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  1. What a great show on Blog Talk Radio tonite 11/28/ ..
    The chat room was entirely full Vlad. A tribute to you I’d say.
    30 or 40 people listening . It was a treat . Thanks so much,
    the program just rocked for two hours non stop.

    Hopefully you will get my little note.

  2. 11 terrorists killed in shootout with Egyptian police in Ismailia: Ministry (ahram, Nov 28, 2017)

    “Egypt’s interior ministry said on Tuesday that police killed 11 terrorists in a shootout at a farm that was being used as a terrorist hideout in Ismailia governorate.

    Police also confiscated equipment including three machine guns, one rifle, wireless communication devices, explosive materials, as well as large amounts of ammunition, the statement reads.

    Several other hideouts were also raided by police forces, including in Ismailia and 10th of Ramadan City, which were used to stockpile equipment to be smuggled to North Sinai.

    Police also arrested six people at one of the hideouts who were involved in providing support to terrorist groups in North Sinai, according to the statement.

    Police forces also arrested three people who were part of a smuggling network that provided logistical support to terrorist groups in North Sinai…”

  3. Egypt’s FM tells CNN that North Sinai is off-limits to foreign journalists for safety reasons (ahram, Nov 28, 2017)

    “Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry explained to CNN on Monday the reasons for the current restrictions on media access to North Sinai, telling anchor Christiane Amanpour that foreign journalists traveling in the area might be targeted by terrorist groups…”

  4. Over 3,000 migrants and refugees died in Med in 2017, IOM (ansamed, Nov 28, 2017)

    “More than 3,000 migrants and refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean this year in an attempt to reach Europe, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said Tuesday – an average of almost 10 a day. It was the fourth straight year that the number of deaths had risen, the IOM said.

    Since the beginning of the year, a total of 163, 979 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean Sea and a total of 3,033 died trying. ”We’ve been saying this for years and we’ll keep on saying it: It’s no longer enough to simply count these tragic statistics. We must also act,” said William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General, on Monday…”

  5. ‘Proof of Erdogan family money abroad’, Turkish opposition (ansamed, Nov 28, 2017)

    “Some family members and close collaborators of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan transferred about 15 million dollars between December 2011 and January 2012 to an offshore company, Bellway Limited, in the tax haven of the Isle of Man.

    The accusation was made on Tuesday in addressing his group in parliament by Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the largest opposition party in Turkey, the CHP, saying that “We have all the records of this company” and ”we also have all the documents of the financial transactions”.

    Erdogan recently said that he was ready to resign is it was proven that he had ”a single penny abroad”. Kilicdaroglu said that Bellway Limited was founded on August 1, 2011, with a sole board member and ”a one-pound-sterling founding capital”. The alleged money transfers from Erdogan’s circle came after the company changed hands in November of the same year: 3.75 million dollars from his son, Ahmet Burak; 3.75 million from his brother-in-law Ziya Ilgen; 3.75 million from his brother Mustafa; 2.25 million from Osman Ketenci, father-in-law of his son; and 1.5 million from his former assistant, Mustafa Gundogan.

    On Nov. 28, the CHP head called on Erdo?an to “do what is necessary”, adding that “I have proven it, now tell me who is disreputable … If you are a man of honor, you will do what is necessary. Full stop.” In a speech before the parliamentary group of his AKP party, Erdogan rejected the accusations and called the CHP ”the most traitorous party of the country” due to its leader. Erdogan has recently filed a lawsuit against Kilicdaroglu due to the accusations, asking for 1.5 million Turkish liras in compensation for moral damages (about 320,000 euros).

  6. Awwad: Iran has institutionalized terrorism (saudigazette, Nov 28, 2017)

    “Iran has institutionalized terrorism in all its manifestations, Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Awwad Al-Awwad told the Arab Information Ministers’ Council here on Tuesday.

    Iran, he said, has been consistently trying to politicize Islam giving it a bad name.

    He said Iran threatens and terrorizes those who oppose its ideology…”

  7. The Jihadist Plan to Use Women to Launch the Next Incarnation of ISIS (aawsat, Nov 28, 2017)

    “… In recent months, female immigrants to ISIS have been fleeing the caliphate by the hundreds, eventually returning to their native countries or finding sanctuary in detention centers or refugee camps along the way. Some are mothers with young children who say they were pressured into traveling to Iraq or Syria to be with their husbands.

    But a disturbing number appear to have embraced the group’s ideology and remain committed to its goals, according to interviews with former residents of the caliphate as well as intelligence officials and analysts who are closely tracking the returnees…”

  8. Former Equality Chief: ‘Dangerous’ Islamophobia Awards ‘Paint a Target’ On Nominees’ Backs (breitbart, Nov 28, 2017)

    “The annual Islamophobia awards — previous winners of which include Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam — are “genuinely dangerous” according to Trevor Phillips, the former equalities chief who popularised the term ‘Islamophobia’.

    The former chairman of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission said the label “painted a target on the back of people on the list”, following news he was nominated for one of the “ironic” Islamic Human Rights Commission’s (IHRC) awards himself.

    Other nominees put up for awards by the London-based NGO included schools watchdog Ofsted, and Dame Louise Casey, the government’s politically correct former ‘integration tsar’, who suggested more should be done to challenge “regressive religious and cultural ideologies” present in “segregated” areas of Britain in a report last year.

    “Defining Louise or myself or anybody else as an Islamophobe is offering a licence to do us harm,” The Sunday Times reported Phillips as saying.

    “They will say that it is just verbal and political. They know that in this world right now this is not the way some other people see it. It really isn’t a joke. It is genuinely dangerous.

    “These campaigns are all part of an attempt to intimidate public figures from saying anything at all about integration into our society,” he stressed.

    The chairman of the IHRC — a Shia-dominated sectarian group which has been described as a “Khomeinist” — Massoud Shadjareh, has dismissed Phillips’s concerns…”

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