Another set of Islamic atrocities and bad responses generally speaking: Links 1, Oct. 4, 2017

1. Armed military to replace cops on Danish streets and border

Starting Friday, armed soldiers from the Danish Armed Forces (Forsvaret) will replace police officers at both Denmark’s southern border to Germany and at potential terror targets in Copenhagen.
According to the Danish National Police (Rigspolitiet) and Copenhagen Police, 160 soldiers will patrol the border and take over guard duties at Jewish institutions including the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen. 
The synagogue has been under constant police protection since a Danish-born terrorist of Palestinian descent shot and killed 37-year-old Dan Uzan, a volunteer security guard, outside the building in February 2015. The gunman, Omar El-Hussein, had earlier in the night opened fire with an automatic rifle outside a cultural centre hosting a free speech event, killing 55-year-old Finn Nørgaard and injuring police officers. El-Hussein was later shot and killed by police

The Somali refugee accused of stabbing an Edmonton police constable on the weekend and running down four pedestrians was ordered to be deported from the United States in 2011 by a U.S. immigration judge, CBC News has learned.

In July 2011, U.S. Customs and Border Protection transferred Abdulahi Hasan Sharif into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego, Calif., according to Jennifer D. Elzea, acting press secretary for the ICE office of public affairs.

Two months later, on Sept. 22, 2011, an immigration judge ordered Sharif removed to Somalia. Sharif waived his right to appeal that decision.

3. Psychiatrist says serial rapist Sofyan Boalag high risk to re-offend without treatment

(In the article, its pretty clear that there is nothing wrong with the guy, other than he has Islamic values. These values will not change, and so this is why he is high risk)

Victim Impact statement:

4. Barbara Kay: Liberals left reeling by clear, rational criticisms of M-103

(The National Post allows an opinion piece that reflects the feelings of anyone who understands Canadian parliamentary event, M103, and isn’t actually a Muslim)

Canadian Air Force vet, Russ Cooper’s testimony by video on same bill:

5. Sign in the Czech Republic:

6. Islamist Idol doing 5 city Canadian Tour!

7. Paul Joseph Watson: Unusual things about the Vegas slaughter:

Thank you all, who have sent in really worthy things over the past 24. I am WAY behind today an there is much more to come. Please check in later!


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  1. There is a cure for rapists. It’s called radical cervical ligature therapy. It’s effective, simple, cheap and long lasting. It can be easily taught to first-responders for field treatment of those suffering from uncontrollable rape impulse syndrome.

  2. I wish Paul Joseph Watson worked for a different website. Having said that what he says in the video is close to what I have been thinking.

    1 – Denmark joins Finland in admitting they have lost control of their nations, we now have massive flash points on both the North and South of Europe. WWIII is going to go kinetic in a massive way real soon.

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