Pat Condell, the UK, and selective enforcement

Pat’s video CAN, and SHOULD, be seen in the UK on Bitchute

“…and let selective enforcement, be the whole of the law.”

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4 Replies to “Pat Condell, the UK, and selective enforcement”

  1. The imam says three types of women make their husbands need to carry a baseball bat with them.

    1. The dead-eyed whose only way of life is to be beaten to submission to ever respond.

    2. The Feminist who thinks if she behaves like the lowest male it makes her superior to all men.

    3. The manipulator who out-manoeuvers the simple-minded Muslims so they do whatever she wants while they they think they thought it themselves, (until a brother points out they are a cuck).

    The flight, fight, or fake: strategies to cope with an Islamic-infected infantel. Those creatures who have babies… to be raised as Muhammad. A billion unsane.

    • Now you know why I’ve lost the slightest shred of sympathy for Muslimas.

      Either they adopt the Lorena Bobbitt school of psycho-genito-sexual behavioral modification or all of them can fü¢k off and dye.

      Voluntarily perpetuating such a massive betrayal of all womanhood transcends wife-beating or (even) rape. Muslimas assisting with FGM and accommodating purdah eliminates all chances for them to claim the slightest exculpation.

      These jihadist broodmares are willingly assisting their own oppression and (speaking as a man who utterly detests all violence against women) they deserve every last stroke—and NOT in a good, sensual way—that they get (which is ALL of them).

      Just the fact that so many Muslim women actively participate in FGM is something that erases the very last scintilla of sympathy I might ever have had.

  2. Thank goodness that high technology has made it possible to successfully medicate such spittle-flecked imams as the one above, while only requiring just a small dose of lead (copper jacketing optional). The sooner the better (for all deserving women).

    PS: Where are all of the FeminazisFeminists“? The thundering silence of these man-hating vaginal cavities will forever damn them to everlasting hell (or an Islamically dominated world). Both of which they richly deserve but, the rest of us dutiful men and free-thinking women DON’T.

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