suspects had planned to finance their plot by robbing banks and stealing cars in the towns of Ruseifa and Zarqa, strongholds of domestic support for Islamic militants.

    Pro-Western Jordan has been a key member of the U.S.-led military campaign against IS in neighboring Iraq and Syria.”

  32. Shots fired at German-Turkish soccer player’s car (abcnews, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Prosecutors say shots were fired at the car of a German-Turkish soccer player on a German highway and they’ve launched an investigation on suspicion of attempted homicide.

    Katja Schlenkermann-Pitts, a spokeswoman for Aachen prosecutors, said several shots apparently were fired at Deniz Naki’s car on the A4 highway Sunday night. She said Monday no one was hurt and prosecutors “are of course investigating in all directions.”

    Naki currently plays for Amed SK, a club in Turkey’s majority-Kurdish southeast. The player, who is visiting his family in Germany, told German daily Die Welt that he believes he was targeted because of his political role in Turkey.

    The player was given an 18-month suspended sentence last year in Turkey on accusations of terrorist propaganda for the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, Die Welt reported.”

  33. Deportations Proposed as African Street Gangs Invade Homes, Terrorise Residents in Melbourne (breitbart, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Australia is considering new measures to deport criminal migrants as young as 16, following a spate of violent home invasions and street robberies.

    A parliamentary committee chaired by Jason Wood, a Liberal Party MP from the state of Victoria, proposed the plans, which have the backing of party leader Matthew Guy.

    The reaction follows four violent attacks in the suburbs of west Melbourne, including a home invasion in which a four men of African men smashed their way into a house, assaulted the 59-year-old woman inside, and held her down while up to ten cohorts ransacked the property, stealing or smashing several items and bashing down walls.

    “She’s traumatised. I wonder how we’ll be able to stay here,” one family member told Australian press. “How are you meant to go back to normal after this?”

    “They’ve got to do something; Daniel Andrews has to see we’re crying out here for help,” said another, referring to the left-liberal Labor Party politician who leads Victoria’s state government.

    “Residents are scared and we’re looking out for each other, but we don’t even have a 24-hour police station.”

    Police believe the same gang is linked to another home invasion from the same night, in which three men of African appearance broke into a house through a window, but were seen off when the residents armed themselves.

    Separate incidents saw a 17-year-old teenager assaulted with a baseball bat while walking down the street, and a 16-year-old jumped by four men who kicked and beat him. Both were relieved of their mobile phones, with the latter being forced to reveal his passcode.

    “These are horrendous offences; no member of our community should be a victim of these types of offences. This is incredibly concerning, the behaviours are abhorrent,” commented Victoria Police Commander Russell Barrett.

    “It’s just thuggish behaviour by young people in our community who have no apparent care for the rights and well-being of their fellow citizens.”

    Federal Minister for Home Affairs took aim at the regional government, remarking: “The longer the ­Andrews government fails to restore law and order in Victoria, the longer Victorians will suffer at the hands of these thugs.”

    However, the proposal to strip migrant criminals as young as 16 of their visas and deport them from Australia has prompted fierce opposition from African community leaders.

    “You essentially are cancelling young people’s visas to send them into misery when, in my view, these young people have significant potential to be rehabilitated,” complained Sudanese community spokesman Kot Monoah.

    “You are also sending them to death zones and condemning them to death sentences.”

    Richard Deng, another community leader, agreed, labelling the deportation proposals “out of touch”.

    “We acknowledge there is a youth crisis but we all need to work together,” he insisted.

    “Simply deporting people is out of touch. Keep in mind a lot of these people were born here. Many of these kids are Australian.””

  34. Police Chief: Islamic State Terror Threat Still High (breitbart, Jan 8, 2018)

    “Berlin Police president Klaus Kandt has warned that the threat of Islamic State terrorism remains high in major German cities despite the group’s losses in the Middle East, saying that the government needs structural reform to meet new challenges.

    According to Kandt, the threat from Islamic State in Germany will not end with the destruction of its so-called caliphate in the Middle East and could continue to be a major security problem for at least the next decade, Die Welt reports.

    “The military defeat of ISIS is one thing, but the other is calls for perpetrators to commit acts in their home countries in Europe. This topic is not settled at all,” Kandt said.

    The Berlin police chief said that there would be new structural measures taken to better prevent terror attacks. “We will have to do better in this regard than before. At the moment, we are still living in a provisional solution that requires a meaningful and lasting solution,” he said…”

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