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  1. Saudi Arabia, Iraq sign 18 key energy deals (tradearabia, Dec 10, 2017)

    “Saudi Arabian companies have signed 18 agreements with the Iraqi government to jointly develop several key projects in the energy sector, a media report said.

    Saudi companies are keen to develop relations with Iraq, Saudi Minister of Energy Khalid Al-Falih was quoted as saying by Iraq Business News.

    He added that several important Saudi companies will open their branches in Iraq to “achieve more bilateral cooperation and expand the size of investments in the sectors of oil, gas, industry, importing and infrastructure”.

    Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Sabic) and Saudi Arabia’s Industrialization & Energy Services Co (Taqa) are planning to open offices in Iraq, the report added, citing Reuters.”

  2. Around 500 French Militants Still in Syria, Iraq (aawsat, Dec 10, 2017)

    “About 500 French militants who joined the terrorist group ISIS are still in Syria and Iraq, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on the air of the BFM TV channel.

    “We are talking about 500 jihadists who are there and will be imprisoned,” said Le Drian.

    “The return to France by their own means is extremely difficult,” he noted, without further details.

    The French foreign minister said the defeat of ISIS in Syria became possible “thanks to the actions of the international coalition.”

    According to the data voiced earlier by the Minister of the Interior of France Gerard Colon, over 240 militants have returned to France over the past five years, of which about 50 are minors.

    About 130 of them are currently in prison, others remain at large, but under the control of French law enforcement agencies.

    At the moment, the police are monitoring 18.4 thousand people entered in its electronic database of persons posing a potential threat to the security of the country.

    The participation of the French army in the fight against ISIS in the anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States subjected France to attacks on its own territory.

    After the terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015, when a total of 130 people were killed in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis and about 350 wounded, a state of emergency was introduced in the country, which ceased in early November.”

    • Oh, THAT’S why they butchered all those people – because France was at war with ISIS. I had some silly idea that it had to do with the ideology of hatred toward non-muslims that they follow. Silly me.

  3. Geneva Bans Burkini in All Public Swimming Pools (breitbart, Dec 10, 2017)

    “The government of the Swiss city of Geneva have effectively banned the Islamic swimwear known as the Burkini.

    The city has set the new rules which state women can wear a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit which must have bare arms and no covering below the knee. No skirts or bathrobes will be allowed in public swimming pools either, regional daily newspaper Tribune de Genève reports.

    The motion was carried largely by the right-wing members of the city government despite resistance from the former socialist mayor of Geneva Sami Kanaan, who argued against the motion. Kanaan claimed that the move was a “denial of an open, multicultural and liberal Geneva.”

    The proponents of the new regulation say that it merely clarifies previous regulations that looked to arguments of hygiene in order to ban various garments from the swimming pools. They argued that the previous rules could allow women to go topless in the swimming pools or wear a Burkini and that the new rules were keeping in the spirit of the existing rules.

    Many cities have attempted to ban the Islamic swimwear both from swimming pools and from public beaches. Last year, several cities in southern France announced bans on the burkini including the city of Cannes.

    Thierry Migoule, head of municipal services in Cannes, argued for the ban, saying, “We are not talking about banning the wearing of religious symbols on the beach … but ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us.”

    While polls showed a majority of Frenchmen supported the ban on the burkini, the French courts struck down the ban in late August of last year.

    In Germany and Austria, attempts have also been made to ban the burkini in swimming pools, with advocates for the ban arguing that the garment is not hygienic.”

  4. California governor blames devastating wildfires on climate change and says deadly winter infernos will be ‘the new normal’

    Read more:
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    California’s governor has said that deadly wildfires in the winter will be ‘the new normal’, as fire crews rushed to contain the fires, with dry desert winds expected to intensify over the weekend.

    Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday toured Ventura County neighborhoods ravaged by a weeklong wildfire that killed at least one person and destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildings.

    At a news conference, the Democrat said drought and climate change mean California faces a ‘new reality’ where lives and property are continually threatened by fire, at a cost of billions of dollars.

    He added that gusty winds and low humidity are continuing and warned that there’s a good chance of seeing ‘firefighting at Christmas’.

    He said it will take ‘heroic’ efforts in the US and abroad to stem climate change and urged US lawmakers to pay more attention to dealing with natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes.

    Over the past week, six major wildfires have forced more than 200,000 people to flee and choked the air across much of the region.

    Forecasters predict wind gusts to become more intense by Saturday night, challenging the 8,700 firefighters who have been battling the fast-moving blazes for five days.

    Read more:
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    Richard: All indications are that the fires were deliberately set by a large group of people working together. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to get reported.

    • Jerry Brown: Trump doesn’t have ‘fear of the Lord’; disregards ‘existential consequences’
      By J.E. Dyer December 10, 2017

      n a 60 Minutes segment set to air on Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown reportedly laments that President Trump lacks fear of God, and doesn’t have proper regard for His wrath or for “existential consequences.”

      According to The Hill:

      California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) says President Trump‘s stance on climate change demonstrates that he does not appear to fear the “wrath of God” or have any regard for the “existential consequences” of his environmental policies.

      “I don’t think President Trump has a fear of the Lord, the fear of the wrath of God, which leads one to more humility … this is such a reckless disregard for the truth and for the existential consequences that can be unleashed,” Brown said in an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” which is set to air on Sunday.

      I don’t know that there’s anything terribly profound that needs to be said about this. Fulminating against Brown is a bit tiresome. Just as tiresome as Brown versus Trump, in fact.

  5. ‘Bitcoin crash’ among 2018 worries for financial markets, Deutsche Bank warns

    The bull market continues rising, and the economy added a healthy 228,000 jobs last month, so what could possibly spoil the celebrations for consumers and investors in 2018?

    A “Bitcoin crash,” rising inflation, danger from North Korea and results from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling with the 2016 presidential election are among 30 risks for financial markets next year, Deutsche Bank says in a report on Friday.

    The risks could boost market volatility and cause growth that is faster or slower than the German bank previously forecast, wrote Torsten Slok, the company’s chief international economist.

  6. Honduras opposition demands ‘rigged’ vote be canceled

    Honduras’s leftwing opposition is demanding a presidential election held two weeks ago be voided and its results annulled, alleging it was “rigged” in favor of incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

    The Alliance Against the Dictatorship coalition backing Hernandez’s chief rival in the poll, Salvador Nasralla, lodged the demand late Friday with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

    Both Hernandez and Nasralla claimed victory after the November 26 election.

    The electoral tribunal has not declared a winner, though the complete results it has released show Hernandez scoring a slender advantage over Nasralla — despite an initial count putting Nasralla comfortably in the lead.

  7. Richard: Sewer Rats/Swamp Critters are jumping ship because they are being forced to do what the President wants not what they want. These are probably some of the Arabists in the State Department who realize that if they leave now it will be called a matter of conscious by the media but it they wait they will be fired for cause and lose a lot of their pension.

    U.S. Diplomat’s Resignation Signals Wider Exodus From State Department
    One diplomat’s stinging resignation letter offers a glimpse into the weakening State Department under Trump.

    n award-winning U.S. diplomat who was seen as a rising star at the State Department has issued a scathing resignation letter, accusing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Donald Trump administration of undercutting the State Department and damaging America’s influence in the world.

    Elizabeth Shackelford, who most recently served as a political officer based in Nairobi for the U.S. mission to Somalia, wrote to Tillerson that she reluctantly had decided to quit because the administration had abandoned human rights as a priority and shown disdain for the State Department’s diplomatic work, according to her letter, obtained by Foreign Policy.

    • “…she reluctantly had decided to quit because the administration had abandoned human rights as a priority and shown disdain for the State Department’s diplomatic work”

      Human Rights alway’s means the State’s Rights – the Collectivized-control of all expressions of Good and Hate Speech. Progressive. Just like in China.

      If she were promoting the Bill of Rights and the Capitalism of free ideas into every country, that would be something else, and she would not be “seen as a rising star” to be fast-tracked for her efforts for Diversity, but recognized for being self-directed and adaptive to seek the opportunities wherever her skills were best needed.

      Kate Hopkins debates such a very dangerous oppressor of free-will:

  8. Could a law to bring down the mob be used in Weinstein case?

    NEW YORK (AP) — The federal anti-racketeering law has been used since the late 1970s to bring down mob bosses. Could it be used to prosecute Harvey Weinstein?

    Lawyers for six actresses who say they were sexually assaulted by the movie producer filed a lawsuit Wednesday in New York arguing that Weinstein was, essentially, a racketeer who used a legion of assistants, casting agents, security firms, gossip writers and others to supply himself with a steady stream of unwilling sexual partners and silence their complaints.

    Richard: This is an interesting move but this is a very dangerous step down a slippery slope, a slope that we are already dangerously far down. The RICO statutes were designed to use against organized crime the problem is that the RICO statutes are not under criminal law but civil law. It is a lot easier to get a conviction and this lays them open to misuse. Since their debut they have since been used against a lot of people and at times used (in my opinion) for semi political purposes. While Hollywood is a sewer that needs to be flushed destroying the rule of law is not the way to do it.

  9. German intelligence warns of increased Chinese cyberspying

    BERLIN (AP) — The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency warned Sunday that China is using social networks to try to cultivate sources of information among lawmakers and officials, while Chinese hackers are increasingly attacking European companies through trusted suppliers.

    Hans-Georg Maassen said his agency, known by its German acronym BfV, believes more than 10,000 Germans have been targeted by Chinese intelligence agents posing as consultants, headhunters or researchers, primarily on the social networking site LinkedIn.

    “This is a broad-based attempt to infiltrate in particular parliaments, ministries and government agencies,” Maassen said.

    • The libtards need to study their history, 1) at the time of the American Revolution the Government they were rebelling against was much less tyrannical then the current government in DC. 2) The shooting in the revolution was touched off when the Brits tried to confiscate privately owned firearms. And the firearms they were trying to confiscate were the “Assault Rifles” of their time.

      The Loon on the gun control side was saying that the people who support the Second Amendment don’t know what happens to a body when they are hit by bullets. We know this much better then he does and we are afraid of want will happen if we allow the government to seize our weapons. Look at Europe and see the result of Gun Control. Many people in Europe have warned us to not give up our guns, either the gun control nut is stuck in the “it can’t happen here mode” or he is a far left radical who wants the government to have total control.

  10. Egypt’s Christian leader sides with Palestine, refuses to meet with Pence
    By LU Staff December 9, 2017

    The head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church has canceled a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence after the U.S. officially recognized of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Reuters reports.

    Pope Tawadros II, the leader of the Egyptian church, said in a statement that President Donald Trump “did not take into account the feelings of millions of Arab people” when he decided to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    “The Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church declines to receive American Vice President Mike Pence,” the statement said, adding that the church would pray for “wisdom … to address all issues that impact peace for the people of the Middle East.”

    • Sad, pathetic dhimmis. I’m sure this gesture of “goodwill” toward the Palis will result in fewer Copts being murdered and force-converted to islam.

    • Arab Christian dhimmis used to be[*] more vicious to Arab Jews than the Mohammadans themselves.
      The Copts were most the most enthusiastic enemies of Egyptian Jews. Goes back to pre-Mohammadan times. [v. Bat Yeor]

      Didn’t work out so well, did it?
      [*] “Used to be” because most Arab Christian Israelis know better these days. They’re now a fraction of the population in Pal cities like Bethlehem, greatly disadvantaged in every way. But old habits die hard, no trouble finding an Arab Christian to bad-mouth Israel.

  11. Charges of indecency have been dropped against 24 women who were caught wearing trousers at a party near the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.
    The gathering was raided by morality police on Wednesday.
    If convicted, the women could have faced punishment of 40 lashes and a fine for wearing “an obscene outfit”.
    Rights activists say tens of thousands of women are arrested and flogged for indecency every year, and laws can be applied arbitrarily.

  12. Czech President Milos Zeman has called EU countries “cowards” over their response to Donald Trump’s recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.
    TrendsUS recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s ?apital

    “The European Union, cowards, are doing all they can so a pro-Palestinian terrorist movement can have supremacy over a pro-Israeli movement,” Zeman said on Saturday, as cited by local media. He was speaking at the conference of the Movement of Freedom and Democracy (SPD), a eurosceptic and anti-immigration party.

      • Yup, the organic animal by product is about to hit the air circulatory system.

        I wonder how the rest of the world is going to react when the Swedes help the Islamic Invaders round up the few remaining Jews?

        • That’s obscene speculation.

          WE will never give “the rest of the world” a chance.

          The Mossad@TheMossadIL
          Rescuing Jews suffering from persecution and antisemitism in Arab lands is something we have done for 8 decades. Unfortunately we will need to do it again in another Arab land. Sweden.
          1:54 AM – Dec 10, 2017
          Error: Arabs spread the disease of Mohammadism far and wide. So the rescue mission has been expansive.

  13. via Bulgarian Parliament Moves to Criminalise Radical Islam, Support of Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate

    The Bulgarian parliament has moved to criminalise the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating a caliphate, religious violence, and sharia law.

    The legislature adopted the amendments to the nation’s criminal code aimed at tackling radical Islam on their first reading this Wednesday.

    They were proposed by a nationalist electoral alliance called the United Patriots (UP).

    Promoting any ideology of violence or one threatening the law and constitution of the nation could be punishable with one to five years in jail and a fine of around £2,000, the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik reports.

  14. Lebanon: Clashes erupt during protest outside US embassy in Beirut

    A protest against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital escalated into clashes in front of the US embassy in Beirut on Sunday.

    • Lebanon: US embassy protesters blasted by water cannon and tear gas

      Security forces used tear gas and water cannon against protesters demonstrating in front of the US embassy in Beirut on Sunday. The protest was held against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

  15. Afghanistan: Trump effigy goes up in flames at Jalalabad protest

    Protesters burned an effigy of US President Donald Trump at a demonstration against Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, in Jalalabad on Sunday.

    • Fox News – House Intelligence Leader Devin Nunes Has Just Made A Discovery

      The Head of the House Intel Panel Devin Nunes has found evidence of abuse in U.S. Government surveillance

  16. French fighters join Islamic State armed group in Afghanistan (rfi, Dec 10, 2017)

    “French and Algerian fighters, some arriving from Syria, have joined the ranks of the Islamic State group in northern Afghanistan where the militants have established new bases, multiple according reports by French news agency AFP.

    It is the first time that the presence of French IS fighters has been recorded in Afghanistan, and comes as analysts suggested foreigners may be heading for the war-torn country after being driven from Syria and Iraq.

    It is also a troubling sign as France, which has faced the worst of the IS-inspired violence in Europe since 2015, debates how to handle hundreds of its citizens who went to fight for the group in the Middle East…”

  17. MEMRI TV – “Enslaving and converting Infidels Is One of the Virtues of Islam”

    On November 7, Kuwaiti cleric Sheikh Saalim Bin Sa’d At-Taweel published a lecture on his official YouTube channel explaining the concept of Jihad. Sheikh At-Taweel said that while “Jihad” has different meanings, “Jihad for the sake of Allah” means fighting infidels in order to spread Islam.

    He further explained that slavery is part of Islam and said that Muslims should not try to deny this. In fact, he said, slavery is “one of the virtues of Islam” because it provides infidels with an opportunity to become Muslims and avoid the Hellfire.

    Over the past decade, Sheikh At-Taweel has made several visits to the United States and was guest lecturer in mosques in Worcester, Massachusetts, Modesto, California, and New York, and elsewhere. In 2016, he participated in the 3rd Annual U.K. National Knowledge Conference.

      • Total sicko. Hates non-Black business owners. Just another anti-Capitalist and pro-multi-generational-welfare sort of socioeconomic prostitute.

        Take down the barriers so that more business-owners will die.

        What could possibly go wrong?!?

  18. Should the US Criminalize Radical Islam?

    An innovative law being proposed in Bulgaria may provide a model for Western democracies to weed out radical Islam and its promoters in their midst.

    The law, which amends the criminal code and passed the first reading in the parliament, criminalizes the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating for violent jihad, a caliphate and sharia law, Breitbart reported.

    The law makes promoting any ideology of violence or promoting the replacement of the nation’s laws or constitution criminal. It also criminalizes the “forcible application of religious principles, ”promoting a “[violent] sacred war against non-Muslims” and “agitating for the creation of an Islamic State [i.e., caliphate].”

    The law is not meant as an attack on the religion of Islam but rather addresses the extremist Islamist ideology, Bulgarian MP Boris Yachev told Breibart.

    • I am not sure how we can outlaw any type of Islam unless we can get it declared to be an ideology and not a theology, even then we would run into free speech issues. We would have to prove that “Radical” Islam promotes violence and with the useful idiots voting or the radical left this will be difficult to do.

      • That’s now. Such niceties are obliterated when the balloon goes up. Or the equivalent, in Fourth Generation warfare terms.

        Our legal code is undermined by bad actors, enforcement is selective and arbitrary. The institutions – media, schools, government – are serving an alien, hostile agenda.

        A critical proportion of the populace is brainwashed and decadent. They’re not FIT for the freedoms we’ve cherished as Americans. This disconnect is not sustainable.

        Measures to meet the threat are just barely visible around the edges. Police are increasingly using military tactics and matériel. Martial law might roll in gradually.

        • I know, once the balloon goes up everything changes, as the far left is about to learn.

          Martial Law might roll in gradually

          Depending on which state you live in, in fly over country revolutionary courts and local militias are more likely then martial law. Out here the law and the Guard will call on civilians for help if they think it is necessary.

  19. Why Did Islamic State Kill So Many Sufis in Sinai?

    by Denis MacEoin
    December 10, 2017 at 4:30 am

    The massive November 24 terrorist attack by Islamic State on a Sufi mosque in a town of little importance, Bir al-Abd, in northern Sinai, resounded across the world. Despite the presence of members of the security services, the al-Rawda mosque also serves as the local headquarters of a prominent Sufi Brotherhood founded by the local al-Jarir clan, a branch of the powerful Al-Sawarkah tribe. The number of dead, somewhat over 300, were shockingly high, yet not higher than the tolls in two earlier Islamic State massacres. In 2014, IS fighters killed 700 men of the Shu’aytat tribe in Dayr al-Zur. “Over a three-day period, vengeful fighters shelled, beheaded, crucified and shot hundreds of members of the Shaitat tribe after they dared to rise up against the extremists.” In 2016, a series of bombings in Karrada, a Shi’i district of Baghdad, took some 347 lives.

    Islamic State — though defeated in Syria and Iraq — remains a major threat in many parts of the world. Its fighters returning to Europe have carried out attacks in Brussels and Paris, and yet others have been welcomed back by naïve government agencies who hope to make them into innocent citizens again by rewarding them with benefits and housing.

  20. The Mullahs Overplay the Military Card

    by Amir Taheri
    December 10, 2017 at 4:00 am

    Faced with mounting domestic problems and diplomatic isolation to prolong its hold on power the leadership in Tehran is increasingly depending on the military establishment. Highlighting this growing dependence is the “Supreme Guide” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has held conclaves with the military chiefs on three occasions in less than a month during which signs of the military’s ascendancy within the regime’s power structures have multiplied.

    One sign was Khamenei’s decision to ask the newly appointed Chief of Staff General Muhammad Hussein Baqeri to take over the key issues of cooperation with Russia and Turkey over Syria to the exclusion of President Hassan Rouhani and his administration. Baqeri has also launched an ambitious project for the creation of a de facto military alliance with Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan, with Russia as an outsider-supporter, in direct contradiction to Rouhani’s repeatedly asserted hope of accommodation with Western powers.

    Another sign was Khamenei’s decision to write a personal letter to General Qassem Soleimani, the man in charge of “exporting the revolution” through his Quds (Jerusalem) Force and the various branches of “Hezbollah” under his command in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

  21. Iraq: Celebrations at Baghdad’s Liberation Square following IS defeat

    Joyful scenes were to be seen at Liberation Square in Baghdad on Sunday, as the Iraqi military held a parade to celebrate the end of the war against Islamic State

    On December 9, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that country was now totally liberated from IS after Iraqi troops retook control of the Iraqi-Syrian border area, where the last pockets of resistance remained.

  22. Turkey: Erdogan condemns Israel as a ‘terror state’ at party congress

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned Israel as a “state of terror”, speaking at a party congress of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Sivas on Sunday.

    • Turkey: Erdogan condemns Israel as a ‘terror state’ at party congress

      If Mossad wanted Erdogan dead … he would be.

      That this certifiable oxygen thief continues to steal breathable air is stark testimony to Israel’s tolerance. I cannot imagine why Erdogan persists in his ridiculous annoyance of the West. The only acceptable explanation I can imagine is that whatever alternative available was akin to what came after Qaddafi.

  23. strong>U.S. deportation flight returns from Africa with all on board

    The government’s efforts to deport 92 Somali nationals — including some who lived in Georgia and Minnesota — did not go as planned this week, when the flight encountered some snags in Senegal and returned to the U.S. with all on board.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released statement Saturday, saying relief flight crew members were “unable to get sufficient rest due to issues with their hotel in Dakar.”

    “The aircraft, including the detainees and crew on board, remained parked at the airport to allow the relief crew time to rest,” ICE said in its statement. “During this time, the aircraft maintained power and air conditioning, and was stocked with sufficient food and water. Various logistical options were explored, and ultimately ICE decided to reschedule the mission to Somalia and return to the United States with all 92 detainees. No further details are available at this time.”

    Omar Shekhey, the executive director for the Somali American Community Center in Clarkston, said as many as nine of those on the flight lived in Georgia. The Star Tribune reported as least four were from Minnesota.–regional-govt–politics/deportation-flight-returns-from-africa-with-all-board/W1cML4OgoU6USq3fFrUXSK/

    • The government’s efforts to deport 92 Somali nationals — including some who lived in Georgia and Minnesota — did not go as planned this week, when the flight encountered some snags in Senegal and returned to the U.S. with all on board.

      It would have been far less expensive to simply trash the plane on whatever runway and strand these predatory gangsters abroad.

      Alternative methods of “disposal” will be much more repugnant. Trust me…

  24. ITALY – at least 15 Marxist-Communist political parties :

    Partito Comunista

    Partito dei Comunisti Italiani,

    Partito Comunista Italiano

    Rifondazione Comunista

    Partito Comunista dei Lavoratori

    Sinistra Classe Rivoluzione

    Partito Marxista Leninista Italiano

    Partito Comunista Italiano Marxista Leninista

    Partito di Alternativa Comunista

    Lotta Comunista

    Comitati di Appoggio alla Resistenza – per il Comunismo

    Sinistra Anticapitalista,

    Partito Comunista Internazionale

    Rete dei comunisti

    Futuro a Sinistra

    Campo progressista

    Alleanza popolare per la democrazia e l’uguaglianza

    Liberi e uguali

    PIC – GUCCI – Shanghai :

  25. the gateway pundit – Ben Shapiro Highlighted on FOX News Sunday – Trashes Trump and Bannon

    Ben Shapiro was featured on FOX News Sunday as the “Power Player of the Week.”

    He trashed President Trump and Bannon.

    Shapiro attacked President Trump over his tweets. He was displeased with Trump’s tweets on radical Islam(?)

    He was aping the liberal media on that one.[…]

  26. Bag of ammunition discovered near Christmas market in Berlin – report (RT, Dec 10, 2017)

    “A “large amount” of ammunition was discovered Sunday evening near a Christmas market in Berlin, prompting the police to trigger a “danger situation” alarm, Bild reports.

    The ammunition, according to the publication, was discovered by a tenant of an underground car park at Spandauer Damm. The individual immediately alerted police. The munitions were allegedly found behind a stack of winter tires in a small plastic bag.

    There were around 200 rounds of new 7.65 caliber ammunition, according to the report. The cartridges were in sealed plastic bags and in their original boxes.

    The person who discovered the suspicious package turned it over to police. Local police then alerted state security authorities. Police contacted a forensic science unit to examine the evidence.

    “Due to the proximity of the ammunition storage to the Christmas market, and the fact that above the underground car park is a mosque, a dangerous situation is [being] assumed,” Bild reported citing police.”

    • Bag of ammunition discovered near Christmas market in Berlin

      The only mystery is why anyone’s surprised…

      Those with any questions need only apply at the local mental asylum.


    The Mossad@TheMossadIL
    Rescuing Jews suffering from persecution and antisemitism in Arab lands is something we have done for 8 decades. Unfortunately we will need to do it again in another Arab land. Sweden.
    1:54 AM – Dec 10, 2017
    Hillel Neuer@HillelNeuer
    .@margotwallstrom As you rage over U.S. recognition of Israel’s capital, your country Sweden is aflame with terror & hate:
    1. Gothenburg tonight: Dozen men firebomb synagogue after march vs. U.S. decision
    2. Malmö: Demonstrators chant “We will shoot the Jews”
    Omri Ceren@omriceren
    When she [margot wallstrom] says Trump’s speech could move “the region” backwards she means “Europe.” The Europeans can’t stop anti-Jewish riots and firebombings in their major cities. Again.

  28. Germany: Pro-Palestine protesters denounce Trump’s announcement in Berlin

    Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters descended on Neukolln, Berlin, on Sunday to demonstrate against the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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