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  1. Norwegian PM declares migrants ‘cannot say no to jobs’ because of religion (express, Nov 25, 2017)

    “The Norwegian Prime Minister demanded that it is not a “complex issue” for migrants arriving in her country – they must “work to sustain a living” and “cannot say no to jobs like working in a restaurant where they serve pork or alcohol” for religious reasons.

    Erna Solberg said while her country is happy to accept migrants they must not expect that Norway will pay them any benefits if are refuse work.

    The Scandinavian country have kept maintained a hard stance on the European migrant crisis and successfully challenged European Union migrant quotas, which enabled them to maintain the regular border checks that were introduced at the beginning of this year, and designed to limit the flow of irregular migrants.

    EU law states that member states can only bring in emergency frontier controls for an initial period of two months, which can be extended to a maximum of six months in extreme circumstances.

    Speaking on Euronews’ Global Conversation, Ms Solberg said: “It is part of our normal educational system that you are discussing why people are fleeing from countries, what is the convention what is the responsibilities we have, this is all part of the school curriculum in Norway.

    “There is also a clear view that if you move and get refuge, you have to live by Norwegian standards, you can’t come and think you live in your home country when it comes to women’s rights, not to be puzzled if you see two men kiss on the street, because there are gay people in our countries and it is normal, it’s part of our system.”

    Upon being challenged about religious differences between her country and that of arriving migrants, she rebuked: “I do not think it is a complex issue that if you are going to come to country.

    “You have to work to sustain a living, you cannot say no to jobs like working in a restaurant where they will serve pork or alcohol.

    “You cannot expect that the Norwegian society will pay you benefits if you are refusing to work for religious reasons.

    “There are too lower of migrants women working in Norway, we know that some reasons are they have a lot of children, so that is work in itself.

    “But sometimes it is also because they make some demands that make it more difficult for them to get a job and sometimes it is because their husbands don’t like to see them get too involved in Norwegian society, because then they get a taste of freedom of women in our society, so there is also some type of patriarchy in this.”

    Ms Solberg added that around 3,100 refugees are being allowed to make home in Noway as they continue to participate in helping solve the humanitarian crisis.

    The Scandinavian country is a part of the Schengen Zone, which was created to allow citizens of EU member countries to travel freely without passport checks to other nations within the area.”

  2. As long as these Euro countries believe they have an obligation to commit suicide by Muslim, there is no hope for them. The conquering jihadists have convinced the Norwegians that not only should they be allowed to take over their country, but also that the Norwegians should work to support them, their wives and their numerous offspring.

  3. China shuts main route into North Korea as nuclear tensions dominate region

    Bridge temporarily closed for ‘maintenance’, according to spokesman, leaving Pyongyang even more isolated following Air China flight suspension

    China is temporarily closing its main road connection with North Korea, an official said on Friday.

    Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge, or China-North Korea Friendship Bridge, across the Yalu River at the Chinese city of Dandong will be closed while North Korea repairs the approach road on its side.

    Geng said that “after the maintenance, the bridge will reopen for passage,” but gave no date for the reopening or other details.

    • I would love to know what China is up to, what ever it is it isn’t about stoping North Korea from building nukes and missiles.

  4. Once again, leakers aim at Trump, only to hit themselves – and (maybe) Israel
    By J.E. Dyer November 25, 2017

    It’s not clear why this narrative is being trotted out again, since it was silly the first time and hasn’t gotten better with age. One passage in the new piece suggests a reason, and I’ll get to that at the end.

    But for whatever purpose, Vanity Fair saw fit this week to run with an article by Howard Blum about the May 2017 meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in which Donald Trump spoke about the ISIS bomb plot that prompted the laptop ban announced in March, for flights coming from some foreign locations.

    At the time, news outlets including the Washington Post and New York Times reported (from unnamed sources) that Trump had revealed “sources and methods” information to the Russian delegation, including clues that Israeli intelligence had played a key role in uncovering the bomb plot.

  5. Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”

    In a furious twitter exchange with a Clinton aide on Friday, former secret service agent Dan Bongino threatened to reveal new details about Bill Clinton’s 26 documented trips aboard notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

    Bongino and former Hillary Clinton aide Nick Merrill started feuding after Merrill challenged Bongino’s claim that Clinton was the most “manipulative political person in a position of power [he had] ever met in my entire life,” as Paul Watson pointed out.

    Merrill fired back that Hillary “has enormous respect for the Secret Service & a great relationship with the agents on her detail.” He also alleged that Bongino was never on the Clintons’ detail – a claim that Bongino almost immediately disproved by supplying a photo of him sitting behind Hillary Clinton back in 2001.

  6. Iran-Backed Militia in Iraq: ‘Enemy’ U.S. Troops Now ‘a Target for Our Forces’

    A component of the Baghdad-sanctioned coalition of mainly Iran-allied Shiite militias in Iraq has threatened to attack U.S. troops if they refuse to leave the country, declaring that the United States “has become our direct enemy.”

    The threat came from Abdullatif al-Amidi, the commander of the Saraya al-Ashura faction inside the umbrella organization of mostly Shiite militias loyal to Iran known as al-Hashd al-Shaabi, Arabic for Popular Mobilization Forces/Units (PMF/PMU), reports Kurdistan24.

    PMF factions, including at least one with American blood on its hands—the Asaib Ahl al-Haq (League of the Righteous)—have repeatedly vowed to target U.S. troops since they returned to Iraq to combat the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in 2014.

    Although the U.S. military has fought alongside the PMF, praising them for their contribution to the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently urged the Shiite militiamen to “go home.”

  7. ITALY – MILAN – Milaneses play TENNIS in 16th Century Church

    Tennis players tried out their skills in the unorthodox setting of Milan’s San Paolo Converso Church on Friday, as part of artist Asad Raza’s exhibition titled ‘Untitled (plot for dialogue)’.

    Rolls-Royce Announces Partnership to Support Artist Asad Raza

    ASAD RAZA / Untitled (plot for dialogue) /

  8. As he investigates Trump’s aides, special counsel’s record shows surprising flaws

    When he was named special counsel in May, Robert S. Mueller III was hailed as the ideal lawman — deeply experienced, strait-laced and nonpartisan — to investigate whether President Trump’s campaign had helped with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

    The accolades squared with Mueller’s valor as a Marine rifle platoon commander in Vietnam and his integrity as a federal prosecutor, a senior Justice Department official and FBI director from 2001 to 2013, the longest tenure since J. Edgar Hoover. He was praised by former courtroom allies and opponents, and by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

    • Libya: 31 migrants dead, 200 rescued after boat sinks

      More than 31 migrants died and some 200 rescued by the coastguard after their boats sank off the coast of Libya on Saturday.

  9. Morocco: Clashes erupt between migrants and Casablanca residents

    Sub-Saharan migrants clashed with Casablanca residents on Friday evening.

    According to local authorities, the incident started at a public park in the Derb el Kebir district, where a few hundred migrants live. Tensions reportedly escalated quickly from both sides, with tires and bins burning and several cars sustaining damages.

  10. Pakistan: 4,000 riot police sweep away violent Islamist protest with teargas

    Some 4,000 police officers, many heavily armed and protected, were deployed to a large-scale Islamist protest which had sparked violence in Islamabad, Saturday.

  11. CBC – Wilfrid Laurier University’s free speech controversy

    Wilfrid Laurier University has been at the centre of a free speech controversy after teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd was sanctioned for showing students a video clip featuring a controversial Toronto professor talking about gender-neutral pronouns.

  12. PARIS – NOV 25 2017 – Bravo! After the Generation Identitaire protest is banned by the Paris police, Renaud Camus calls upon people to come and pray in the street for the salvation of occupied France and Europe.


    The far-right organisation Generation Identitaire has called for a ‘Defend Europe’ march in Paris on Saturday, November 25.

    Local authorities have banned the rally and counter-protests, fearing clashes between the two groups.


  13. US warns Pakistan of ‘REPERCUSSIONS’ over freed Islamist militant (express, Nov 25, 2017)

    “THE United States has warned of “repercussions” for US-Pakistan relations unless Islamabad takes action to detain and charge a freed Islamist militant.

    Hafiz Saeed is believed to be the mastermind behind the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, India.

    The White House said in a statement: “(Hafiz) Saeed’s release, after Pakistan’s failure to prosecute or charge him, sends a deeply troubling message about Pakistan’s commitment to (combating) international terrorism and belies Pakistani claims that it will not provide sanctuary for terrorists on its soil.

    “If Pakistan does not take action to lawfully detain Saeed and charge him for his crimes, its inaction will have repercussions for bilateral relations and for Pakistan’s global reputation.”

    The strongly-worded statement, it also called Saeed a “notorious terrorist” and pointed out that “a clear international consensus” exists regarding Saeed’s culpability – he was designated by the United Nations under UN Security Council Resolution 1267 in December 2008 and the Department of the Treasury has designated him a Specially Designated Global Terrorist.

    The White House statement continued: “As President Donald Trump’s South Asia policy makes clear, the United States seeks a constructive relationship with Pakistan, but expects decisive action against militant and terrorist groups on Pakistani soil that are a threat to the region…”

    • Germany has made this one easy for the rest of nations because of its recent court case that airlines can ban passengers based on nationality.

  14. Police: Bomb kills 4, wounds 19 in southwest Pakistan (abcnews, Nov 25, 2017)

    “A suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest in the southwestern city of Quetta, killing at least four people and wounding 19 others, police said Saturday.

    Senior officer Abdur Razzaq Cheema said the suicide attack took place near a bus terminal in the city’s outskirts. The target was the vehicle of an army colonel but the officer was not in the vehicle at the time of attack, he said.

    Cheema said most of the victims were civilians, including a child, while four security men were also wounded.

    Explosive experts concluded that some 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of explosives with steel balls were used in the suicide vest, Cheema said…”

  15. Merkel’s Gift to Europe: Anti-Terror Barriers ‘Lovingly Wrapped’ for Christmas (breitbart, Nov 25, 2017)

    “Anti-terror barriers “lovingly wrapped” in Christmas paper to disguise their grim purpose are springing up across Germany.

    “Suddenly, overnight, they were there: huge Christmas parcels in Bochum’s city center; wrapped in pretty wrapping paper with stars, firs — and as a topping a red bow,” reads a Welt report on the new “decorations” in the North Rhine-Westphalia city of Bochum.

    “It was important for us to fit the ugly barriers into the beautiful overall ensemble,” explained a Bochum Marketing spokesman.

    “That’s why we wrapped the 1.2-ton sandbags and provided them with red ribbons.”

    Bochum’s boulevard will be closed to transport for the first time this year, Welt adds…”

  16. Almost Half Of ‘Underage’ Migrants In Hamburg Are Adults (breitbart, Nov 25, 2017)

    “49 per cent of the migrants who have claimed to be underage in the city of Hamburg this year are actually adults, according to a new report from the Social Security Board.

    The number is up from figures from last year which showed that 47 per cent of those claiming to be underage were adults. The new 49 per cent figure covers the 482 unaccompanied asylum seekers who came to Hamburg from January to September of this year, Die Welt reports.

    Across Germany this year there have been a total of 55,890 asylum seekers claiming to be under the age of 18 but according to the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, 24,116, or 43 percent, were officially adults.

    The assessments of adulthood are made by the Child and Youth Emergency Service (KJND), who examine asylum seekers without passports or other identification and send suspected cases to Eppendorf University Hospital to be examined. The hospital then conducts a number of tests including x-rays and tomography to determine the approximate age of the asylum seeker.

    Underage migrants are taken into care by the youth welfare service, and if they are determined to be adults they are made to register with the regular asylum authorities…”

  17. ITALY – PALERMO Italian headteacher causes controversy by ending school prayers

    People across Italy are weighing in on a headteacher’s decision to stop saying prayers and remove Catholic statues at a school in Sicily.

    Nicolò La Rocca, headmaster of the Ragusa Moleti primary school in Palermo, issued a circular on Thursday morning instructing teachers that they should no longer ask children to say prayers or sing hymns before meals or at the beginning of class.

    He also removed a statue of the Virgin Mary and other Catholic icons from display, including pictures of Pope Francis, reported La Repubblica.

    The newspaper, which filmed a video report from the school, said that the statues were now placed on a windowsill in the toilets.

    La Rocca said that he acted in response to complaints from [.....MUSLIM .....] parents that certain statues were in the way. “They were simply two very cumbersome statues,” he told La Repubblica.

    “An enormous Buddha would have caused problems too, no?”

    Some mothers told the paper that they would protest the head’s decision.

    Yet La Rocca has Italian law on his side: as he pointed out in his circular, a 2009 opinion from the state’s lawyers ruled that religious rites should not be conducted at schools during lesson time. The same advisory states that they can be carried out on school property outside teaching hours, including during breaks.

    But “having a sacred image up doesn’t hurt anyone”, Italy’s undersecretary for education, Gabriele Toccafondi, commented. “It seems to me that the headteacher’s decision has less to do with freedom and more to do with ideology.”

    Politicians across the spectrum joined him in criticizing La Rocca. Giorgia Meloni, leader of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party, called his decision “shameful and offensive”, while Edoardo Patriarca, MP for the centre-left Democratic Party, said that it “denies our roots”.

    Though Italy officially separates church and state, Roman Catholic traditions run deep in the country’s society and culture. Many Italians consider religion a part of public life – including in secular, state-run schools.

    There was outcry ten years ago when a Finnish-Italian mother sought to have crucifixes removed from her sons’ school. She challenged the Ministry of Education’s directive that every state school should display the symbol, taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

    The court initially found in her favour, but the Italian government convinced judges to reverse the ruling on appeal. In 2011 they decided that a crucifix was “an essentially passive symbol” and couldn’t therefore be considered “a process of indoctrination” (though they did indicate that “participation in religious activities” – such as saying prayers – was different).

    Several politicians called on Italy’s Ministry of Education to apply pressure on La Rocca.

    For the meantime, however, the headmaster remains undeterred. “I was only thinking about doing my duty,” he told local news site LiveSicilia.

    The school, attended by some 800 children between three and ten years old, will still celebrate Christmas, he assured La Repubblica.


  18. Saudi Arabia bans selfies, photos & videos at Islam’s two holiest mosques – reports (RT, Nov 25, 2017)

    “The Hajj just became a bit less hip: Saudi Arabia has banned pilgrims from taking selfies at Islam’s two holiest mosques, effective immediately, according to Indonesian media.

    According to the Jakarta Post, visitors to Mecca’s Masjid al-Haram, known as the Great Mosque of Mecca, and Medina’s Masjid an-Nabawi, or ‘The Prophet’s Mosque,’ will be prohibited from taking photographs or videos at the two holy sites.

    Saudi authorities stated that the ban will prevent unnecessary disturbances for those who wish to worship without distractions…”

  19. Iraqi Forces Liberate All Western Desert Areas, Most Important Daesh’s Shelters (sputniknews, Nov 25, 2017)

    “Only a small pocket of Daesh terrorists remains on the Iraqi border with Syria.

    CAIRO, (Sputnik) — The Iraqi army has completely freed the territories located between the provinces of Anbar and Saladin in the Iraqi Jazira region from Daesh terrorist group as announced by the command of Hashd Shaabi, a state-sponsored militia integrated into the Armed Forces.

    “Hashd Shaabi has completed the liberation of the desert area of Jazira, […] which has been considered as one of the most important Daesh shelters,” the statement said.

    According to the statement, only a small Daesh pocket remained in the Iraqi region on the border with Syria, north of the city of Qaim…”

  20. Video: Is Trump slamming door on Muslims’ American Dream?

    Since US President Donald Trump came to power, Muslim Americans say they feel increasingly unwelcome in their own country. According to critics, Trump’s executive orders banning travellers from several Muslim-majority countries and his anti-Muslim rhetoric have normalised Islamophobia. FRANCE 24’s reporters went to meet members of this community in Michigan, who feel uncomfortable in Trump’s America.

    Following the October 31 terrorist attack in New York, Donald Trump requested a heightened immigrant vetting programme and signalled he wants to scrap the visa lottery scheme. This response was seen by critics, including Senator Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, as a way of politicising the attack and using it to spread hatred of immigrants and anti-Muslim sentiment.

    • The Islamic invaders and their leftist allies are making all patriotic citizens of the US feel unwelcome in our country so we are fighting back. The Moslems are complaining about us resisting their attempted conquest of North America.

    • CBC – Quebec City police arrest 44 at far-right protest and counter-demonstration

      Police laud co-operation from far-right group La Meute, but had to use tear gas to keep sides apart

      Supporters of Quebec’s far-right outnumbered counter-protesters at a demonstration Saturday in Quebec City, where police detained more than 40 people in an effort to keep the two sides from clashing with each other.

      Between 300 and 400 members of far-right groups, including La Meute and Storm Alliance, marched in the rain to a convention centre that was hosting a major policy meeting of the governing Quebec Liberal party.

      Outside the convention centre, police in riot gear placed themselves between the far-right groups and a counter-demonstration of around 250 anti-racism and anti-capitalist activists.

      Quebec City police said they arrested 44 people in two waves. They took 21 people into custody around 12:45 p.m. near the convention centre and confiscated disguises, a sling shot, a billy club and bottles containing an unknown liquid.

      “It’s tough to say to which group they belonged, but it’s clear they intended to counter La Meute’s demonstration,” said André Turcotte, spokesperson for Quebec City police.

      A further 23 people were arrested when they failed to follow police orders to disperse later in the day. Officers used tear gas on counter-protesters who were throwing snowballs at them.

  21. War-trained Islamic State fighters plan to strike in UK (express, Nov 25, 2017)

    “HUNDREDS of Islamic State fighters have fled Syria and are heading for the UK and Europe to mount a series of Christmas attacks in revenge for their defeat at Raqqa.

    The warning, from Turkish intelligence officers, follows concerns that the head of IS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, escaped Raqqa with thousands of armed extremist fighters – including many British jihadis – in a secret peace deal five weeks ago.

    Last night a British military source who attended the briefing said it left no room for doubt.

    “Their [Turkish] intelligence service briefed that IS have been smuggled into Turkey in numbers and are heading to Europe and the UK,” he said.

    “The threat level is very high and it is evident the Turkish authorities have detained a number of people and are confident the information is accurate.”

    On Thursday security minister Ben Wallace confirmed IS continued to pose a grave threat to Britain…”

  22. euronews – Young refugee boy trampled to death on boat heading for Greece
    A young Afghan migrant has been killed as panic broke out on an overcrowded refugee boat near Greece.

    • I doubt if you can reform Islam, destroying it is possible but will take several decades with a lot of dedicated soldiers. 😉

  23. Holocaust survivor: I’m giving $1 million to help wounded American veterans, to express my thanks

    At 83 years old, I am one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors – thanks to the American troops who rescued me in what seems like a lifetime ago.

    Since World War II, I’ve felt a deep connection to American troops for saving my life – a feeling that resurfaces every year on Veterans Day and throughout the holiday giving season.

  24. Gunfight among migrants in French port of Calais wounds five (middleeasteye, Nov 25, 2017)

    “Five migrants were hurt Saturday in an exchange of gunfire between groups of Afghan migrants in the French port of Calais, officials said, blaming an apparent settling of scores between traffickers.

    The local prefect’s office told AFP shots were fired in the late afternoon near a Catholic aid centre outside the centre of the northern port city.

    Calais is a key jumping off point for migrants seeking to break into Britain-bound trucks or pay smugglers to help them get across the Channel.

    Police swiftly intervened and restored calm, the prefect’s office said.

    “An exchange of fire with the protagonists of Afghan nationality – one imagines (it is) a settling of scores between traffickers, though that still has to be confirmed,” the prosecutor at nearby Boulogne said.

    One man was reportedly taken to hospital after being hit in the abdomen.

    He added police were expected shortly to begin questioning victims and witnesses.

    Police shoot at car

    Later Saturday, police opened fire on a car carrying migrants near Calais as it sped toward a group of officers trying to halt it for a check, authorities said.

    None of the nine migrants aboard the vehicle was wounded, but the car hit one of the officers and injured his knee.

    “The vehicle hit an officer, whose knee was slightly injured. The officers opened fire”, stopping the vehicle, a local official told AFP.

    Six Iraqis and three Afghans in the car were arrested…”

  25. Exclusive: Tehran Intimidates Regional States through its Proxies (aawsat, Nov 25, 2017)

    “Terrorist militias in the world, especially those supported by Iran, have consistently carried out kidnappings of unarmed “citizens and foreigners”, in order to obtain ransom for their release.

    Abductions are one of the worst terrorist acts carried out by Iran or its terrorist proxies around the world. They have several objectives: to draw attention to the kidnapping itself, to carry out major schemes behind the scenes, to rearrange Tehran’s bargaining in the region, to overcome damages of economic sanctions imposed on it, and to help those militias finance their operations.

    According to several international reports, Iranian-sponsored terrorist groups have taken hundreds of millions of dollars in ransom following the kidnappings of foreign tourists, journalists and politicians, women belonging to “ethnic groups” and others working in relief and humanitarian organizations, and who have been rescuing people in disaster or armed conflict zones…”

  26. ‘Bomb Al Jazeera,’ says Dubai’s head of security (alaraby, Nov 25, 2017)

    “Dubai’s head of security has called for the bombing of Qatar-based media outlet Al Jazeera, accusing the network of provoking Friday’s mosque attack in Egypt’s Sinai region.

    “The alliance must bomb the machine for terrorism… the channel of IS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra front, Al Jazeera the terrorists,” Dhahi Khalfan, who is no stranger to advocating war and violence on Twitter, tweeted.

    In a series of tweets, he blamed Al Jazeera for advocating terrorism, claiming that the media outlet is “tampering with national security”.

    “For how long will they [Al Jazeera] continue to tamper with the security of Egypt and the Arab world,” he said.

    Khalfan then posted a picture of the Al Jazeera logo together with Hizballah leaader Hassan Nasrallah, slain al-Qaeda head Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State group.

    Egyptian theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi was also featured…”

  27. Video depicts massive explosion as B-52s bomb Taliban mines factory (khaama, Nov 25, 2017)

    “The US military in Afghanistan has released a new video of the ongoing air campaign against the Taliban purportedly showing the destruction of a mines factory.

    The video shows the airstrike on Taliban explosives compound in southern Helmand province, triggering a massive explosion after bombs were dropped, apparently by B-52 bombers.

    According to the US military, the enormous secondary explosion is evidence of stockpiles of explosives the Taliban would have used against the Afghan people.

    The growing airstrikes have apparently put the Taliban into a state of panic with a spokesman of the group claiming last week that only civilians are being killed or wounded in the ongoing campaign.

    A spokesman for the Taliban group Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said the claims of inflicting heavy losses to the Taliban fighters are false.

    Ahmadi further added that only the civilians have been killed and their houses have been destroyed in the airstrikes.

    The commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support and US forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson said Monday that the U.S. and Afghan forces conducted a series of strikes over the past 24 hours against Taliban drug labs, to target the revenue streams of the terrorists.

    Gen. Nicholson further added that the combined operations struck seven Taliban drug labs and one command-and-control node in northern Helmand province.

    “Specifically, in striking northern Helmand and the drug enterprises there, we’re hitting the Taliban where it hurts, which is their finances,” he said.”

  28. 68,263 illegals netted in crackdown until Thursday (saudigazette, Nov 25, 2017)

    “The number of people arrested in a crackdown on residency and labor law violators all over the Kingdom has reached 68,263 until Thursday, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday quoting official sources.

    Of those detained, 38,006 were violators of residency regulations, 13,099 were violators of border security and 17,158 labor law violators. A total of 970 people were arrested while they were trying to sneak into the country across the border. The majority of them were Yemenis (80 percent) followed by Ethiopians (19 percent). Border security authorities deported 564 of the detainees.

    The border guards arrested 11 people who were trying to leave the Kingdom by illegally crossing the border.

    SPA said 331 people were arrested for providing shelter, transportation and assistance to run cover-up business operations to the violators. They included 43 Saudis.

    Seventeen of the detained Saudis were released after slapping them with fines on the spot while 26 others were handed over to various authorities for completing procedures against them.

    The number of violators undergoing regulatory procedures at the Deportation Departments totaled 10,713. Of these, 9,639 were men and 1,074 were women.

    The report said 9,868 violators were deported, 6,378 received on the spot penalties and 6,112 referred to their respective diplomatic missions while 7,075 have been referred to the pertinent authorities to complete their deportation procedures.”

  29. Eateries in densely populated Makkah districts lack hygiene (saudigazette, Nov 25, 2017)

    “Many of the densely populated neighborhoods of Makkah are filled with dozens of restaurants and shops that sell food and meat of different varieties in unhygienic conditions.

    In spite of regular inspection tours and field visits by officials from the municipality and a number of other bodies, shops and restaurants selling unhygienic food constitutes a serious threat to public health in the holy city.

    A large number of residents criticized the level of cleanliness especially after the pilgrimage season, as most restaurants in the suburbs use refrigerated meat that is often not suitable for human consumption…”

  30. “The release of Padmavati has been marred by protests amid claims the film portrays an inaccurate account of history.

    Critics argue that the film, which cost £17million to produce and has been given a 12A rating, suggests the iconic 14th century Hindu queen, Padmavati, engaged in a romantic relationship with Muslim invader Alauddin Khilji.”

    “Sukhdev Singh, the leader of the Rajput Karni Sena caste group, is seeking to halt the film’s circulation, calling on UK Hindus to adopt violence in order to stop its screening.

    He told Republic TV: “I call on Hindus in the UK and particularly my community brothers to protest against the screening of the film there.

    “I have told them any cinema hall which screens the movie will be burnt.”

    Protests against the film in India have turned violent, with unconfirmed reports that a body was found hanging outside a fort in the northern state of Rajasthan on Friday morning”

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