Quebec bans the burka, and mass media goes full Pravda: Links 1, Oct. 19

1. Male pretending to be female rapes 10 year old girl in women’s bathroom

(But the real crime would be if the 10 year old girl used the wrong pronoun. Then there will be trouble.)

he trial for Miguel Martinez, who goes by the name Michelle, began on Monday, the Billings Gazette reported. Martinez allegedly invited the young girl into the bathroom with him where he allegedly fondled the girl’s breasts and genitalia, before penetrating her. The girl told police that “it hurt inside” and she started to cry, the Casper Star Tribune reported. […] 

Martinez told police that the girl had been “talking crap” and dismissed the accusations as a “publicity stunt,” according to local reports.

Martinez faces charges of one count of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor and one count of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. (RELATED: Transgender Person Arrested For Taking Pictures Of Woman In Target Dressing Room)

2. The US may be following the UK propaganda method of only reporting muslim child sex slave gangs locally to avoid real attention.

(No idea how real this is as its REDDIT but it looks worth checking.)

3. UK Police go out of their way to make it difficult to catch what appears to be a muslim Pakistani violent assaulter of women.

(Not that much gets me really angry these days as we all get used to the new normal of communist horrors where our governments betray our populations and principles in favour of postmodernism and Islam. But this blatant example of the police working for a (probably) muslim man who beat the crap out of an indigenous British woman is really infuriating.)

A woman beaten up in a savage late-night assault says she is doing the police’s job for them by issuing crystal-clear pictures of her alleged attacker.


Micha Birgitta, 31, had her nose smashed in the brutal attack while the thug knocked out her male friend in London‘s East End.


Police hunting the crazed brute – thought to be high on drugs or drunk – put out blurred and grainy CCTV images of him that ‘could have been anybody’.

(The victim had to publish her own photo of the attacker. Lets just hope she used the right pronoun when he was beating her, or she gets more jail time than him.)

4. ‘Help Us’ Pleads Small French Town Dubbed ‘The New Calais’ After Migrant Influx

The small French town of Ouistreham in Normandy is struggling to cope with an influx of illegal migrants looking for a new launch pad to Britain, now that security has tightened around Calais.

The town’s security chief told the Daily Mail that most of the migrants are Africans from Eritrea and Sudan, but there are others who hail from countries such as Albania, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan — and the situation is deteriorating.

5. Quebec BANS THE BURKA, Commie media does pathetically illogical propaganda for them.

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  1. The attacks on Western values and Civilization continue, people are starting to wake up and are fighting back. They are mostly trying to use the (what are for the most part) corrupt courts to stop the destruction of our nations. When this fails the left is going to discover that they are the ones on the receiving end of a violent civil/revolutionary war.

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