Mostly, the Clintons. But some leftism and islam: Links 1, Nov. 7, 2017

1. Read this article on German war games and the scenarios they game out, right to the end. This is proof that Germany is full on globalist and commie.

Other scenarios envisaged European countries embracing “state capitalism” and a halt to globalization. 


A spokesman for the German Defence Ministry said the study, called Strategic Perspective 2040, made “robust predictions” but did not attach probabilities to them. 

2. Just to show how much more power men have in society than women, here is a story that proves it. A man stared at a woman through a shop window in Glasgow and was sentenced to SEVENTY DAYS IN JAIL, custodial sentence. 

3. “The Clintons are a decades long crime family

4. Comey deletes his use of the crime, “gross negligence” and replaces it with extremely careless, not a legal term.

5, The fix was in.

5. Spain busts more jihad recruiters

6. CNN now attacking Donna Brazile

Thank you Buck, M., Richard, Egri Nok, Wrath of Khan, Charles, and all who sent in materials.



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9 Replies to “Mostly, the Clintons. But some leftism and islam: Links 1, Nov. 7, 2017”

  1. 2- Arrested for the crime of loneliness. Next it will be three months for introversion.

    You did not come
    And marching time drew on and wore me numb
    And not for loss of your dear presence there
    Than that I thus felt
    Lacking in your make
    Reluctance for pure lovingkindness’ sake
    Grieved i, for, when the hope-hour stroked it’s sum
    You did not come.

    You love not me
    And love alone can lend you loyalty
    I know, and knew it
    But unto the store of human deeds divine in all but name
    Was it not worth
    –A little hour or more to add yet then:
    Once you a woman came to sooth a time-torn man
    Even though it be
    You love not me?

  2. 1– I had no shoes and complained…
    Until I met a man who had no state-embraced capitalism.

    Merkel truly is a commie plant.

    • You are right she is a committed commie who wants to finsih creating the EUSSR by force if necessary. She is out to destroy individual rights and all freedom she doen’t agree with.

  3. Re Jailed for staring:…It would appear that ‘staring’ is now a criminal phenomenom in Glasgow. How long before ‘listening’ is included in the list of heinous crimes?

    ..”Man in court for staring at Nicola Sturgeon”………”Man jailed for creepily staring at Glasgow pharmacy assistant through window”…..…/15622122.Man_jailed_for…/………………..

    • The man arrested and sentenced is identified as Yexley.

      Makes me wonder if his identity has anything to do with the sentencing. Why? Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson can address the undue legal harrassment he receives.

  4. There are a lot of people who are saying that Donna Brazile’s tell all book was written to destroy the Clinton’s hold on the Democrats. This may be the main reason for the book but the publicity gives her a small amount of protection from the Clinton hitmen. Will it be enough to protect her?

    I was happy to hear Sara Carter say that there is an investigation into Uranium One, now if it will nail a bunch of the traitors.

  5. 1. I hope the German Army factored in, that when they fight Russia using Diversity, over 50% of infantry may be women and white cis-gender males need not to apply.

    The German Democratic Republic. The East Germans with non-jobs filled up the non-jobs.

    • I was thinking the same. Quite the deadly fighting force…fruits and vegetables for infantry…attack from the rear…the V4 better not drop the soap.

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