Is this genuine hard core Jew-hatred in NJ? Or a clever editing deception?

First the edit:

The entire file:

Comments welcome. If it is indeed what it appears to be, some fairly hard-core antisemitism, I would suggest that this has been renormalized by Islam, and by the left, which statistics show are the overwhelming majority of antisemitic events.


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  1. ”New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Mahwah as its 9th best place to live in its 2008 rankings of the “Best Places To Live” in New Jersey.”

    • Homes over $1M.

      Sounds like Socks-Boy’s script writers got to it:
      ….MahwahStrong is a group of residents who have come together to preserve the welcoming, inclusionary lifestyle of Mahwah Township.

      ….We are a grassroots organization that embraces diversity and the rule of law so we may live in harmony with our neighbors.

      ….Help maintain Mahwah’s vibrant, inclusive multicultural community
      Recap of meeting Dec. 15:

      At last night’s Council meeting, the Council formally introduced a resolution to reverse the ban on out of state residents using Mahwah’s parks. They will also not move forward with adding the word “device” to the town’s current sign ordinance. The Council appears to be working toward settling the lawsuit with the Attorney General. Unfortunately, because the Council followed the instructions of their attorneys, no explanation was given as to why these actions are being taken. We may not all agree with this strategy, but we need to respect the process and have faith in our Council.

      The biggest bombshell of the evening was when the Mayor openly and defiantly ignored the advice of the town’s attorneys and read a prepared statement regarding the ongoing litigation. During this part of the meeting, the Mayor walked out after being instructed by Council members and the town’s attorney to not make the statement. The Mayor proceeded to read his statement in the foyer to a small group that included Mahwah residents and non-residents. It’s abundantly clear to the MahwahStrong Board that the Mayor does not have the best interest of Mahwah in mind. His actions last night were deplorable and embarrassing.

      The environment that we have witnessed over the last several months needs to change. Council meetings have become circuses. The Mayor and Council President have an obvious personal conflict; the media has placed a target on Mahwah; our elected officials can’t/won’t work together. Something needs to change, and we need to hold our town leaders to the highest level of professionalism possible. It’s time to put the pettiness aside and start working to building Mahwah back to the great community that it was, that it is and that it can be.…

      • Mahwah reverses course on eruv ban, park restrictions

        The Mahwah Township Council on Thursday unanimously voted to walk back two ordinances that are the subject of a nine-count lawsuit filed by the state Attorney General’s Office. The council has been trying to block the expansion of an eruv and, with a restrictive new park ordinance, the feared “infiltration” of Orthodox Jews. For months, we have told the council these ordinances, in tandem with growing anti-Semitic rhetoric, would cost the borough dearly. On Thursday, that sunk in.

        There was nothing in Thursday’s meeting that explained how a council so set on banning an eruv – a religious boundary that allows Orthodox Jews to perform certain tasks outside the home on the Sabbath, like pushing a stroller – and creating a series of parks rules that defy common sense would all of a sudden embrace inclusion, aside from monetary consideration.

        The council’s legal team made clear the financial consequences for the council and the township would be dire. Mahwah already had to approve additional funding for likely litigation costs relating to the eruv ban and parks ordinance. There is a federal lawsuit as well.…

        Mayor Bill Laforet, who opposed the litigation for months, was not so reticent. He began reading a statement and was shut down by the council. Laforet continued speaking outside council chambers. He said, “Tonight, we are witnessing the very arsonists who burned down the building, coming back to the scene offering to put out the fire by simply rescinding the ordinances.”

        Council President Robert Hermansen said he would move to censure the mayor for ignoring legal counsel’s advice to remain silent. That’s not a smart move because it signals that political grudges matter more than doing the right thing. Banning an eruv and trying to make public parks private were never the right things. Neither was the council allowing ant-Semitic fervor to grow unchecked.

        The damage to Mahwah’s reputation cannot be repaired overnight. Residents need to think long and hard about how they want their community to be perceived, about whether political vendettas drove policy decisions and whether at the end of the day all of this was worth the taxpayer money expended in legal fees.

        It was only last month that two incumbent council members won re-election riding on the wave of support to ban the eruv and restrict park usage. How can these borough officials do an about face and not explain why?

        The council could have offered an apology to Mahwah residents and to all who perceive Mahwah is a community focused on exclusion rather than inclusion. It did not.

        The township council has not had a change of heart, just a good look at checkbooks. We applaud eliminating the ordinances, but there is nothing to cheer about the apparent lack of remorse or that the council is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.
        Maybe these are _g e n u i n e_ nazis?!

            • I agree.
              The signs are before us and people keep ignoring them. I have to tell you I was a serious defender of Jews until I realized the Jews were not serious defenders of me, but rather of Muslims. So, what to do?

              • Sassy, I will assume that your question is in earnest and give you a blunt answer, even though I find it somewhat embarassing to say these things.

                1. In general, avoid the common trap of confusing “Jews” and “leftists”. Most American Jews are not religious. Most religious Jews lean quite conservative.

                2. In general, the more religious communities (especially Hasidim) have little secular education. Many are not aware of current events unless they directly affect the community.

                3. In general, most religious Jews have little knowledge of history, other than Jewish history. Specifically, most have little knowledge of muzzie conquest, beyond stories of ancient coexistence.

                4. In general, most religious Jews have clear memories of anti-Semitic hatred, so they mistakenly see common cause with others who claim persecution, whether or not the claim is honest. The muzzies are very good liars and unfortunately many Jews easily fall for their stories.

                In short, you were/are correct to defend the Jews. Your error is in thinking that the most vulnerable among the Jews are ABLE to return the favor. You have access to information that the most conservative leaning, religious communities simply lack. (By definition, they seek to hold themselves separate from the modern world, to focus on religious matters.) What you should do is continue to do the right thing, (simply for the sake of doing the right thing), while recognizing that the situation is almost entirely asymmetric.

                I hope that helps.

            • I live out in the areas the libs like to say are the home of racism, in my entire 71 years of life I have never heard such open hatred of the Jews. The left has been busy in creating its new racial enemies.

        • Photo of the silver monofilament eruv line in San Diego (witch environmentally-approved reflectors to help birds):
          Yet in the $M area of the city: They were concerned about its impact on birds and trees; they worried about safety if it fell down; they didn’t think it was appropriate to make religious use of a public right of way…. the public right of way shouldn’t be used by private groups without taxpayer compensation. .. had not proven that the lines and poles would not adversely affect views – Synagogue President said, “there are more than 150 eruvin in the United States and there are no records of anyone being injured by one. ” “These are not ‘special interest groups,’ ” [ADL] said, referencing an earlier speaker’s remark. “These are not ‘these people.’ These are your neighbors.”
          – quashed the argument, saying the discussion should be limited to the project’s adherence to the municipal code. (2006)
          (incompetence allows the malice to show through)

    • Sorry, but this is not anti semitism, it is someone trying to defend their community from a predatory group that has already taken over the school district in East Ramapo and funnelled all its resources from the public schools to its own yeshivas, leaving the public schools broke and with no money for even basic supplies. I know a public school teacher from East Ramapo who says it has been a nightmare ever since the Hasidics took over their school board. There is quite a bit written about this if you Google East Ramapo Hasidic takeover. The Hasidics are not the victims here, they are the perpetrators.

      • Sorry Tony, but you are only looking at one side of the story. When the Hasids began moving to East Ramapo many years ago, they were denied even basic funding by the locals. They asked for equality and were denied it. In self defense, they took action to change the situation, (a very American thing to do), by joining the school board. Now that they are the majority of the local population, and their kids are the vast majority of the school district, they face such complaints for using the resources proportionately.

        This is in fact anti-Semitism, because what the East Ramapo teachers are really saying is that they want a disproportionate share of local funding, (back to the way things used to be), even though they now serve only a small proportion of the local population.

        All of which has little to do with Mahwah, but you chose to bring up East Ramapo, which is a very different community with different demographics and economics than Mahwah, even though the two places are only about 7 miles apart.

  2. The edited out dialogue from the first video from this upset resident was: ‘It’s not about who people are, but what.they do.’.

    Therefore, I assume she was only describing this particular sect of Judaism and not the majority of Jews.

    If this were about Muslims praying on the streets, then this panicking woman using exactly the same language, would be feted on this site.

    I find the hypocrisy of one backward, unequal opportunity to women, cult is being preferred over Islam, tedious. Child abuse is rife.
    http ://

    Yes, the neighborhood will change. Yes, the State will subsidize the large families with housing and benefits while they regularly go to shul and learn the Torah and Talmud, while carrying distain of the Goyem as cattle and unclean.
    But the streets will be much safer for they do not want involvement with anyone outside. Only the local gentile women with be accosted to sleep with them. (This was anecdotally reported by African women I know).

    A pharasee-sect,…”– a religious boundary that allows Orthodox Jews to perform certain tasks outside the home on the Sabbath, like pushing a stroller –” and this complaint labelled as anti-semitic of those Askenazi desendents from Turkey.. Like Pakistanis who are not Arabs who also hold more intollerant fundamental zeal.

    Brainwashing and straining a gnat to fool G_d with a wire, as is with asking non-Jews to switch on lights on the Sabbath.. Only exposure to wisdom will set them free.

    So if the woman is protesting at a group of people with a motherload of bad ideas, as “an infection”; (and not all Jews), then I agree with her – Fatherhoods gone sour. Just as I am with the Marxist-religious Ghetto Blacks with Motherhoods gone sour; or the Social Justice Warriors with Childhoods gone sour. If they move into an area en-mass, the rates go up to subsidize them. STD Sex clinics open and there is a drug problem. Pride, repression and living in denial, does this to the human spirit.

    So any neighborhood goes WTF when it is about to be drastically changed.

    Yucki, please put me straight on this if I am in error.

    • “The genetics suggest many of the founding Ashkenazi women were actually converts from local European populations.

      “The simplest explanation was that it was mainly women who converted and they married with men who’d come from the Near East,” Richards told LiveScience.”

      Welcoming, European women. Converts.

      “Most of the world’s modern Jewish population, as well as the Yiddish language, come from Turkey and not other parts of the Middle East, according to a new study.

      Dr Eran Elhaik of the University of Sheffield used a computer modelling system to convert Ashkenazi Jewish DNA – the Jewish communities historically located in Europe – data into geographical information, which revealed that 90 percent of Ashkenazi Jews descend from the Greeks, Iranians and others who colonised northern Anatolia (now northern Turkey) more than 2,000 years ago before converting to Judaism.”

      • From both historical and scientific standpoints, this information appears to be untrue. At a minimum, it is highly suspect. (Just because you read something in an article does not make it true.)

        Linguistically, it is clear that Yiddish has complex roots but comes primarily from Germanic and Hebraic roots. There is no linguistic indication of Turkic roots in the Yiddish language.

        Check your sources. They appear unreliable.

      • So thank you FSD,

        We leave as we started, from examining what attitude did the resident have, to a large influx of Hasidic Jews.

        I argued they may be the self-made poor, and that this was her point.(But I have yet to know).

        “Hasidic Jews are among the most poverty-stricken of New York’s Jewish communities, according to a report by the UJA-Federation and the Met Council on Jewish Poverty.

        The study, the first of its kind since 2002, found that 28 percent of poor Jewish households are Orthodox. Some 63 percent of Orthodox respondents identify with the Hasidic sect, an isolated community characterized by large households and low levels of educational achievement.”

        I looked at the Antisemite racist angle, and DNA mix proves they are not a Race. Hybrid like the rest of us all swept across the world and time.

        But from Hendon, North West London the Orthodox you correctly pointed out, are on the whole, affluet. And Judaism in its liberal form in my opinion, has been most creative and successful. Along with the WASPs. Judao-Christian values. Don’t do the guy, not of your religion, in.

        As with all nature, if a person’s sole motivating force is fear, they will hold a blindness for that which cannot be blasphemed.

        But you can.

        “And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.”

        We cannot blaspheme our own conscience. For then we become a new creation of identity. And poverty will follow.

    • Perfectchild, you are indeed in error. Here are a few of the more serious ones I see:

      Unfortunately, most people (including most Jews!) misunderstand and misinterpret the differences between the various “sects”. It is less useful to think in terms of “sects” and more useful to think in terms of “liberal Jews” vs “religious Jews”. In general, the majority of liberal Jews are modern, educated, and lean leftist, while the majority of religious Jews keep separate and lean conservative. (And the two groups have almost no understanding of one another.)

      Unfortunately, many people, including you, (and including many Jews), misunderstand the fundamental and essential differences between muzzies and Jews. In truth, there are few similarities, however there are many things that merely APPEAR similar on the surface. Therefore, what you find “tedious” is primarily due to misunderstanding the situation.

      For example, religious Jewish women do not lack opportunity, however their high standards of modesty may make it appear so. (This is similar to the Amish community, and entirely dissimilar to the very real oppression of muzzie women.)
      And for example, child abuse is not “rife” in the Jewish communities, the incidence is much lower than in general society, however the few instances where it has happened appear greatly magnified due to the way such allegations have been mishandled.

      There is no “disdain” for gentile neighbors. Both the Torah and the Talmud teach love and respect for gentiles. (Jews are commanded to “love the stranger”, as you know if you read your Bible.) But Jews are also commanded to hold themselves separate, not out of any sense of superiority, but for purely religious reasons. There is no negativity or animosity involved in this. Your statements about “cattle” and “unclean” are entirely false. (And make me very deeply sad to read.)

      Your anecdotal reports by African women being accosted are most likely entirely false. Religious Jews are not permitted to have sexual relations with non-Jews, and further, are not permitted to have sexual outlets of any type outside of marriage. (Hence your later comment about STD clinics is false with regard to the religious community.)

      Your basic knowledge of Judaism is clearly lacking. There is no such thing as “a Pharisee-sect”. Most Ashkenazic Jews have no relationship whatsoever with Turkey/Anatolia, (other than some presumably having passed through that area almost 2000 years ago on their way to Europe, after being kicked out of Judea by the Romans). An eruv is obviously not in ANY way an attempt to “fool” G-d (who sees and knows all). Jews are NOT permitted to ask non-Jews to switch lights, or perform most other activities prohibited to Jews, except under extremely limited and specific circumstances. (The problem here being due to the fact that they are not permitted to explain what they are requesting, but only to hint at it, which leads to misunderstandings. That is certainly not the intention, but unfortunately it is too often the almost inevitable result of making such hints.)

      There is more, but I hope that helps. You said “please put me straight on this if I am in error”, so although I am not Yucki, I have attempted to do so. Your misunderstandings and misinterpretations are unfortunately quite common. Whether or not you become better educated about these issues, I hope that you will strive to give others (quite different from yourself) the benefit of the doubt. Since most religious Jews avoid the internet, they usually cannot explain such things, but there is almost always a reasonable explanation for whatever appears questionable to an outsider such as yourself.

      • I really appreciate you spent the time to analyze what I wrote of, and that was to determine if this woman was racist, anti-semitic or had a legitimate fear of what was at the bottom end of Judaism. (You have countered they were.the at the top end).

        Alas, I have been spoilt by the tales of a Greek Jesus. Of the kingdom within. Nothing resented. Nothing memorized to be regurgitated as faux living water. Adam and Eve, borrowed and adapted from earlier writings as Muhammad adapted his biblical stories to suit.

        My experiences therefore lead me to think
        1. Ultra Orthodox Jewery is not a smart form of Judaism in the 21st Century.
        2. I suspect Caucasians are not Semites
        3. Many Jewish grandmothers are devastated when their sons who married gentile girls and keep the home kosher, cannot send their grandchildren to a Jewish School

        As an ‘Outsider,’ as a young minicab driver I ,worked for a Hasidic firm serving their Community. It had lots to admire for family life, though as a duty to procreate, and the inbreeding, and the stress to keep Kosher, I took a few women to the mental hospital.

        In the religious schools, boys rocking back and forth memorizing texts.

        Questioning my smoking passengers, the men would laugh and say it was not in the Torah and how lucky it was to be a man. Men did not prepare the food for the Sabbath, when no work could be done. I had been asked to turn on the lights on Friday nights.

        I learned three boiled eggs had to be cooked so that if one had a bloodspot the two would testify the pan was not at fault and so did not have to be buried in the ground. One intelligent blind and pregnant young mother with two kids told me that she was made to marry a Learning Disabled man because no one else would marry her. (She was perceived as carrying the sins of the fathers). And there was wide-spread poverty.

        So it was this happenstance, and not the one of successful Jews arriving, that I thought she was indelicately alluding to. Those driven by the past, and not the present, to their future.

        Talmudic quotes from the Late D.M. Mudock:

        “Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b
        When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”

        • really not happy with this, always been happy before to read your posts. I take issue, we do not know what these hasidim are like, there are huge differences, but what is always the case, they don’t harm anyone, including anyone that chooses to leave, including women.
          I have a chabad background, kosher is a choice, always, one we still keep, it’s not my doing at all, but the wifes, her choice, i’d be happy to have some lobster and bacon in the fridge. I thought she’d give up when the kids left home, seems not.
          Not happy about you sharing a link to Rense there, fiercely antisemitic bunch, they have links to david duke and david icke, that same list of cherry picked quotes from talmud, a book written by over 100 rabbis, full of their personal discussions, all contradicting each other, nothing actionable till the messiah comes. I’m sure you can find much worse, it’s huge and means nothing except a discussion tool. shulchan aruch is the final word on a code to live by for orthodox jews, and none of that vile crap from talmud is included. so best not measure orthodoxy using a list from rense.
          Yes many orthodox jews take a couple of years off work to study, but the vast majority go onto do meaningful work, in the community I grew up in in hendon north london, unemployment was low, and most were highly successful in whatever they did. And I never once saw mental illness caused by keeping kosher.
          and yes, the 3 eggs, heard about it, never seen it practiced, we always had white eggs which you can see through to spot for blood spots.

          • FSD,

            I have been into hell to get a child out.

            Let’s find this one.

            Hendon has the Orthodox, but Ultra Orthodox? Chad Lubavich? Stamford Hill, North East London, England.

            “In 1994 the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson, died leaving no successor. For many years his followers had maintained that he was Moshiach – the Jewish Messiah – and would usher in the Redemption. After his death Lubavitch divided into two opposing groups. While some messianists hold that the Rebbe died but is to be resurrected as the messiah, others hold that he is still alive, but concealed. The anti-messianists maintain that the Rebbe could have been Moshiach if God had willed it, but they disagree vehemently that as such he could come back from the dead.”

            Can this be any more than the Personality Death-Cult of Yeshua?

            We (humanity) keep going full-circle.

      • I quoted from the Talmud from something that was not an ad hominem attack; about having slaves in heaven

        These isolated quotes appear to be similar to a website discussion board, where you can extract the loonies and the trolls, and then some liberal demand it to be shut down because it ecourages others into acting them out.

        As you said of the Torah, ‘be kind to strangers among you, for you were once strangers In a foreign land.’ Different character of book.

        I have not read the Talmud. Simply because no one is thowing stones at me when I drive on Saturn’s Day. If it went on in large numbers with no arrests, I would.

        And what is funny, is if you replace “Heathens” with “Muslims” on this First Blogsite made Holy, you have to kinda half agree with some of the persecuted Rabbis’ angry pronouncements:

        Avodah Zarah 22a-b


        “A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.”
        Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat, 348

        Exactly in the context of the resetfully persecuted, scheming against their enemy. A Shylock.

        “When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it.”
        Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156

        This hatred, becomes the turning of anyone and everyone into a Nazi. When in greater numbers, the victims become the worse violators.

        White Nationalist websites have such intense loathings as this. Their extreme xenophobia, ranting and ravings setting their pronouncements as Gospel – to their own superiority. But not all White Nationalists are like this. Only the worst of them, and the best of them leave their identity-cult behind and go to John the Baptist to repent and see that nothing has it. Just previously being proud little so and sos in a ‘not fair’ world. Killers in Peacetime. Know them by their fruit.

        So I hope these quotes are the least consciousness and the rest of the book let’s you be inspired by your Spirit.

        If memory serves me correct, however, I am way off. Something about placing on and tying your shoes.

        “According to the Code of Jewish law (the Shulchan Aruch), when putting on shoes, the right shoe goes on first. When tying shoes. the left shoe is tied first. When shoes are taken off, the left shoe comes off first. This custom is based on the belief that the right is more important than the left. Therefore, the right foot should not remain uncovered while the left is covered. Shoes should be tied from the left since knotted teffilin is worn on the left arm.”

        Touch that mezuzah and run!

        • postscriptum
          That the followers of Rabbi Nachman, the cursed Shabbetai Tzvi, and the Lubavitcher rebbe, et al. seek or have sought to messianify their spiritual leader says more about the enduring charisma of the spiritual leaders and the yearning of their followers for a messianic Truth to fill the void that they feel now that the physical presence has departed than it says about religious doctrine. As the Good Book says: How do we know Jesus was Jewish? He lived with his parents most of his life and he went into his father’s line of work.
          —> Any rebbe who doesn’t earn a post-humous badge of messianic admiration from his followers was asleep at the wheel.

          • At last, the issue.

            “…the yearning of their followers for a messianic Truth to fill the void that they feel now that the physical presence has departed…”

            This is exactly what I have been talking about. The difference between the walking dead and the living.

            “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.”

            Here, only a friend dies, not the glimpse of a soul to pray for it back.

            • But what a state to leave the congregation in – believing that their rabbis are their Messiahs to return and kill all their enemies.

              Judeo-Christian: Love your G_d with all your heart mind and soul; and love your unbelieving neighbor as yourself.

              Works for every religion 100% of the time. It makes them whole again, with the Kingdom of G_d inside and outside of them; to see it was here all along. Only the pride of teamsters gets in the way.


              Turning out fine people. No intermediary between them and their G_d, and no resetment when offended. Looking good.

              Socialist-Christian? Gay Christian?

              Well, there are many who boast themselves as these – virtue signallers – but they do not have G_d the Father in them.

              They have a passive-aggresssion towards their Mother, and thus being Her Creation they then seek to wed themselves to Christ to mask the hate.

              When you love the Father, then you love the Mother.

              But if you love the Mother first, then you cannot love the Father but will love the children even more, utterly spoiling them.

              For loving your neighbor as yourself cannot then find the inner love for G_d. Because the external love has got into you and made a home instead. The neighbors’ returned affections have sanctified you. You now crave that love.

              Therefore, you cannot love someone until you have first loved yourself and made it right with your G_d, which then makes you right with others even if they can’t be right with their G_d.

              Which is why the Religions first try to make you unworthy, and then say “serve our Jealous/Loving/Merciful God,” to avoid a cursing. The spirit is knocked out of you, and you are left praying and trying to suck it back in from the air.

              To have fathers who are not in the home physically or spiritually. For if you have seen your father, you’ve seen G_d.

              “Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?”

              • The edited out dialogue from the first video from this upset resident was: ‘It’s not about who people are, but what they do’

            • ok. thanks for clarifying that distinction. I don’t know where you are getting that “kill your enemies” quote in your following post. It would help you to speak directly with Jews in your hometown. I can’t respond to each of the points you have.

    • PC–
      Please go back to the photo of the Christmas-y decoration banner that I posted. Would that banner merit controversy? Based on my understanding of American history, Jewish culture, and the saga of Jewish life in the Americas, I disagree with most of your observations and conclusions. Start with New Harmony and the book of Mormon to get a gestalt view of the American ethos of acceptiing a spectrum of harmless nonsense and figure out why this set bothers you. Identifying modern Orthodox as Hasidic leads me to believe that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to get to know these facets of American life. In assume that Jesus meant to free up the covenant for others but not himself: he, too would have been wont to violate the Torah prohibition of moving an item beyond a walled city on the Jewish Sabbath. If my Mennonite countrymen asked me about including a bus driver location sign at their expense next to street signs because their religious practice forbids them from driving themselves, I would support them with blessings and smiles. Why be bitter about sharing love for the Almighty?

      • “If my Mennonite countrymen asked me about including a bus driver location sign at their expense next to street signs because their religious practice forbids them from driving themselves, I would support them with blessings and smiles. Why be bitter about sharing love for the Almighty?”

        Blessing and smiles. Oh how the Swedes are accommodating religious practices such as these.

        To accommodate: ‘to you, your religion yours; to ours, ours.’

        Pragmatism, is not a bitterness towards those not in self-control and not having free speech, but replying to these who say ‘we are in control, we are free slaves!’ Religions are not equal in hypnosis. Yet all their fundamentalists have killed. Of those new, give them the numbers.

        I would caution therefore not to concede to hard core values taken as quaint. Let them concede to your freedoms. For as the shared spaces fill up, nowhere can a woman then get a safe ride home. For she will perceived as virgin or whore. Her protection or rejection at the hands of holy men and criminals.

        Behind every follower is a murdering God, even if they say happily it will only happen ‘when the Messiah comes.’ It is still in their hearts.

        Like arguing for pedophilia as just another equal form of sexual-love, drawing off children for affection; religion is the drawing off of character where there is no character. Dark bottomless pits sucking in light, when they should each be living springs of water.

        These new identities of hope for the hopeless.

        As G_d is past, present, future – timeless and unchanging – a little history of these ‘religions’ is all the sad shame you need to uncover.

        Every spark of genuine humanity was venerated and turned into something that the average believer is told they cannot ever possibly achieve – but if acted-out as the love equally shared between good and bad people or just reserved for Preferential People, it will get them into Heavens. Explantations, that gives the book-reading memorizers their single source of power: interpreting their Exclusive, Unchanging Received Books.

        “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

        So measure the religious principles offered to see if they are solid. For if they are, we should all culturally appropriate them. If not, riddicule them for exactly what each are worth.

        It is not to win, just don’t lose.

        For if you do, where do you draw the next line? Surrender in small battles will mean defeat in bigger ones. Then you will welcome women-only transport for Muslims, ‘at their expense’ too. And no more vehicles can claim to run on that route.

        The Safe Spaces, like Mecca, will have one devil standing.

        • It would help if you had contact with Mennonites, who are a Protestant sect that found a place in the US. Along with Quakers, they epitomized the Abolitionist movement that swept the US away from slavery. So, you are correct that the larger society adopts contributions from smaller communities.

          In the US football worshippers pay for cable TV strung between telephone poles; Christian merry-maker businesses pay for Christmas banners strung over streets; and Modern Orthodox Jews pay for filament lines to connect walls to telephone poles.

          This woven fabric makes America greater for the Americans who appreciate it; those who don’t end up wasting time in litigation.

        • Throughout this discussion I have met with passive agression.

          ‘don’t look there, they can’t be trusted’

          ‘I’m sad you think that way’


          And now, “…wasting time in litigation.”

          Coersion befitting an Islamic Ummah.

          This is why I call the religion of no-peace ‘female ‘ in that all their masculinity is removed into slavery – the loss of freedom of the individual to submit to the collective.

          Their societies are Harems.

          And their eunuch’s here.

          Litigation is good. It’s freedom. The satellite dish gets removed, Christmas banners get taken down.

          But of course, this was never was about the one cable owner who has alternatives.

  3. I appreciate this blog for digging into the news that MSM will not delve into. CNN is not endlessly streaming the slaughter of Coptic Christians in Egypt, or in shock at Colorado’s ruling against the bakers who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple (wow, loss of rights & freedoms here, but they will expose your child to Johnny has two Daddies in kindergarten & tell you if you don’t like it to go to hell). Its not juicy, its not a White Left agenda; there are more inane but carefully scripted stories to inundate us with.

    At this blog I have been prompted to reflect on human nature and my own biases, along with an appreciation of the wisdom of the founding fathers of the US and the psychology of human beings and their religious (and non-religious) beliefs with a focus on the dangerous and mind-numbing ideologies which present a real and present danger to all, Islam and socialism/communism.

    Any religion/belief held fast that has not been vetted and thoroughly exposed to the light of inquiring, piercing minds can lead to anything. Just give it time. The least, perhaps a life wasted living a lie. The worst, destruction of the human race. Its frightening who has nukes. I am thankful that at the present moment in this country I am still free to think and have an opposing opinion and to discuss it. Sometimes I lose friends … sometimes people are fired from jobs, and around the world people who speak contrary opinions are murdered.

    “So measure the religious principles offered to see if they are solid. For if they are, we should all culturally appropriate them. If not, riddicule them for exactly what each are worth.

    It is not to win, just don’t lose.”

    Really appreciate this. I can cull the best of culture, religion, values, traditions … and still be me, not a group member, not an “ethnicity”, not a follower of edicts or hadiths or torahs, or of any Fearless Leader. I rejoice when someone who has been caged in a mind-numbing belief system can free their mind. To free a mind is the greatest Love.

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