Car explodes into flame near Christmas fair in London: Links 1, Nov. 30, 2017

1. UN Watch on Algeria and its non-existent Jewish population

2. Car explodes at Christmas fair in part of London, undergoing Islamization. 

A CAR exploded in the middle of the street just yards from where children and families were celebrating a Christmas fayre.

Firefighters were called to Pinner High Street in Harrow after the car burst into flames during the festive fun.

 The car exploded into flames during the Christmas fayre

The car exploded into flames during the Christmas fayre

People out for the annual Pinner Panto – attended by more than 10,000 – were ushered away from the burning vehicle by cops and stewards.

Witnesses filmed the fireball after it exploded metres from the community event.

(The gamble is that it was indeed a car bomb but badly made and incinerated itself rather than explode. Its too much of a coincidence that it was a Christmas market, a kids ride, and so close and in an area becoming Islamized according to our sources.)

3. David Menzies discusses the odd case of anti-bullying activists bullied the crap out of Lindsay Shepherd for showing 5 minutes of a Jordan Peterson video.

4. Tommy Robinson: ‘The PM Watches a Man Getting Thrown off a Roof by Islamists and She’s Talking About the Far Right?’

(The media reaction to a retweet is sucking all the oxygen out of a substantial fraction of the entire English speaking world. There are a lot of links in the comments under a few posts, not the least of which is the Reader’s Links post. I wrote a bit on it here as well. But this deserves to be added to the conversation.)

Anti-Islamisation campaigner Tommy Robinson has slammed British Prime Minister Theresa May for her attack on President Donald Trump after he retweeted a controversial anti-mass migration activist, saying her virtue signalling about the “far right” detracts from the issue of radical Islamic terrorism and Islamism.

Following criticism from the political elite, including from Prime Minister May and left-wing London Mayor Sadiq Khan, after President Trump retweeted a series of videos from Britain First leader Jayda Fransen, anti-Islamisation campaigner Tommy Robinson told Breitbart News Daily host and Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam that he was “embarrassed” by the prime minister’s comments and fears she may have thrown a good Brexit deal with the U.S. under the bus.

5. Paul Sutliff, who we have interviewed before about the CVE and other topics, has a new book out which should be read by all teachers, and perhaps by all those who have school aged children.

Thank you Gates of Vienna, Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Perfect Child, and all who sent in links and comments on the increasingly important events and their increasingly intrusive effects on all our rights.


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  1. Check out the posting in the 12/1/17 readers articles about ISIS calling for lone wolf attacks on children in Western nations.

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