United Nations votes its disapproval of the USA moving it’s own embassy to Jerusalem: Links 3, Dec. 21, 2017

1. More on the Aawan Bros. scandal

2. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, on media coverage of Trump at this time.

3. We don’t know how far postmodernists will use their weaponized language and imputed semantic crimes, but we can show where it is at now.

4. This has to be one of the best all time tweets on point:

5. Nikki Haley at the UN:

(The past week has been a week of staggeringly good news thanks to the administration of President Donald J. Trump. May we all have a more relaxed and enjoyable Christmas holiday knowing that reason has once again entered the building.)

6. Live broadcast from the UN of the vote of 3rd world dictatorships to see if they still want US financial aid.

7. And the vote is in:

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9 Replies to “United Nations votes its disapproval of the USA moving it’s own embassy to Jerusalem: Links 3, Dec. 21, 2017”

  1. So we voted against Israel by abstaining. I fell sick to my stomach. One minute Canada is Israel’s best friend under Stephen Harper, then suddenly we’re on the same side as Hamas and ISIS while blatantly thumbing our noses at Donald Trump personally.

    I find the UN vote horrifying for the reason that it shows how much power the Muslim states now have in the world. They completely control the UN, folks. How did that happen? How did the Muslims get control of so many Western nations? Other than pure Arab Jew-hatred there is no other reason for objecting to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. By what means have the Arabs become so damn powerful…?

    So, it’s going to be Donald Trump alone against the entire world, is it…

  2. 7. And the vote is in:
    And there goes the Vatican representative lying his head off about Jerusalem being the “spiritual capital” to millions of Muslims while knowing full well that it is Mecca and Medina which are central to Islam, not Jerusalem, which has bugger all to do with Islam. The Jerusalem lie is every bit as hateful as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the denial of the Holocaust because it sets up the entire paradigm in a radically false way and sways public opinion with “facts” that are blatant lies.

    The elephant of obviousness sitting in the middle of the living room, of course, is the overwhelming physical evidence that the Jewish People have been living in the region for many thousands of years, no matter how much the Muslims wish that was not the case or how hysterically they lie about it…

    • I looked at the list and don’t understand why some countries don’t come out in support of Israel. I look at Czech Republic with Milos Zeman–who is a huge supporter–and they abstain. Hungary recently had Bibi over and they were tight, so what gives? I think geopolitics is what gives. There’s alot more than meets the eye going on for smaller countries. Not to make excuses, but when Zeman decides to stay neutral you have to figure he’s somehow leveraged. The bigger you are, conversely, the more you can vote your conscience. Everyone needs something from someone…

      • I was wondering that as well. You are probably correct. But all other things being equal, which they are not as you point out, its possible that some nations felt this vote is a giant overreach. I think it is. And that the UN has no right to conduct such a vote on what a given nation does with its embassies. So they abstain as even voting with the US is a kind of permission for the UN to conduct these kinds of votes, and thereby move “the Overton window” in a sense, and grant the UN massive powers it was never meant to have.

        Personally I think all mosques and UN structures should be paved and turned into burger joints and shopping centres. But its gonna be months before anyone starts work on that seriously.

        • I was thinking they could turn the UN into one of those incredibly expensive performing arts schools

          But seriously, I am genuinely shocked by the unanimity of the UN submission to the will of the OIC. My suspicion is that they’ve got an unbelievably huge network of bribery and blackmail going on out there and everybody owes them a mortgage or a student loan or a drug debt or a dirty picture. Who knows…? From the looks of the UN, it appears that the Arabs have already taken over the world…

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