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6 Replies to “Multiculturalism = Ethnocide”

  1. The end-game of those behind it all is NOT multiculturalism… In the end it is monoculturalism – they are sponsoring the Islamification of Western nations and the eradication of all other cultures in the end. Firstly though, they must destroy the guardians of enlightenment and compassion, the Western Christian culture and its predominantly European racial mix… Political correctness is the weapon of choice to achieve that.

  2. This man really gets it. If we lived in a multi-cultural society we would have several governments, several laws, several forms of health care, etc etc. That we don’t means we do have a dominant culture, ie Western civilization and what would you give that up for? Just as Marx had no idea what a post-capitalist economy would be like, these underminers of civilization also have no plan for the future, only to destroy what is here.

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