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  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what’s inside the mind of the average Persian? Do large numbers of them actually support the theocracy or are they being held hostage by a small but vicious minority? I suspect that the Mullahs are not popular in Tehran, but I don’t live there.

    Persia would be a very fine place if they could just get these evil assholes off their backs. Being constantly hostile to the entire Western World while planning wars against their Arab neighbors has got to be hell on the economy. I think the entire world picture would lighten up considerably if the Mullahs were chased out of power and Iran became a normal country…

    • If they can get rid of the Mullahs Persia can bloom, before the Islamic Conquest they were a vibrant culture that introduced a lot of innovations to the west. Around 2,000 years after the battle of Thermopylae they adapted an invention of the Medes and intorduced full body armor to the world. Their poets were some of the best in the ancient world, then Islam arrived and started repressing critical thought and we get the stagnation that continues to this day.

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