Canada abolishes itself: Links 1, October 16th 2017

1. In between schtick, some of this Milo video really is excellent.

2. Twitter to be ‘aggressive’ enforcer of new, stronger rules

Grab some popcorn as we wait to see if @realdonaldtrump passes test of no hate symbols and glorifying violence

Twitter flock

Twitter has reacted to last week’s criticism arising from its suspension of actor actress Rose McGowan’s account, after she strongly criticised alleged sex fiend Harvey Weinstein – by announcing it will soon implement and aggressively police new community standards.

The micro-blogging network’s co-funder and CEO Jack Dorsey used his personal @jack account to spread Twitter’s justification of McGowan’s suspension.

3. Alberta schools to offer Arabic-language bilingual program in 2018

Alberta students, from kindergarten to Grade 12, will now have access to learning Arabic in school. The government is rolling out a province-wide bilingual Arabic curriculum in time for the 2018 school year.


“Places like Brooks, for example, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Lac La Biche — they all have quite sizeable Arabic-speaking populations,” Education Minister David Eggen said Saturday. “It’s a good way for kids to learn another language a little more formally.”

(Makes no sense at all. If they have sizeable Arabic populations then ESL should be the thing to teach. Why do sizeable Arab populations need to learn Arabic more formally? Oh! Its for the REST OF US!)

4. Islamophobic Elephants Attack Rohingya Muslim Camp, Killing Four In Bangladesh

5. Putin tells Israeli army joke:

6. Black Pigeon: Canada replaces itself

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Bruno and a long list of people who’s contributions are both interesting, worthy of thought and deeply appreciated, even if not all agree with all chains of thought. 



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  1. I wish Black Pigeon would learn that it is leftist politicians who are using the corporations not the other way around. They are taking control of corporations to gain wealth, but unlike the conservatives where they want money to live well the left wants the money to gain power. Always remember that waht drives politicians is power not money and they will use any group to make the money they need to maintain their power.

  2. I think ‘strong drink was taken’, perhaps they should have tried that at OSCE; it hasn’t hurt Jean Claude Druncker.

  3. Arabic speakers rejoice! In my little corner of “Canada” the library provides audio tours of our local nature area in English, French …and Arabic!

    “Canada” was a nice (foolish) idea because in application the Center and Center East plunders and vilifies the West and now Muhammadans can plunder it all at our expense as we finance our demise.

    And if you’re against the Muhammadan vision of “Canada” then you’re a hater. Sign me up.

  4. The concept that “All men are created equal,” derived from no culture other than the American immigrant culture. This special kind of crazy–and the galaxy of innovative ideas that emerged from the same, could not have come from anywhere else because they did not. Forgetting the influence that freed Europeans had on the world will be mankind’s greatest tragedy because America is mankind’s greatest asset. While Canada remains a sovereign nation in name it is clearly succumbing to the nefarious Redgreen takeover. If ever there was the need for a false flag it would be America finding a way to save Canada from itself by serving herself. Were we ever more than a sprawling, beautiful, rich protectorate? Is there a better way to save America and her 20 trillion dollar debt, and save Canada from from Redgreen invasion than to annex? If NK gives you a headache now, southern friends, what will a Redgreen monster do to you in 20 years? What will you do, build a 4000 mile fence?

    • Oh Johnny,
      Better wait till our Swamp goes down some.
      We’re riddled with enemy agents and their bots; they’d only buddy-up with yours and become even more efficient.

      Look at the Las Vegas shooting and tell me you trust the FBI.

      How about the CIA?
      Look at the battle raging in Iraq right this minute: Kurds vs. Iranian proxies. Both “trained and equipped” by our spooks and their schemes, military intelligence impaired and/or compromised. Generals who reject the concept of jihad and hold Israel responsible for all the Mideast bloodshed of the last 70 years.

      You don’t want this USA.
      Hold the fort! We shall return!
      - - At least some of us, the Good Guys.

      Deus vult~~

    • Johnny I wish you didn’t make so much sense. You are not the first I have heard saying we need to annex Canada for our own defense, I just hope the annexation will be peaceful instead of by force but am afraid that it won’t happen until the red-green alliance are sending terrorists into the Sates. Please find some way to prevent this because while I welcome peaceful annexation I shudder at the cost of a brother brother war with Canada just after if not during a civil war in the US.

      • I don’t think people realize how bad Canada is now.

        People I know, and interviewed and posted it here, have been thrown out of a restaurant for opposing M103. The owner of the restaurant ‘comped’ all the food and drinks just to make them leave because he felt Islamophobia should be illegal and free speech should not if it was “hate speech” as he saw it.

        Most Canadians would think renaissance or enlightenment thinkers were racist sexist homophobes who should be jailed or killed for their liberal values.

        The socialists have the upper hand now in the culture war. Getting it back is going to be hard, and triply so as even the people I know who know and believe what we know and believe are unwilling to actually do or say anything for fear of financial or legal consequences.

        Trying to get a demonstration together of over 30 people on Parliament hill for something as important as base human rights, like freedom of speech, let alone individual rights, is impossible and Ottawa is the capital of this country.

        It is going to be an uphill battle in Canada so long as we have Trudeau and his quasi-secret policy of “Culture-Shift” across the whole of the civil service. Which I hear is about 50% of the country at this stage.

        • I didn’t know Canada was getting that bad, hopefully it will turn around in the near future but I doubt this will occur without a civil war that hopefully the good guys will sin.

          • Did you read Johnny’s comment about his kid’s school?

            That is what I hear from the few rational civil servants I know.

            Its like a scene out of Cabaret except about impending commies. Which are indistinguishable from Nazis except the Nazis liked art, music, science and technology to a degree.

            • Holocaust survivors describe how time collapsed, from bourgeoise comfort to humiliation and terror. By the time it reached them individually, it was already too late.

      • If things go “kinetic” (as you say, Richard) – or “all pear-shape” (as NorseRadish says) – I suspect extra-governmental militias will materialize.

        THEN the border becomes either irrelevant or acquires a logistic utility we can’t predict now. We may fight in allied coalitions, or shape something like the “Federation of _North American_ Good Guys”.

        Against the Umma and what’s left of their useful idiots. Sharia discipline and Federica Mogherini in a headbag.

        The Red-Greens have the advantage of a script: The Marx-/ -Trotsky/ -Alinsky routine. The agenda set forth in the MB’s Explanatory Memorandum. The “Manchester Manual” Brad Johnson told us about, no doubt much more.

        They’re going by the book; they’ve done this before. They’ve tasted success, sometimes for long periods.

        Meanwhile, instead of following a script, we’re trying to THINK. Clear the cobwebs, set goals other than NO.

        • I suspect extra-governmental militias will materialize.

          You can take them as a given, the militias on the left are already active and there ar some forming on our side.

          The idea of a North America Federation is talked about by many people with varying meanings attached to the name, the good guys talking about it are talking about a new nation composed of the US and Canada that has a written constitution like the US Constitution (most want to rewrite the US constitution using modern language). As I said yesterday I don’t want a forced annexation of Canada into the US but given what is in the news this is probably the only way it can occur.

    • The concept that “All men are created equal,” derived from no culture other than the American immigrant culture.

      Please bear with me, Johnnyu. All men are NOT created equal. Some are born blind, lame, deformed, or deaf. What early America’s talent-pool of political geniuses DID manage to discern is that; All men are created equal in the eyes of the law.

      None of which deters the Left from attempting to forcibly mandate “equality” right down to the last gender identification pronoun. They already have contorted America’s legal system in pursuing equality of opportunity. The final stage of this insanity will arrive as these same delusional Multiculturalists attempt to enforce equality of outcome.

      Never before have the uncharacteristically prescient words of President Gerald Ford* taken on greater meaning than in this particular case:

      A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

      This overturning of the Royalist colonial apple cart was (and remains, even today) a truly revolutionary concept that tyrants and dictators—be they North Korean or Iranian—continue to reaffirm on an all-too-regular basis. It is why America remains the world’s sole superpower, beacon of Liberty, and (last but not least) credentialed master of space exploration.

      Whenever I write something like the foregoing, (even almost an entire year later) my body still physically thrills with a frisson of grateful relief that Hillary Clinton was denied the Oval Office.

      As always, Johnnyu, another great mini-rant whose subject (i.e., “America’s attic”) looms as a serious future debacle.

      * LBJ once wisecracked that Ford had, “played too much football without a helmet.”

  5. I had a big reply and lost it. It was poetic and deep. Brilliant, really. Genius even. And redolent with modesty.

    You guys are right. Save yourselves first.

    • Not the point, Johnny.

      We need to sharpen the definition of “save” and get allies to commit to a set of common principles. What’s worth fighting for? What’s the bottom line?

      In this country we can’t even manage to reconcile self-described “conservatives” – too busy excommunicating each another over variants of libertarian orthodoxy ~ or some such nonsense.

      Meanwhile the other side is SHOOTING to KILL !
      [Steve Scalise:

      Even so, we’re further along in the U.S. because we were challenged earlier and over a more protracted period. While you had Stephen Harper, the Tea Party was brewing.

      We have more in common with our counterparts in Canada than with most of our fellow citizens in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

      But you guys have to organize and reach out. You cannot remain passive. This will cost you, no doubt about it. And the price goes up with every turn of the Hate-Speech-machine screw.

      I can scarcely imagine your situation, yet I know it will only get worse. Communism is like that. Islam is primed for instant intifada, a pogrom at the drop of a hijab.

      You have to know that in the USA we are already a force. That across this 4,000 mile border you have kin, those who share your values and blood.

      Timing is uncertain, that’s all. The bonds are firm.

      • You have to know that in the USA we are already a force. That across this 4,000 mile border you have kin, those who share your values and blood.

        Too right, yucki! I call it “heart family”.

        • It’s actually quite literal for much of the population in the northern tier states.
          All kinds of communities, I’ll just describe a sample I know well.

          Refugees from Nazi Europe were scattered across the borders. Canada was easier for sub-ethnic quirky communities: the “Salad Bowl” vs. the “Melting Pot”. Kids brought up polyglot. Trekking back and forth for holidays is still routine.

          Where you’d end up was a function of whether you went to Harvard or McGill. The university faculties in some disciplines, like the Medical School, were almost interchangeable in curriculum vitae. (McGill was always more comfortable for Orthodox Jews.)

          [Papa Doc Trudeau changed that dynamic, threw a pall over Quebec that never lifted. Baby Doc is _ _ _…]

          More recent refugees from Eastern Europe were sometimes caught in political numbers’ traps. Soviet dissident families left piecemeal; those who couldn’t get into the US, settled in Canada.

          I suspect that’s true for many others. I know strong Polish communities on both sides of the border.

          • …the “Salad Bowl” vs. the “Melting Pot.”

            This has always been a distinct problem. The Melting Pot’s rich, smooth, frequently luxurious texture and flavor is particularly sensitive to “breaking“—not to mention becoming rather cheesy at times.

            Whereas, the “Salad Bowl” typically starts out as being “all green and mixed up”* which only increases the importance of being well-dressed.

            * “Green” as in being inexperienced and NOT enviro-Nazi.

            Sidebar: “Honeymoon salad”: Lettuce alone and no dressing.

            PS: Credit due to the immortally famed newspaper columnist, Herb Caen, regarding “all green and mixed up” (if not a bit tossed about).

            As part of my enduring 1960s credentials, I managed to appear in his column after telephoning him with one of my less-than-complimentary wisecracks.

            His personal secretary was a lady named, Caroline Vernier.

            It was only through the most grueling self-restraint (a trait entirely unknown to me, even now), such that I avoided asking him, “Where else are you going to find an assistant of such caliper?”

    • I had a big reply and lost it.

      Once you’ve typed more than one or two paragraphs, cut and paste the text into a Word document right away. I use the file title format of (for example) “Notes – 10-17-2017” – Saved in a “Notes” folder – to create a specific day’s page of easy-to-find commentary.

      That way, even if the browser crashes, you still have the content (if only via recovery).

      And redolent with modesty.

      Your meaning is clear. I used to be conceited, but now I’m perfect!

      Keep up the great work!!!

  6. Yo Donketman
    as I understand it Rose McGowans twitter was suspened because she tweet a personal phone number.
    The reason @Jack is going ape shit is because the feminazis boycotted twitter for a day.
    It’s time to fight back agaisnt the cultural marxists and the left/Auorthritarians in general mate.

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