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  1. Six held over ISIS plot to launch terror attacks on Christmas markets (express, Nov 21, 2017)

    “ANTI-TERROR police have swooped on six alleged ISIS plotters amid fears they were planning attacks on a Christmas market in Germany.

    The Syrian men were arrested during raids involving 500 officers in the towns of Kassel, Hannover, Essen and Leipzig.

    According to local reports, the dawn raids were carried out at eight separate addresses after police received a tip-off from fellow refugees.

    Mobile phones, laptops, SIM cards and other items were seized from the apartments.

    It was not reported that explosive materials were found.

    There are also reports the men had entered Germany with fake id after fighting for ISIS in Syria.

    They are being held on suspicion of planning a co-ordinated attack on a Christmas market in the north western Germany using weapons and explosives.

    The six suspects were identified as Syrian citizens aged between 20 and 28 who arrived in Germany as asylum-seekers between December 2014 and September 2015…”

  2. Should The FBI Be Abolished?

    Abuses from the likes of Comey and Mueller are just the tip of the iceberg. We need to be reminded why the founders opposed having any sort of national police force.

    For the last few years, the media has been dominated by a number of sensational stories: that Trump colluded with Russia to influence the presidential election; that the Trump team was wiretapped by Obama intelligence officials; that Hillary used a private email server to transmit classified information; that Hillary and the DNC colluded with Russian sources to compile a dossier on Trump, and finally, that Russia acquired 20% of America’s uranium supply during the same time period $145 million miraculously appeared in the Clinton Foundation’s bank account. It all stinks to high heaven but it’s created a confusing array of facts that has bewildered most Americans. They all know something is seriously wrong with their country even if they can’t pinpoint exactly what the problem is.

    But there is a common denominator in all these scandals or alleged scandals, and that would be the FBI and the actions they took or didn’t take. Indeed, it’s hard to not conclude that the agency’s actions in these events were improper if not illegal. If so, this validates the warnings by constitutionalists in the early 1900s that a federal police force would someday be used to prop up the ruling elites and attack those who dare challenge the establishment.

  3. Amazon Web Services Announces Secret Cloud Region For CIA

    Amazon Web Services unveiled a cloud computing region for the CIA and other intelligence community agencies developed specifically to host secret classified data.

    The AWS Secret Region will allow the 17 intelligence agencies to host, analyze and run applications on government data classified at the secret level through the company’s $600 million C2S contract, brokered several years ago with the CIA. AWS already provides a region for the intelligence community’s top secret data.

    “Today we mark an important milestone as we launch the AWS Secret Region,” said Teresa Carlson, vice president of AWS Worldwide Public Sector. “AWS now provides the U.S. intelligence community a commercial cloud capability across all classification levels: unclassified, sensitive, secret and top secret. “The U.S. intelligence community can now execute their missions with a common set of tools, a constant flow of the latest technology and the flexibility to rapidly scale with the mission.”

    • Sounds like a TERRIBLE idea!
      Outsourcing the CIA – in one convenient location, a private sector contractor and his minions.
      Can’t we do this one thing in-house?
      But my “OT” is now sorta “On Topic”-

      ~ Little Snitch is now on the job! ~
      At least I think so. There’s a green light on my menu-bar.
      I expect sirens to shriek when the Cloud comes to hijack my data. Give me the option to shutdown wifi.

      • If you unchecked the option to allow iCloud to access your machine, it simply cannot happen. I unchecked both the iCloud, and the Apple synch option which I showed you in the photo which is part of the setup.

        If you take time with it and click through all the options, do this over a week or its frustrating, you can have pretty amazing control. Just remember that if something isn’t working, its because you may have blocked it. Just allow that thing and it should be fine.

        I also have micro snitch that tells you if your camera or mic has been activated. I may even take the bandaid off the camera lens now.

  4. Turkish court convicts opposition editor over tweet (abcnews, Nov 21, 2017)

    “Opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet says a court has convicted its online editor Oguz Guven on charges of engaging in “terrorist propaganda” and sentenced him to three years and one month in prison.

    Guven, who bears legal responsibility for the newspaper’s Twitter account, was charged over a tweet reporting the death in a traffic accident of a prosecutor who filed the first indictment against the network of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen. The tweet, which was quickly deleted, described the prosecutor as having been “mowed down.”

    The court in Istanbul ruled Tuesday that the tweet constituted propaganda on behalf of Gulen’s movement, which Turkey blames for last year’s failed coup. Gulen denies involvement.

    Guven is expected to appeal the verdict. Several other Cumhuriyet employees are on trial separately for allegedly “sponsoring” terror groups.”

  5. Lebanon army chief asks troops for readiness at Israel border

    BEIRUT – Lebanon’s army chief urged “full readiness” at the southern border to face the “threats of the Israeli enemy and its violations,” the army said in a tweet on Tuesday.

    Army Commander General Joseph Aoun called on soldiers to be ever vigilant for the “good implementation” of the UN resolution 1701 to “preserve stability” at the border with Israel.

  6. Iran’s president calls Arab League ‘worn-out’ body (abcnews,Nov 21, 2017)

    “Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has criticized the Arab League for supporting Saudi Arabia and its role in the war in Yemen.

    Rouhani on Tuesday said it’s unfortunate the organization expressed regret that the Yemeni rebels known as Houthis launched a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia earlier this month in response to “so much bombing” by the Saudi-led coalition.

    He also called the regional organization of Arab countries “old, worn-out, exhausted and ineffective.”

    State TV broadcast the remarks.

    Arab League foreign ministers meeting in Cairo on Sunday accused Iran and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah of destabilizing the region.

    Tensions spiked between Saudi Arabia and Iran after the Houthis fired the missile that was intercepted outside Riyadh.”

  7. Sexual abuse is pervasive in Islamic schools in Pakistan (abcnews, Nov 21, 2017)

    “Sexual abuse is a pervasive and longstanding problem at madrassas in Pakistan, an AP investigation has found, from the sunbaked mud villages deep in its rural areas to the heart of its teeming cities. But in a culture where clerics are powerful and sexual abuse is a taboo subject, it is seldom discussed or even acknowledged in public.

    It is even more seldom prosecuted. Police are often paid off not to pursue justice against clerics, victims’ families say. And cases rarely make it past the courts, because Pakistan’s legal system allows the victim’s family to “forgive” the offender and accept what is often referred to as “blood money.”

    The AP found hundreds of cases of sexual abuse by clerics reported in the past decade, and officials suspect there are many more within a far-reaching system that teaches at least 2 million children in Pakistan. The investigation was based on police documents and dozens of interviews with victims, relatives, former and current ministers, aid groups and religious officials.

    The fear of clerics and the militant religious organizations that sometimes support them came through clearly. One senior official in a ministry tasked with registering these cases says many madrassas are “infested” with sexual abuse. The official asks to remain anonymous for fear of retribution; he has been a target of suicide attacks because of his hard position against militant groups…”

  8. 3 militants, Indian commando killed in fighting in Kashmir (abcnews, Nov 21, 2017)

    “In a surge in fighting between government forces and rebels seeking an end of Indian rule over Kashmir, at least three suspected rebels and an army commando were killed Tuesday in two separate gunbattles in the disputed region, police said.

    Fighting erupted in the northwestern area of Handwara after Indian troops launched a counterinsurgency operation and killed three militants there, said Muneer Ahmed Khan, a senior police officer.

    In another operation in the neighboring Kupwara area, a special forces soldier was killed in a continuing gunbattle, police said.

    Khan said government forces were battling a few militants trapped in the area…”

  9. Police Lockdown To End, ACLU Questions Constitutionality
    After days of restrictions around Harlem Park, Baltimore Police said the crime scene where an officer was fatally shot will be released.

    BALTIMORE, MD — Blocks surrounding the area where a Baltimore homicide detective was fatally shot have been cordoned off with crime scene tape for four days. Fliers advertising the $215,000 reward for information in the death of Detective Sean Suiter waved from windshields along streets nearby Sunday afternoon.

    Suiter was shot in the head Wednesday while investigating a 2016 homicide with his partner in west Baltimore. He saw a man “engaged in suspicious behaviors” on Bennett Place and went to approach him when there was a confrontation and Suiter was shot in the head, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

    • Neighborhood lockdown after officer’s shooting is troubling, civil liberties lawyers say

      Residents report being patted down and harassed. Baltimore Police now say they will “clear the crime scene” tomorrow

      In the West Baltimore neighborhood where detective Sean Suiter was shot and killed four days ago, police cars were everywhere today.

      Officers in tactical gear were banging on doors and residents were prohibited from entering their neighborhood without showing identification.

      “They’ve been to my house three times asking, ‘Did you hear anything? Do you know anything,’” said Edward Stanley, showing a yellow slip of paper that he is required to present to police in order to get into his partner’s Franklin Street rowhouse.

      “The other murders – like that little girl killed two months ago right up the block – you didn’t see anything like this,” Stanley fumed.

      “That tells me they care more about them than us,” said the 54-year-old, referring to the police, as he walked his Shih Tzu, Yip.

  10. New Swedish Children’s Book Promotes Transgenderism to Preschoolers, Features Trans Species Horse-Dog (breitbart, Nov 21, 2017)

    “A book promoting transsexuality to toddlers and preschoolers, about a transgender man and his horse who claims to be a dog, has been published in Sweden.

    The stars of Hästen & Husse are a man and a horse that lives with him. The man is depicted as a transgender who wears women’s clothing and lipstick when he returns home from work, while the horse is “trans-species” and believes that he is a dog.

    Author and university lecturer Susanne Pelger says that she hopes the book will allow toddlers and preschoolers to “be who they want”, SVT reports.

    Pelger, who has a PhD in genetics and biology, says she was inspired to write the 32-page picture book after meeting several students at Lund University who had gone through gender transition…”

  11. Six in Ten Muslim Marriages in Britain Not Legally Binding, Women Forced into Polygamous Relationships (breitbart, Nov 21, 2017)

    “An investigation suggests almost two-thirds of Muslim wives in Britain were married in Nikah ceremonies which are not legally binding, leaving them unprotected by family courts.

    The survey of 923 women, conducted by 20 Muslim female community researchers for public broadcaster Channel 4, also found that over a tenth of Muslim wives are in polygamous relationships, with 37 per cent of them admitting they were forced into their arrangements unwillingly…”

  12. Muslim Street Prayers Forced Off Paris Boulevard After Angry Clashes (breitbart, Nov 21, 2017)

    “French authorities have banned mass Muslim prayers from a Paris street after clashes between worshippers and protesters angry their public square had turned into an open air mosque.

    French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb confirmed the move and said local police authorities have the power to forcibly act this Friday.

    “They will not have prayers on the street, we will prevent street praying,” Collomb told Franceinfo. “We will make sure we resolve this conflict in the next few weeks.”

    Illegal street prayers have been a Friday feature in the suburb of Clichy-la-Garenne for the last nine months as Muslims protested the closure of a local mosque that had operated in a government-owned building…”

  13. Truck Bomb Explosion Leaves 20 Dead, 40 Wounded in Northern Iraq – Police (sputniknews, Nov 21, 2017)

    “A vehicle rigged with explosives detonated in the vicinity of a crowded market in Iraq’s town of Tuz Khurmatu, leaving dozens of people dead and wounded, the police stated as cited by Reuters.

    At least 20 people were killed and 40 wounded when a truck exploded in an Iraqi town south of oil city Kirkuk, accoring to police and medical sources, citing by Reuters on Tuesday.

    Moreover, an interior ministry spokesman confirmed the fact of a “violent explosion”, but did not immediately provide casualty figures.”

  14. “A group of German business leaders and politicians has called for the European Union to persuade Britain to reverse Brexit by offering a comprehensive deal on immigration and free movement.

    Under the slogan “Exit from Brexit: a new deal for Britain and the EU”, the group of seven influential figures warned that Germany must do more to prevent losing “its most valuable partner within the EU”.

    “Basically, we want the EU to offer the deal David Cameron was looking for before the referendum,” Hans-Olaf Henkel, a senior German MEP and one of the leaders of the initiative said.

    “We want to offer Britain the right to stop people who have no jobs entering the country and entering its social welfare system.”

    The Identists say they will stop screwing you if you only submit.

    Sounds familiar.

  15. Spy agencies will monitor 20,000 terror suspects by computer because they don’t have the manpower to track all of them at once (dailymail, Nov 21, 2017)

    “Spy agencies are to use computer algorithms to keep tabs on 20,000 former terror suspects because they don’t have the manpower to physically watch all of them at once.

    MI5 and MI6 will use the complex system to sift through massive amounts of data to alert intelligence agents to worrying behaviour, under potential plans.

    A review is expected to recommend security agencies widen their searches when examining the online footprint and movement of these former jihadis.

    Britain’s counter-terrorism officials currently actively monitor around 3,000 people.
    But following a wave of terror attacks in the UK, the Government admitted there were as many as 20,000 former subjects of interest no longer classed as posing serious danger.
    Those in this pool currently have little or no resources spent on them.

    It is understood Khalid Masood, who killed five people in a terror attack in Westminster in March had previously come to the attention of counter-terrorism officers.

    Salman Abedi, who bombed Manchester Arena, killing 22 people including young children, in May, and Khuram Butt, who attacked London Bridge in June, were both known to security agencies as well.

    And the two terrorists who murdered Lee Rigby in 2013 were also in the pool of former ‘subjects of interest’. But none of them was under active investigation because it was believed they did not pose an immediate risk.

    There are currently several internal reviews into the way MI5 and police handled the four terrorist attacks which occurred in the UK between March and June this year.

    The fourth attack saw a van driver crash into pedestrians in London’s Finsbury Park. One man died at the scene.

    David Anderson QC has been tasked with providing independent assurance of the internal reviews and is due to publish a report with findings and recommendations in a couple of weeks.
    The official reviews are expected to clear MI5 and the police of making serious mistakes that allowed terrorists to strike Britain.

    It is understood they will find information was received by MI5 about Abedi, which could have been given a higher priority – but that such a conclusion is reached with the benefit of hindsight.

    According to The Guardian, nothing in the reviews demonstrate that clear chances were missed to stop any of the attacks that killed 36 people.

    Last night Whitehall sources denied suggestions the report would be a whitewash and stressed that is why there was independent oversight.

    One source close to the reports said: ‘Any suggestion security agencies are marking their own homework would be false.’

    It is also understood Mr Anderson’s findings will suggest spy agencies expand the bulk collection of personal data to the list of 20,000 former terror suspects.

    Sources said the findings would also set out the speed at which technology is changing and how MI5, MI6 and GCHQ must keep a pace with evolving threats. Intelligence officers are looking at ways they can spot signs that tens of thousands of citizens once high on their radar may be re-engaging with terrorism.

    This will include using computers to collate mass amounts of information on a person, such as contact with other extremists on the internet.

    One example could be using a hi-tech system to spot former suspects chatting in extremist groups online, or using information gathered from Oyster cards to spot a pattern and examine their whereabouts.

    Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee is expected to decide today whether to carry out its own review of the Government’s handling of the terror attacks.”

  16. Russia: Putin receives painting from Syrian counterpart Assad

    Russian President Vladimir Putin was presented a painting from his Syrian counterpart President Bashar al-Assad, in Sochi on Monday.

    The presentation of the gift comes after Putin hosted Assad in Sochi on Monday evening. During the four-hour talks, the two leaders discussed the political process to peace in Syria.

    Tomorrow, Sochi will also host a meeting between Russian, Iranian and Turkish presidents on the Syrian crisis settlement.

    The eighth round of the UN-supported intra-Syrian talks will be held in Geneva on November 28th.

    • Russia: Putin hosts Syrian counterpart Assad in Sochi

      Russian President Vladimir Putin met his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad in Sochi, Monday evening.

      The Russian leader congratulated Assad on the successful fight against terrorism. According to him, Syrian people are going through very difficult times and are approaching the defeat of militants.

      According to the Syrian president, in two years the successes achieved have been evident and many residents of the country were able to return to their homes. He noted that thanks to Russia, Syria was saved as a state.

    • Russia: Putin and Assad discuss political settlement in Syria

      “We will not forget this”, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whilst being introduced by Russian President to the Russian Ministry of Defence representatives in Sochi, Monday evening.

    • Russia: Conditions created for return of refugees to Syria – MoD’s Gerasimov

      The Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, Valeri Gerasimov, said conditions have been created for the return of refugees to Syria, at a trilateral meeting with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts in Sochi on Tuesday.

      “The main thing is that the sovereignty, the territorial integrity of the country are preserved, civil war is stopped, conditions are created for the restoration of peaceful life and refugees’ return,” said Gerasimov.

    • Russia: ‘Over 98%’ of Syria under govt. control – Putin tells Czech president

      Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Czech counterpart Milos Zeman that “over 98% of the territory [of Syria] is under the control of Syrian government troops,” during a meeting in Sochi on Tuesday.

      Zeman congratulated Russia for its role in the outcome in Syria, saying: “you have won in Syria, because he [Assad] owns almost the entire Syrian territory expect some small parts.”

      The Russian president confirmed the success of the joint military operation and noted that “there are still hotbeds of terrorists, but they are quickly melting under the strikes of our military aerospace forces and the Syrian army, the allies.”

    • ‘Google censorship of RT takes attention away from Middle East & Syria’ – analyst

      The Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has vowed to de-rank RT and the news agency Sputnik, in order to make it harder for them to reach wider audiences.

      RT spoke to Piers Robinson, chair in politics, society and political journalism at the University of Sheffield, to shed light on the matter.

    • ‘Russia made enemy by US media & democrats’ – analyst on Google ‘de-ranking’ of RT

      The Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has vowed to de-rank RT and the news agency Sputnik, in order to make it harder for the outlets to reach wider audiences.

      His comments came at a security forum in Canada, when asked about RT’s use of Google’s AdSense service.

  17. BBC – New York terror suspect’s mother: My son is not a terrorist –

    The mother of the man accused of killing eight people in a terror attack in New York has said she believes her son is innocent.

    The BBC’s Will Vernon tracked her down in Uzbekistan, the country that was home to terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov until 2010 when he moved to the US.

    It’s the first time the BBC has been allowed to report from the country in over a decade.

    • Sayfullo Saipov, NYC terror suspect, indicted on murder, terror charges

      Sayfullo Saipov, the man accused of driving a truck through a bike lane in downtown New York City on Halloween, was indicted in federal court Tuesday.

      Saipov, 29, was indicted in Manhattan on 22 counts, ranging from terrorism to both murder and attempted murder in aid of racketeering in connection to the Oct. 31 terror attack, which left eight people dead and 12 wounded.

      The indictment includes charges that Saipov provided material support to the Islamic State, and also includes a number of offenses that could carry the death penalty upon conviction.

      “Sayfullo Saipov murdered eight innocent people and injured many more in a calculated act of terrorism in the heart of one of our great cities,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday.

      Saipov reportedly rented a truck near his home in Paterson, N.J. and drove it to New York with the intent to kill as many people as he could.

      Saipov was shot by a police officer after he carried out his attack just blocks from the World Trade Center.

      In his hospital room, Saipov allegedly requested that an ISIS flag be hung. He also apparently said he was “proud” of what he did and bragged about the eight people he killed.

      Saipov is being held without bail and has remained in federal custody since his arrest.
      Department of Justice
      U.S. Attorney’s Office
      Southern District of New York

      Sayfullo Saipov Indicted On Terrorism And Murder In Aid Of Racketeering Charges In Connection With Lower Manhattan Truck Attack

      on this page :


      Accused NYC terrorist faces 20 new charges, including murder

      Manhattan federal prosecutors have supercharged their efforts to ?ultimately ?put alleged West Side terrorist Sayfullo Saipov to death with an indictment handed up Tuesday that charges him with an additional 20 counts, including murder and attempted murder.

      Under the grand jury indictment, Saipov, 29, now faces ?eight counts of murder in aid of racketeering — all of which carry the potential for life in prison or death — as well as one count of violence and destruction of motor vehicle, which also comes with a potential death sentence.

      In total, he faces 22 counts — up from the two counts he was charged with initially.

      Previously, only one of the two counts he faced — for violence and destruction of motor vehicle — carried the potential for death or life in prison.

      The Patterson, NJ, resident was arrested on Halloween after he allegedly killed eight people and inured a dozen by speeding over a popular bike-only path in lower Manhattan in a rental truck.

      The Uzbeki national, who was taken into custody after he was shot by NYPD, was so shameless about his loyalty to ISIS in the aftermath of the attack that he asked if he could fly the terror group’s flag inside his Bellevue Hospital room, the feds have said.

      “As alleged in this indictment, Sayfullo Saipov murdered eight innocent people and injured many more in a calculated act of terrorism in the heart of one of our great cities,” US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said of Tuesday’s indictment.

      “Like New York City’s response to his alleged attack, we expect that justice in this case will be swift, firm, and resolute,” Acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon Kim vowed.

  18. <strong<Germany: Students at Leipzig Uni rally against professor accused of ‘racist tweets’

    Students at Leipzig University demonstrated against a law professor accused of publishing racist posts on Twitter, Tuesday, and called for his dismissal from the institution.

    Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the university campus, holding public speeches and putting on buildings walls banners reading “#Rauscher, just leave” and “[There’s] no place for racism in our campus.”

    • Leipzig University considers firing law professor over call for ‘white Europe’

      One of Germany’s most venerable universities is considering the future of a law professor who tweeted solidarity with Polish white nationalists. While the university says it objects to xenophobia, the professor called the accusation of racism ‘ridiculous.’

      A tweet by Leipzig University professor Thomas Rauscher sent out on Monday is what triggered the recent controversy. The professor had retweeted a news article about the neo-Nazi march in Poland over the weekend, stating: “A white Europe of fraternal nations. For me, that is a wonderful goal!”

      The following day, he took to Twitter again: “We don’t owe the Arabs and Africans anything. They have destroyed their continent through corruption, shenanigans, uninhibited multiplication and tribal and religious wars and are now taking away what we have built with diligence.”

      The minister of science and art in Saxony, Eva-Maria Stange, immediately reacted on social media by tweeting: “Saxony’s universities are cosmopolitan and international. I strongly criticize Rauscher’s xenophobic opinions.”

      Leipzig University also reacted to Rauscher’s tweets. On Wednesday, the institution explicitly condemned the professor’s statements.

      “We stand for cosmopolitanism and tolerance and oppose intolerant and xenophobic ideas. We have made this clear time and again in recent years through statements and university activities and will continue to do so in the future,” the institution said.

      “We will now begin investigations and examine the employment law measures against Professor Rauscher,” Leipzig University added. So far there have not been any consequences for the faculty member.

      Others think the institution and the science minister’s reactions don’t allow one to freely express one’s opinion. Maximilian Krah, a Dresden-based lawyer, stated that it was time for a “government change in Saxony” in one of his tweets, adding: “We will fight for your freedom of speech, Professor Rauscher!”

      The professor’s Twitter account has since been taken off the social media platform.

      But people have been making their opinions known offline as well.

      On Thursday, two students interrupted one of the professor’s lectures and drew attention to his comments, according to Spiegel.

      The students placed themselves at the front of the class and before Rauscher had even arrived, began reading the professor’s tweets out loud. Meanwhile other students in the lecture hall distributed flyers and the tweets in question were projected onto a large screen.

      A video capturing the initiative was then posted onto the Socialist Democratic Student Union in Leipzig’s (SDS) Facebook page.

      This isn’t the first time Rauscher, who has been teaching at Leipzig University since 1993, has stirred controversy for his views.

      In another one of his tweets from last year, he said: “There is no peaceful Islam. The basic concept of this ‘religion’ is warlike proliferation.”

      But the professor finds the accusations of racism against him “absolutely ridiculous.” In an interview with the Huffington Post, he said the accusations were being carried out “to kill certain approaches, discussions and any criticism of current refugee policies.”

      In response to the comments he made in his retweet earlier this week of the neo-Nazi march in Poland, he said it was important to be aware of one’s own culture and history.

      “White Europe – and I would like to say this quite clearly in a positive light, similar to a black Africa or a Thai Thailand – is a wonderful goal,” Rauscher said.

  19. Germany: German, Qatari FMs open ‘Arab Culture House’ in Berlin

    German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Qatari counterpart Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman al-Thani jointly inaugurated the Arab Culture House ‘Der Diwan’ in Berlin, Tuesday.

    Speaking to the press and attendees at the opening ceremony, the Qatari foreign minister said, “We are looking forward, through the Arabic Cultural House, to deepening the fruitful cooperation and the bridge in communication, between the Arabic and German cultures.”

  20. Who Are the Real Fascists in American Politics?

    President Donald J. Trump is routinely referred to as a fascist by the left. Much of that rhetoric originates from within the Democrat Party. We hear little to no outrage by either Democrats or Republicans at the use of this inflammatory language. In fact, the cliched phrase “the silence is deafening” finds a real application in this climate of extreme disparagement. Think of it: Trump’s desire to have extreme vetting of immigrants from certain war-torn Islamic countries is portrayed repeatedly as racist, Islamaphobic, and fascist. These countries are hotbeds of Islamic terrorism. They are countries where members of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, El Shabab, the Houthis, Hamas, Fatah, Hizb’allah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other maniacal Allah-centered groups are now considered moderates simply because they are not-ISIS. Extreme vetting to protect the citizens of the USA is met with extreme disparagement. The disparagers want to defame the very individual who wants to do the job he was elected to do, namely, protect the citizenry from enemies foreign and domestic.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  21. The New Discrimination: Normal Need Not ApplyThe New Discrimination: Normal Need Not Apply

    The California State University-Long Beach (ULB) is currently looking to expand its faculty, and hire a number of tenure-track professors. However, they make it very clear – any professor who specializes in normal, laudable, and non-deviant subjects need not apply!

    The department’s landing page also has a message reading, “As feminist scholars, we understand many of the Trump administration executive orders to be an assault on American values. Efforts to ban travel, deny scientific fact, to remove legal protections, eradicate funding, and attack the First Amendment erode our civil rights in unacceptable ways. We stand with the resistance movements, and are committed to do all that we can to create a more just society for ALL.”

    The new hires will be charged with teaching an “intersectional curriculum” on subjects such as “trans studies” and “social movements.” The Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is also looking to add a professor “with expertise in the fluid and contingent nature of gender and sexuality.”

  22. Recently Released Study Just Set The Gender Equality Movement Back 20 Years!

    To the surprise, for some reason, of Newsweek writer Sydney Pereira women are attracted to men who are masculine. And she views this as a sign that not enough progress has been made in destroying gender roles.

    Also, it’s a sign of white privilege, apparently.

    A study was conducted by Coventry and Aberystwyth universities in the U.K. which took data from a site called TubeCrash, where people post pictures of other people and used that data to make the determination.,%20This%20Could%20Be%20The%20One!

  23. French ‘Free Thinkers’ Who Denounced Christian Cross Now Plead for Islamic Mosque

    In a bizarre turn of events, the group of “free thinkers” that fought to have a cross removed from public property in northwest France is now fighting to save a mosque.

    For years, the National Federation of Free Thought (FNLP) has been leading the legal battle for the removal of a monument to Pope John Paul II situated on public land in the Breton town of Ploërmel. The group proclaimed victory earlier this month when the French administrative court ordered the removal of the stone cross that surmounts the statue, saying it violated the secular nature of the state.

    “Since the cross is a religious sign or emblem within the meaning of Article 28 of the Law of 9 December 1905 and its installation by the municipality does not fall into any of the exceptions provided by this article, its presence in a public location is contrary to this law,” the French court argued.

    Now, however, the FNLP has come out in defense of the Muslim community of Clichy in the Parisian suburbs so they can maintain a mosque in the center of town rather than on a smaller premises outside the city center.

  24. State Dept. Marks ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’
    By Melanie Arter | November 20, 2017 | 5:21 PM EST

    ( – The State Department on Monday commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance, honoring transgenders who died through “acts of violence.”

    “On Transgender Day of Remembrance, the United States honors the memory of the many transgender individuals who have lost their lives to acts of violence,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement.

    “Transgender individuals and their advocates, along with lesbian, gay, bisexual and intersex persons, are facing increasing physical attacks and arbitrary arrests in many parts of the world. Often these attacks are perpetrated by government officials, undermining the rule of law,” Tillerson added.

  25. State Dept. Marks ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’

    ( – The State Department on Monday commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance, honoring transgenders who died through “acts of violence.”

    “On Transgender Day of Remembrance, the United States honors the memory of the many transgender individuals who have lost their lives to acts of violence,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement


  26. State Dept. Marks ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’

    ( – The State Department on Monday commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance, honoring transgenders who died through “acts of violence.”

    “On Transgender Day of Remembrance, the United States honors the memory of the many transgender individuals who have lost their lives to acts of violence,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement.

    “Transgender individuals and their advocates, along with lesbian, gay, bisexual and intersex persons, are facing increasing physical attacks and arbitrary arrests in many parts of the world. Often these attacks are perpetrated by government officials, undermining the rule of law,” Tillerson added

  27. “An Oxford graduate is suing the university for £1m on the grounds that his failure to get a top degree 17 years ago cost him the chance of a lucrative legal career.

    Faiz Siddiqui alleges the “inadequate” teaching he received on the Indian special subject part of his modern history course resulted in him getting only a low upper second degree when he took his finals in June 2000 instead of a first or high 2:1.

    Siddiqui, 39, has blamed the situation on a number of members of staff being absent on sabbatical leave and a failure to find cover. He has also alleged that a tutor failed to submit medical information about him to examiners.

    He claims he would have become an international commercial lawyer if he had gained the top qualification at the end of his time at Brasenose College, and that his clinical depression and insomnia have been significantly exacerbated by his “inexplicable failure”.”

  28. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader loses appeal against life sentence

    CAIRO (Reuters) – The leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, Mohamed Badie, lost his appeal on Wednesday against a life sentence for his role in violent clashes during political turmoil in 2013, judicial sources said.

    The judgment by the court of cassation against the sentence, handed out in 2016, cannot be appealed.

    Badie, 74, was convicted for his role in violence that broke out in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia days after the army, led by then General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, toppled President Mohamed Mursi, a member of the Brotherhood, following mass demonstrations against him.

    Sisi was elected president the following year.

    In the same case, the court on Wednesday also upheld life sentences against seven other people and handed 10-year sentences to 39 and three-year sentences to 19 others.

    They were charged with killing three people and attempting to kill 16 others, thuggery, and vandalizing public property among other offences, related to the clashes in Ismailia in July 2013.

    Authorities outlawed the Brotherhood after Mursi was ousted, and arrested thousands of its supporters. They also dissolved its Freedom and Justice Party, which Mursi led.

    Mass life and death sentences have been common since then in what rights groups call an unprecedented crackdown by the government of Sisi, who promised during campaigning for the presidency to wipe out the Brotherhood.

    Badie has also been sentenced to life in eight other cases, only one of which has been confirmed. Two were canceled, two are pending appeal and three the subject of retrials.

  29. Residents of Swedish ‘No Go Zone’ Suburbs Afraid to Leave Their Homes (breitbart, Nov 21, 2017)

    “Almost half the residents in many troubled no-go zones in Sweden say they are too afraid to leave their homes in the evening and at night due to rampant violence and criminality.

    According to a survey conducted by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), residents of troubled suburbs in heavily migrant populated cities like Malmö are increasingly fearful of being robbed or injured by criminals. Nearly half, 48 per cent, of respondents in the survey who live in Malmö suburbs feel that the area is too dangerous to go out at night, SVT reports…”

  30. US airstrike kills over 100 al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia, Pentagon says (abcnews, Nov 21, 2017)

    “A U.S. airstrike inside Somalia killed “more than 100″ al-Shabaab militants on Tuesday, the U.S. military said.

    The strike occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m. local time 125 miles northwest of the country’s capital of Mogadishu…”

  31. the daily caller – UNSEALED: Fusion GPS Bank Records Show Russia-Related Payments

    A federal court unsealed documents in a lawsuit over Fusion GPS’s bank records on Tuesday, revealing new details of payments made last year to the opposition research firm that commissioned the infamous Trump dossier.

    The documents also shed new light on requests made by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about payments that Fusion GPS made to journalists.

    The records were unsealed in response to a ruling made last week by Richard Leon, a federal judge in the district court in Washington, D.C.

    The bank documents list 112 transactions involving Fusion GPS.

    Most are redacted, save for transactions between two law firms that the oppo firm worked with last year on two Russia-related projects.

    Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the Clinton campaign and DNC, paid Fusion a total of $1,024,408 between May 24, 2016 and Dec. 28, 2016, the records show.

    The largest payment was made just before the election. Perkins Coie made a $365,275 payment to Fusion GPS on Oct. 28, 2016, according to the records.

    A payment made to Fusion in late-December is later than previously thought.

    The transaction list does not show payments that Fusion made to Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote the dossier. The firm reportedly paid Steele a total of $168,000 for his work, which lasted from June 2016 until the election.

    The records show that Fusion was also paid $523,651 by the law firm BakerHostetler between March 7, 2016 and Oct. 31, 2016.

    Fusion worked for BakerHostetler to investigate Bill Browder, a London-based banker who helped push through the Magnitsky Act, a sanctions law vehemently opposed by the Kremlin.

    BakerHostetler represented Prevezon Holdings and its owner, a Russian businessman named Denis Katsyv.

    Katsyv and Prevezon sought to limit the impact of the Magnitsky sanctions.

    Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and Fusion GPS founding partner, compiled the research for the anti-Browder project. He worked closely with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who also showed up at the infamous Trump Tower meeting held on June 9, 2016.

    Simpson’s research ended up in the Trump Tower meeting in the form of a four-page memo carried by Veselnitskaya. She also shared Simpson’s work with Yuri Chaika, the prosecutor general of Russia.

    Simpson told the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week that he did not know that Veselnitskaya provided the Browder information to Chaika or to Donald Trump Jr., the Trump campaign’s point-man in the Trump Tower meeting.

    Simpson testified that he did not know that Veselnitskaya had visited Trump Tower until it was reported in the press earlier this year.

    The unsealed documents also reveal details of the House committee’s requests for records related to Fusion’s payments to journalists.

    The document shows that the committee sought records related to “five Fusion payments to research and Russia expert [name redacted], and production of three additional payments.”

    The committee also seeks records “related to Fusion’s payments to journalists who have reported on Russia issues relevant to its investigation.”

    It is not clear from the requests whether Fusion GPS paid active journalists for their work. The firm is known to employ a stable of former reporters. Simpson and his two founding partners, Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan, worked together at The Wall Street Journal.

    The unsealed filings show that Fusion argued against releasing records related to payments to journalists.

    In a Nov. 3 declaration, Fritsch argued that “transactions between Fusion GPS and certain journalists…are not pertinent to work related to Russia or Donald Trump.”

    And in a Nov. 2 email to the Intel committee’s legal team, Levy argued that “records related to payments to the journalists and ‘individuals’ are protected by the First Amendment and confidentiality, and they are not pertinent.”

  32. ISIS Calls for Assassination of Barron Trump
    Shares child’s personal details

    Pro-ISIS internet channels are calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump’s son, Barron, and have shared personal details of the child’s life on its social media networks, including the address of his school, according to a media monitoring organization.

    ISIS supporters, on a well-known Telegram channel, shared the name and address of Barron Trump’s school and are calling for backers of the terrorist organization to assassinate him, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

    • PERISH the thought!
      I’m not sure it should be reported. The Secret Service usually screens out stuff like that. MSM protected the children of former occupants of the office.
      PT-45 must have his own people on the job, watching the watchers.

  33. Turkey seeks extradition of key coup suspect Adil Öksüz from Germany (hurriyetdailynews, Nov 21, 2017)

    “An Ankara court on Nov. 21 completed a written extradition demand for key coup suspect Adil Öksüz, believed to currently be in Germany, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported.

    The Ankara Fourth High Criminal Court sent an extradition demand for Öksüz, dubbed as “the air force imam” of the Fethullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ), to the justice ministry to be conveyed to Germany, the agency reported.

    “Imam” is a term used by Gülenists to mark local leadership.

    In addition, the Ankara court also prepared a separate extradition demand for Fatih Ar?k, another defendant who had been tried over the coup attempt case and had escaped to Greece by a military helicopter following the attempted takeover.

    Öksüz was detained on the morning of July 16, 2016 near Ak?nc? Air Base, used as a headquarters by coup-plotters during the attempt, only to be released by Judge Çetin Sönmez on July 18, 2016, after which he went on the run.

    Earlier media reports had suggested he had been spotted in Frankfurt and Ulm and was given a temporary residence permit by Germany’s Baden-Wurttemberg state.

    Ankara had previously sent a diplomatic note to Berlin in August requesting Öksüz’s extradition.”

  34. Five terrorists killed in security operations in Sinai: Egyptian army (ahram, Nov 21, 2017)

    “Egypt’s military spokesman Tamer El-Refaie said in two official statements on Tuesday that the army has killed five terrorists during security operations in Sinai.

    El-Refaie said that the second field army killed four terrorists in North Sinai and destroyed a number of hideouts used to store improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

    Security forces also seized a truck carrying 25,000 rounds of ammunition and materials used to make IEDs.

    In the second statement, El-Refaie said that the third field army killed one terrorist and arrested three others in Central Sinai.

    The army also destroyed two off-road vehicles and three motorcycles used by the terrorists.”

  35. Dr. Kedar’s articles are translated, phrasing sometimes awkward. Worth reading nonetheless, peerless perspective:

    Keeping our cool with Saudi Arabia

    Revelry and rivers of enthusiasm washed over Israeli media over the past week: “Saudi newspaper interviews Israeli chief of staff!” “Peace with Saudi Arabia has begun!” “The days of the messiah are upon us!” That was the general spirit of the responses to the interview Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot gave to the Arabic news website Elaph last Thursday.

    This site is, in fact, not at all a Saudi newspaper, as claimed in the various reports, and is run from London by two people, one born in Saudi Arabia and the other in Iraq….Incidentally, I combed the Saudi news outlets for any mention of the interview, but I did not find one.
    It seems that Israelis – both senior officials and professional interviewees – have forgotten the first rule of the Middle East bazaar culture… “Never show excitement, because then the price will climb to a level you won’t be able to afford.” The Saudis need us because of the Iranians. They would be willing to get into bed with the devil himself if he would protect them from the Persians.

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