Islam as it is, and as one imam warns us it is, and some insight into ANTIFA: Links 1, Oct. 29, 2017

1. “There can be no peace with the Jews”. Another Islamic leader spouting classical islamic doctrine.

(Notice the skid mark on the forehead. You rarely get those on peacemakers.)

2. Ex-Antida organizer speaks on a number of related subjects and very well in general. I would take issue with minor points but overall its worth listening to, and a good template through which to view ANTIFA violent attacks on liberals while claiming to be an “anti-hate” group.

3. Al-Nusra Terrorists Reportedly Hide Chemical Weapons in Idlib Governorate

Syrian news agency SANA has reported that terrorists of the rebranded al-Nusra Front have chemical weapons, which they are hiding in the Syrian province of Idlib.

The agency cited its local sources as saying that the toxic materials are kept in numerous depots in a number of villages and towns, specifically in Ghazleh and Ma’arat Misrin, nine kilometers north from the city of Idlib.

The sources alleged that some of the toxic substances have been made locally, while other chemical weapons were manufactured abroad, specifically in the US.

The informants also pointed out that the terrorist groups operating in Ma’arat Misrin are able to manufacture missiles capable of delivering the toxic chemicals up to 15 km.

4. Establishment of an Islamic state and implementation of Islamic law in Europe were dangerous!

This guy makes some solid and reasonable arguments. he is really rather good. Which means probably Lloyds of London wouldn’t insure him for twice the payout. Listen to him. Its not what you expect. Its sort of like Robert Spencer speaking Spanish with an odd accent.

That is all for this post.

The Imam asking for no sharia and the ex-Antifa fellow is worth the price of admission.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan,Xanthippa, and all who sent in materials and apologies to everyone I lost track of who sent in such great stuff.

The good news is, more Euro-videos to come shortly. An Italian one is being worked on that looks fascinating.

As always please to read the Reader’s Links post for the latest on the Koreas, and the stunning and constant revelations about Russia and the US former admin. To quote Mark Steyn, “It seems everyone was colluding with the Russians EXCEPT Donald Trump.”



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3 Replies to “Islam as it is, and as one imam warns us it is, and some insight into ANTIFA: Links 1, Oct. 29, 2017”

  1. I don’t think even Obama could have covered up the production of chemical weapons, we destroyed all or our chemical weapons in the 80s and I think the facilities that were used to produce them.

  2. Notice the skid mark on the forehead.

    While technically known as a zabeeba (i.e., “raisin”), I prefer the less ambiguous term, “aim point”.

    From: The third eye of Islam

    Dermatologist Sameh Attia agreed with this summation of the situation: 5 doses a day of religious inculcation + years of Islamic prostration = epidermal accumulation. As a medical specialist, however, he preferred to call it by its clinical name, hyperkeratosis.

    The process of hyperkeratosis or calvus (as it’s also known) is accelerated through the exposure to secondary fungal and bacterial infections found where calluses normally preside – on bare feet.

    Other sources have directly attributed this growth to exposure to athlete’s foot fungus. Please recall that all attendees during prayer must go barefoot inside the mosque—and I can assure you that they don’t hand out Desenex at the foot-washing stations.

    What does it say when a much-respected mark of devotion to a particular creed is a fungal facial excrescence? It’s this sort of ridiculous shite that makes Islam such a laughingstock (and rightfully so). Even the somewhat bizarre notion of Christian stigmata takes on a relatively noble aspect when compared to this sort of frothing Muslim idiocy. The zabeeba—Islam’s ne plus ultra of virtue signaling. Don’t even get me started about Ashura (insert vomiting emoticon >here<).

    To close on a more hopeful note, wouldn't it be ever so jolly if "martyred" (yes, those are sneer quotes) jihadis were rewarded with 72 of these “raisins” all over their bodies? Even better is if they were assigned as boy-toys for gang “festivities” involving 72 rigidly (and I do mean “rigid”) devout, zabeeba-sporting fans of bacha bazi?

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