Fast four for Dec. 20. Some Great News: Links 1

1. Another great Trump victory coming tomorrow

What a fantastic day to be an American. Between the tax cuts, and this critically important story, things are turning around so fast the Democrats and their Islamic and communist allies must be looking for apartments in Jonestown about now.

Once the importance and history of the Trump move to restore the FBI and other security agency lexicons to normalcy is understood, another memorial for the victims of the Boston Marathon attack should be held, as after all, the FBI knew about the attackers, and could have stopped it if not for Obama’s removal of key search terms.

2. Comedy is hard to do. Quite often, the idea is much better than the execution, which explains the proliferation of animated comedy shows. But the idea here is sufficient that its worth seeing.

3. Australian man stabbed to death in Sweden

An Australian man has been stabbed to death in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.


Swedish police have confirmed the man was been found on the street with stab wounds on Wednesday morning (local time).


The man, in his 30s, was badly wounded and died in hospital, the Newspaper Expressen reported.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed it was “providing consular assistance to the family of an Australian man who died in Sweden”.

(It really is time they changed the name of the profession of journalism to, ‘defenders of islam’. Gothenburg is as Swedish as Malmo.)

4. Top 10 @The Rebel


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4 Replies to “Fast four for Dec. 20. Some Great News: Links 1”

  1. 1 – Yes another victory is coming tomorrow, either our supposed friends back off and support us or they end up getting their aid money cut. either way it is a victory for us.

  2. It really is time they changed the name of the profession of journalism to, ‘defenders of islam’.


    A central problem is that it’s not just these treacherous subversives portraying themselves as, ‘defenders of islam’, but (in equal or greater measure) how they are enthusiastic proponents of exaggerating—no matter how totally inappropriate—every last misrepresentation and distortion of Western Civilization’s astounding contributions to this planet’s past several centuries of meaningful advancement (Christian or otherwise).

    For all of this yammering about cis gender and LGBTQIA…XYZ, how about the term, “transjournalists“? These cultural (Culturally Marxist?) traitors obviously “crossed over” and abandoned even the most commonly accepted, normally incontrovertible, reportorial ethics that traditionally accompanied this world’s news-related, printed word.

    If the term “trans” frequently alludes to some sort of sex change, then “transjournalists” most certainly qualifies as defining those who have voluntarily opted for reassignment of their once-hallowed rôle (in terms of being readily identified as someone with binary polarity) when it comes to authentic Truthfulness and Falsehood. Just look up the recently evolved term, “truthiness”.

    Whatever pretense (or past-tense) of accurately documenting even a slightly accurate account of truthful reality seems to have become (especially amongst the Liberal MSM), a smirking and elaborate ruse for imposing their own barely concealed, agenda-driven, and politically biased rationale for inappropriate manipulation of widespread public opinion.

    For shame!

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