Spain gets ready to Balkanize, Orban ratchets up the torque on Soros, and more: Links 1, Oct. 27, 17

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I have dropped several sites over the years because they got easy stuff wrong, and then wouldn’t publish a correction.

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1. Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain, Direct Madrid Rule Looms.

BARCELONA/MADRID (Reuters) – Catalonia’s parliament declared independence from Spain on Friday in defiance of the Madrid government, which at the same time was preparing to impose direct rule over the region.

Although the declaration was in effect a symbolic gesture as it will not be accepted by Spain or the international community, the moves by both sides take Spain’s worst political crisis in four decades to a new level.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy immediately called for calm and said the rule of law would be restored.

Perhaps the people here who have been properly tracking this story can write on it in the comments. I know there is an Islamic angle to it, I have read stories that indicate this region of Spain has made deals with Islamic governments to support independence for which they will be able to fund mosques and exert influence in Catalan. But I know so little about it I cannot verify this whatsoever. I am trying to reach someone who gets this issue.

2. Hungary Orders Spies to Target Soros ‘Empire’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban renewed his assault on George Soros, instructing his intelligence services to map what he described as the networks run by the billionaire financier’s “empire” targeting his country.


Intelligence agencies will help evaluate what he sees as efforts by Soros to get Hungary punished by EU institutions pursuing a “mixed-population” continent, Orban said in an interview with Kossuth Radio on Friday.


Orban, who is the favorite to win next year’s parliamentary elections, said Europe is set to be split between a “migrant-free zone” and those in the west who refuse calls to “haul” undocumented migrants away.

Can’t wait to read those files. Let’s hope he shares with US intel.

3. Series of videos and article about an ANTIFA attack at the University of Toronto when Ezra Levant attempted to speak about matters of the importance of freedom of speech.

One of the videos:

4. Off topic but probably worth being aware of, there appears to be a serious risk of an actual outbreak of The Plague via the airborne version, the highly contagious one.

5. IRS settles with people who where illegally discriminated against.

(Most Canadians I have discussed this with, still do not believe that the IRS did this, and those that do are glad they did. That is the state of people’s understanding of what a democracy or a republic is at this stage in this country.)

Four hundred sixty nine different plaintiffs in two class-action lawsuits over Obama-era IRS harassment settled with the Department of Justice Thursday, bringing to a close a dark chapter in the IRS’s history.

In 2010 and 2011, the IRS under Lois Lerner, particularly out of the Cincinnati field office, launched what many contended were politically motivated investigations and audits of “Tea Party” and other conservative groups. While no criminal prosecutions ever resulted, hundreds of victims assembled in class-action lawsuits against the federal government.

Attorney General Sessions appears to have largely acknowledged the plaintiffs’ claims. In a DOJ press release on the settlement, he said:


[I]t is now clear that during the last Administration, the IRS began using inappropriate criteria to screen applications for 501(c) status. These criteria included names such as “Tea Party,” “Patriots,” or “9/12” or policy positions concerning government spending or taxes, education of the public to “make America a better place to live,” or statements criticizing how the country was being run.  It is also clear these criteria disproportionately impacted conservative groups.

6. Red Terror’: Alt-Left Extremists Antifa Attack Identitarian Building

Alt-left Antifa extremists attacked an Identitarian social project building in Germany by throwing bricks, lighting fires, and drilling a hole into the front door to break in to spray acid inside.

The attack occurred on Tuesday night and saw an estimated 25-30 Antifa extremists launch their largest attack on the Identitarian house in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt. Around 100 bricks were thrown at the building, according to anti-mass migration NGO Einprozent who also make use of the building and contributed to its purchase.


While the building is used by Einprozent as an office and for the local Identitarian group, known as Kontrakultur (Counter-Culture), for local events, several Identitarian activists also live inside.

7. Number of arrests plunge by half in a decade: Police are accused of ‘soft justice’ amid soaring rates of crime

Police are arresting half as many suspects as they did a decade ago despite a surge in crime.

The number held fell from 1.5million in 2007-08 to 780,000 this year – down 48 per cent – figures reveal.

But the total crimes recorded by police in England and Wales has risen to 5.2million, the highest for ten years.

(The solution to this will be similar to the Toronto Police a decade or two ago when it was revealed that non-whites, specifically from Jamaica I think it was, are responsible for over 90% of violent crime back then. They stopped publishing or collecting crime stats based on ethnicity. Pretty sure the UK will simply stop publishing overall crime stats if this DM story gets legs.)


Jewish students have already faced plenty of harassment and hate at McGill. The latest incident at the Canadian university comes with a rather blatant agenda.

A Jewish student at McGill University has been kicked off the student government board for having “conflicts of interest” due to his pro-Israel activism.


Third-year student Noah Lew was one of 12 board members up for general assembly ratification on Monday evening following his victory as vice-president finance of the Arts Undergraduate Society. The ratification vote is typically a mere formality, but Monday’s was different due to Democratize Student Society of McGill University (SSMU), an organization that was established to resist the university’s ban of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement on campus.


Democratize SSMU was able to pass a motion that required each board member to be voted upon separately under the grounds that they weren’t a fan of the names. When it was Lew’s turn, he was voted down, 105 to 73 with 12 abstaining, with applause following the vote. Two other students who had criticized BDS, Alexander Scheffel and Josephine Wright O’Manique, were also voted down.

9. Robot granted Saudi citizenship has more rights than Saudi women

(I just want to know if Saudi Androids dream of slaughtering electric sheep)

Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to a robot in a move that appears to elevate its rights above those of women within the Middle Eastern country.

The robot called Sophia was wheeled out in front of a crowd at the Future Investment Initiative summit in the capital, Riyadh. It was created by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.

During the display the robot was informed of the decision to grant it citizen status. “I’m very honoured and proud for this unique distinction,” Sophia said. “This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognised with a citizenship.”



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  1. 9- how stupid those Saudis are. They thought they were cutting edge with this stunt but instead proved they were nothing but 7th century.

  2. I am writing from memory of what I read and heard while I was in the Army, sorry if there are mistakes. The Plague. If the plague (pneumonic form) reaches mainland Africa it will be almost impossible to stop it from spreading, and spreading world wide. With Europe and North America moving into cold weather where we spend more time in crowded buildings it will spread very quickly. The normal insect and rodent spread variety has a 12 to 14 day incubation period. The pneumonic variety has less then 24 hours with death resulting around 24 hours after infection. This rapid infection to death stopped it from spreading back in the horse and buggy days but in the days of airplanes it will spread like wildfire.

  3. 2 – It would be nice if he shares with US intelligence but right now I don’t know how much to trust a lot of the intel organizations and people. Obama corrupted the Department of Justice, the Military, and at least some of the intel groups so be careful what you wish for.

    3 and 6 are tied together, remember the various antifa groups are cooperating with each other and what one is doing the others will in the near future. These attacks and the posters near Loudan’s home show an increasing level of violence in their attacks on their political enemies and while they are already using clubs at protests it probably won’t be long before they bring out the guns and knives at the protests and in targeted attacks on political enemies at their homes or places of work.

    7 – How much of this is orders from the politicians and how much is the police fearing for their jobs or safety if they do the job the way they use to? And if it is at the orders of the politicians will they be ordered to support antifa when they start beating and killing people?

  4. 9. Citizen Robots Unite.

    “Saudi King Bows to New Middle East Tsar Putin And Brings Billions For Joint Projects With Russia”
    Russia Insider – Published on October 7, 2017

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