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  1. German Authorities Conduct Counterterrorism Raids in 3 Federal States (sputniknews, Dec 13, 2017)

    “The Bayerischer Rundfunk broadcaster reported, citing a representative of the German Federal Public Prosecution Office, that anti-terrorist raids had been conducted in Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony.

    During the operation, which targeted three men suspected of having links to a foreign terrorist group, the police reportedly carried out searches and confiscated their means of communication and a computer, among other items. The suspects are two Syrians and an Iraqi. In 2013, they supposedly joined a Syrian military unit, which was affiliated with the Jabhat Fatah al Sham terrorist group (formerly known as the Nusra Front).

    According to the broadcaster, nobody was detained during the operation, while other details have not yet become available…”

  2. 63-Year-Old Migrant Arrested For Molesting Children As Young As Seven At Swimming Pool (breitbart, Dec 13, 2017)

    “A 63-year-old Iranian asylum seeker was arrested in the German town of Öhringen after being accused of sexually molesting three young children including a seven-year-old boy.

    The incident, which occurred on Sunday, is said to have occurred at a public swimming pool in the town where the 63-year-old sexually harassed two girls aged nine and eleven as well as the seven-year-old boy. According to reports, the man is said to have touched the seven-year-olds genitals for several minutes while in the swimming pool, German tabloid Bild reports…”

  3. Migrants Buying Ready-Made Fake ‘Cover Stories’ To Fool Authorities In Approving Asylum Claims (breitbart, Dec 13, 2017)

    “People smugglers and others have been selling asylum seekers “fake stories” in order to better improve their chances of getting a positive asylum claim in Europe.

    A new report claims that asylum seekers from Iran have been buying cover stories from at least three separate websites to fool Swedish authorities into thinking they were being politically oppressed by the Iranian regime Sveriges Radio reports.

    The Swedish broadcaster spoke to a man who they named Hamid who claimed that the website had sold him a package that included a regime-critical blog that had been up for several years in order to improve his asylum chances.

    According to Hamid, the ploy worked as he was granted residency by the Swedish government after presenting them with his “cover story.”…”

  4. Public Overwhelmingly Reject ‘Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration to Europe (breitbart, Dec 13, 2017)

    “The Hungarian government has received millions of notarised responses to its National Consultation on the ‘Soros Plan’ for mass migration, with the public rejecting it overwhelmingly.

    The consultation, which has received over 2.1 million notarised responses by post alone, was issued in order to gauge public support for the government’s determined opposition to the migrant crisis plan written by billionaire financier and open borders activist George Soros, who recently pumped $18 billion into what the Hungarian premier calls “bogus civil society organisations” to advance his goals.

    “Based on the results so far, practically every respondent said no to the fact that one million immigrants should be resettled in Europe as part of the ‘Soros Plan’, and to the fact that Hungary should demolish the border security fence, and people arriving on the continent as well as those already here should be distributed among the member states according to some kind of permanent resettlement quota”, confirmed Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson.

    “Accordingly, the Hungarians do not want immigration and do not want to become an immigrant country”….”

    • Hungary Rejects Europe’s ‘Limitless and Permanent Migrant Quota’ (breitbart, Dec 13, 2017)

      “In a stinging new op-ed, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács has accused the European Parliament of surreptitiously removing all limits to the European migrant quota, effectively making it “limitless and permanent.”

      The Hungarian Parliament roundly rejected the European Parliament’s decision, Kovács notes, saying that “the decision would change irreversibly the continent’s future.”

      In his essay, Kovács harkens back to a 2015 proposal by the European Commission to resettle 40 thousand migrants among EU member states “in what would later become known as the infamous quota system.”

      “That number quickly tripled, jumping to 120 thousand, but all the while, the proponents of this solution were insisting that it was just a one-time measure. Brussels is now pushing forward with a proposal for a permanent quota system with no upper limit,” the spokesman observes.

      According to Kovács, the gradual evolution toward a limitless and permanent immigration quota has not been an accidental occurrence executed in good faith, but part of a deceptive, preconceived program wrought by the “pro-immigration lobby” made up of globalist politicians and backroom financiers the likes of George Soros.

      “Let’s be frank here,” he wrote. “The proponents of the pro-immigration agenda (the Socialists, Liberals, Greens and the like) have not been straight with us.”

      “They claimed there wouldn’t be mandatory resettlements. Then they claimed it would only be a limited, one-time measure. But the recently adopted regulation calls for a permanent mechanism for admitting and resettling migrants without an upper limit,” he said.

      For its part, the Hungarian Parliament has called upon the national government to protect the country’s interests against the European Parliament and EU bureaucrats. “The European Union must respect Hungary’s sovereignty and the will of its people,” Kovács said.

      The will of the people, he noted, is to put Hungarian national interests first and to protect the integrity and identity of its society and culture.

      “Europe is undoubtedly the best place to live and this is why we need to protect it,” the spokesman said. “Over the last two years, we’ve seen 27 terrorist attacks in Europe, claiming the lives of 330 people and injuring 1,300 others. It simply defies reason and common sense to insist on a permanent, limitless quota system without taking security into account.”

      Hungarian citizens have made their will known through participation by record numbers in the latest national consultation on the Soros plan.

      “It is the sovereign right of every nation to decide who shall be permitted to live in its country,” Kovács said.

      “If it is the will of the people to keep immigration to a minimum, then the Hungarian government will safeguard the security of Hungary and the security of Europe,” he added.”

  5. Canada Quebec Montreal
    Women excluded from a construction site near mosques

    VAT News 12 December 2017 at 19:57
    The leaders of two mosques pressured an entrepreneur to ensure that there were no women on construction sites near his places of worship on Friday prayers.

    The management of mosques located in the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough in Montreal, first asked the contractor not to do any work on Friday so as not to harm the day of prayer. A request refused because of delays that would have resulted. The manufacturer has instead committed not to make noise on Friday, a clause that is also written in black on white in the contract.

    The mosque leaders then claimed that the women would not be visible on Fridays on the construction sites near the two mosques, and the contractor said he could prove it.

    The measure targets five women, four signalers and one engineer, who had to be reassigned elsewhere, according to information obtained via the TVA News Facebook account.

    “Set back, just a little further”
    “Today, in construction, we have a lot of women, because we managed to get them back [in the middle],” said Jean-Sébastien Samson, foreman for G-Tech, TVA New.

    Mr. Samson mentioned that a female worker covered by the application “worked the same way”, but that her presence required some accommodation.

    “She did not run out of work because she could not be there, except that she was put away, a little further,” he said.

    For his part, the CEO of Map Signalisation only became aware of this requirement on Monday because he had been away for two weeks. “I thought that was completely unacceptable,” Marc-Alexandre Perreault told TVA Nouvelles.

    Nevertheless, he felt compelled to endorse this request. “I was told she would be in danger if she worked on a Friday. Once she was forced to work and she had to be accompanied by a worker, “said Perreault, who spoke of threats and intimidation.

    He maintains that women have their place on construction sites. “No matter, the job site, no matter where, women have the same right to work on any job site,” he insisted.
    The official opposition critic for the status of women, Catherine Fournier, believes that this is a case of discrimination.

    “It goes against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Quebec. I find it completely unacceptable that religion is used as a pretext to violate equality between men and women, “said MP Catherine Fournier.

    Mosque officials say they have asked companies to prevent women from working on construction sites on Fridays and speak up. “There is someone behind, who wants to harm the mosque. I do not know, me, “said one of them.

    The construction site has been active for a little over a month in this sector of the city. The women who worked there were moved from the site three weeks ago.

    Colleagues of the targeted women are planning to disrupt Friday’s prayer by organizing a demonstration in front of these mosques.

  6. Belgium: Thousands rally for European migration policy change in Brussels

    Thousands of pro-migration protesters hit the streets of Brussels on Wednesday, a day ahead of the EU leaders’ summit.

  7. Germany: Antifa protesters face off with police at march against far-right meeting

    Over a hundred Anti-fascist demonstrators gathered in the German city of Bonn on Wednesday to march against a far-right group event taking place in the city.

  8. CBC – Cat cuddling program cancelled: Humane society focuses on felines’ minds

    Cat cuddlers at the Winnipeg Humane Society are being retrained, after officials became concerned that cuddling wasn’t doing enough to help the cats.

  9. DEUTSCE WELLE – Hate speech in the Hungarian election campaign

    The Hungarian election campaign has turned toxic after a Fidesz party politician posted a photo of a slaughtered pig with George Soros’ name on it. Ahead of the vote in April, the rhetoric has reached a new low.

    Janos Pocs, a parliamentarian from Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party, thought it was funny — but the joke was outrageous. He posted a photo of a ceremonial slaughter on his Facebook page, showing a group of people with a dead pig at their feet. Someone had carved the words “O volt a soros!!!” in its skin. The term is a word play and could either mean, “He was next in line,” or “He was Soros.” Pocs’ comment under the photo simply read: “One pig less,” and was followed by a smiley emoji.

    The photo and Pocs’ comment caused a public uproar in Hungary. More than 1,000 Facebook users posted messages condemning the politician. Pocs exclaimed that he had no idea what the problem was, the photo, he said, had nothing to do with George Soros, the US billionaire against whom Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been leading a long and relentless public attack campaign.

    Officially accepted anti-Semitism’

    The feigned innocence of the denial only served to further enrage a portion of the Hungarian population, including many conservatives. Meanwhile, some 120 renowned Hungarian intellectuals, among them writer Gyorgy Konrad, philosophers Agnes Heller and Gaspar Miklos Tamas, and filmmaker Ildiko Enyedi have called for Pocs’ resignation. Soros’ Open Society Foundation has also protested vehemently: “This is a shocking attack on George Soros. The photo Mr. Pocs decided to publish is in a long and dark tradition of anti-Semitic imagery dating back to the Middle Ages. It is another example of officially accepted anti-Semitism in Viktor Orban’s Hungary.”

    Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader Gergely Gulyas told reporters at a press conference that such criticism was simply part of “Soros’ anti-Hungary campaign.” When asked about the affair by reporters, Viktor Orban dryly replied that, “issues pertaining to slaughtering pigs” are not in the government’s purview. Janos Pocs did not respond to numerous DW requests for comment.

    The affair illustrates just how toxic Hungary’s political climate has become under Orban. The hateful rhetoric used by the majority of the government’s representatives borders on right-wing extremist propaganda and has become a part of everyday life for Hungarians. In light of the fact that elections will be held in April of next year, one can only assume that things will get even worse over the coming months.

    This year, the government launched two campaigns against Soros within the framework of so-called “national consultations.” The first campaign used old anti-Semitic tropes to portray Soros as a puppet master as well as the head of an anti-Hungarian conspiracy, under the motto: “We won’t let Soros have the last laugh!” In the second campaign, citizens were asked to voice their criticisms of a non-existent Soros plan, in which the billionaire supposedly planned to flood Europe with millions of refugees.

    Soros, who is Jewish, was born in Budapest in 1930. Since the end of the 1980s he has used his Open Society Foundation as a vehicle to donate billions of euros to social and legal projects in Eastern Europe, giving over 350 million euros ($412 million) to Hungary alone. Viktor Orban, who received a Soros stipend himself, declared the US billionaire an archenemy two years ago and has never missed an opportunity to attack him since that time.

    But Orban is not just against financial speculators and global capitalists that he says are out to get Hungary. Repeated calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty, homophobic slogans and thinly veiled attacks on Roma, who are stigmatized as criminals who don’t like to work, all belong to the rhetoric regularly used by Orban and politicians in his ruling government. For instance, when the discussion turns to Roma and the social problems they face, the prime minister likes to say that everyone in Hungary has to work, no one can be allowed to choose crime as a model of existence. Orban also likes to hurl nasty homophobic slurs at Gabor Vona, the head of the formerly right-wing extremist party Jobbik. Vona has been trying to establish Jobbik as a moderate national conservative party since 2014.

    Jobbik politicians refraining from racist rhetoric

    Ironically, it seems as if political roles in Hungary have been reversed. Orban and his Fidesz party now hold much of the political spectrum that was home to Jobbik before 2014 — namely, the far right end of it. Orban has successfully robbed Jobbik of almost every one if its issues and has been largely successful in implementing them — such as with social policy that lets municipalities use especially drastic legal guidelines that punish the poor to directly discriminate against Roma dependent upon state financial aid.

    Meanwhile, Jobbik politicians avoid using racist language, and Vona is trying to lead the party toward the center of the political spectrum. Although his plan has been strongly criticized by the party’s radical wing, Jobbik has become Hungary’s strongest opposition party and Vona hopes to win more voters in the center than he will lose to Fidesz on the far right. Vona was self-reflective when speaking with DW, saying that although he used to be skeptical about liberal democracy, Orban’s anti-democratic transformation of Hungary has provided an important lesson for him and his party.

    Now Jobbik is experiencing the dismantling of democracy and rule of law in Hungary first hand: It seems that Orban’s concerns about Jobbik making a good showing in April’s election have led the State Audit Office to slap a controversial 2 million euro fine on the party for accepting an irregular contribution. The odd thing is: the Audit Office did not even bother to look into an almost identical case involving Fidesz.

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