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  1. “Reforming” the Church of Sweden

    by Bruce Bawer
    November 24, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    The Church of Sweden, although no longer a state church, remains an important force in Swedish society. In a time when Sweden’s political, media, and academic establishment are eager to jettison pretty much everything that makes Sweden Swedish, no institution plays a more central role in the preservation of the nation’s cultural heritage than the national church. Yes, ethnic Swedes have become overwhelmingly secular, but, like their cousins elsewhere in Scandinavia, they still look to their national church as a bearer of tradition and a setting within which they wish to baptize and confirm their children and hold their weddings and funerals.

    Yet, even as the other key players in Swedish society have adapted to the rise of Islam within the country’s borders, so has the Church of Sweden. The church’s primate – its equivalent of the Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury – is a 62-year-old woman named Antje Jackelén, who holds the title of Archbishop of Uppsala. Popes and archbishops traditionally have official mottoes. Pope Francis’s motto is “Miserando atque eligendo” (“mercy and choice”). It was his motto as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and he chose to retain it upon his elevation to the papacy. If you look at Jackelén’s Wikipedia page, you will see that her motto is “God is greater.” In Swedish, it is “Gud är större.” In Arabic, it is “Allahu akbar,” the words that muezzins in mosques around the world shout from the tops of their minarets. These are also, of course, the last words that are heard by many people around the world before they are blown to bits by suicide bombers or run over by jihadists at the wheels of trucks. Some might argue, to be sure, that the Muslim deity is different from the God of Christianity, but Jackelén is not one of them: she has said explicitly that the two deities are one and the same.

  2. Qaradawi’s Union Swaps Religious Views with Politics (aawsat, Nov 24, 2017)

    “Political Islamic groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, have long attempted attaining general control over the religion.

    Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s International Union of Muslim Scholars is one of the many other shots at taking over Muslims and directing them towards a narrow political agenda…”

  3. ‘Wiping out’ extremist ideology is my mission, says MWL chief (saudigazette, Nov 24, 2017)

    “THE head of Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL) has said that his focus now was aimed at annihilating extremist ideology.

    Former Saudi justice minister Mohammed Al-Issa, appointed secretary general of the MWL just over a year ago, told Reuters during a European tour that his organization would no longer sit by and let Islam be taken hostage by extremists…”

  4. Iraq to resume paying war reparations to Kuwait (ahram, Nov 24, 2017)

    “Iraq is to resume paying war reparations to Kuwait at the start of 2018, in UN-endorsed compensation for Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of the emirate, the president’s office announced Friday.

    It said the two countries had agreed during a visit to Kuwait City by President Fuad Masum on Monday for Iraq “to resume payment of the five-percent tax on oil sales and to try to settle border disputes”.

    Iraq in October 2014 suspended payment of the tax imposed on its oil exports as war reparations by the UN Security Council at the height of an offensive by the Islamic State (IS) militant group that has now been rolled back.

    The outstanding amount of $4.6 billion from a total reparations bill of $52.4 billion is to be paid by the end of 2021, the president’s office said.

    A US-led international coalition evicted Iraqi troops from Kuwait in February 1991 after a seven-month occupation.”

  5. EU to give 39 mln more to Italy for migration issues (ansamed, Nov 24, 2017)

    “The European Commission has allocated 40 million more euros to support Italy in managing migration flows from the central Mediterranean route. The EU government stressed that the decision was part of an action plan drawn up by the European Commission to help the country.

    The funds will go towards 11 projects to improve services for migrants and asylum seekers, from medical treatment to cultural mediation as well as surveillance at sea and rescue operations…”

  6. Casablanca: Clashes Between Sub-Saharan Migrants and Moroccans (moroccoworldnews, Nov 24, 2017)

    “Violent clashes between Sub-Saharan migrants and a group of Moroccans broke out on Friday night near Ouled Ziane bus station in Casablanca, according to many media reports.

    A number of videos posted on YouTube and Facebook show scenes of the clashes, which have required the intervention of the Moroccan police.

    The cause of these clashes are still unclear. There are two conflicting versions of the causes of the incident…”

  7. Algerian man dies after Denmark deportation flight struggle (thelocal, Nov 24, 2017)

    “Denmark’s Independent Police Complaints Authority is to investigate an incident in which an Algerian citizen lost consciousness during a struggle with police on board an aircraft set to deport him from the country. The man died in hospital two days later.

    The man was escorted to Copenhagen Airport by police on Monday as part of a scheduled forced deportation.

    He lost consciousness on board the aircraft and was then taken to hospital, but died on Wednesday, the Independent Police Complaints Authority (Den Uafhængige Politiklagemyndighed, DUP) confirmed to news agency Ritzau.

    A witness who was on board the aircraft told tabloid newspaper Ekstra Bladet that the incident seemed “violent”…”

  8. Man Raped A Teenage Girl. Now He Might Be Moved To A Female Prison.
    Changed his name to “Davina” and demands to be moved to a women’s prison — and just might get his way.

    In 2004, David Ayrton, then 25, pinned down a 15-year-old girl and raped her. David has since claimed to be a transgender “woman” and changed his name to “Davina.” He still has his male genitalia intact but is demanding he be placed in a women’s prison due to his new self-identity. And he just might get his way.

    Davina could get the switch to an all-female prison if government officials in the U.K. give the go-ahead. “Convicts currently need a gender recognition certificate approved by an expert panel and a doctor if they wish to move,” reports The Sun, referencing a new gender law. “They can be blocked if they are thought to have changed gender to make sexual offending easier.”

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