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36 Replies to “Shaffer: Las Vegas shaping up to be deliberate act of terror”

  1. An Israeli trauma expert predicted a Las Vegas attack three years ago

    When Dr. Avi Rivkind landed in Las Vegas three years ago to lecture as a trauma care expert, he saw something that troubled him.

    The airport, McCarran International, felt too open, almost exposed.

    He felt no more comfortable on the city’s Strip while watching crowds flow from hotels to casinos to shops to the street — with little security in sight.

    “I felt there was a lack of presence, from the ease of getting around there, from the casinos, from how easy it is to enter all the malls,” he told JTA on Monday. “I felt very uncomfortable.”

    Rivkind, who heads the Shock Trauma Unit at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, is a pioneer in treating victims of mass-casualty terror attacks. He gained his experience treating terror victims in Israel, and his techniques were used in 2013 to save the lives of some of the injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.

    He came to Las Vegas in the summer of 2014 to speak at a Hadassah conference, but cut his trip short when Israel’s most recent war with Hamas broke out.

    Before he left, however, Rivkind delivered a warning to a local TV channel: Get ready for a potential terror attack.

    “With all the casinos and people are coming here from all over the world, I think you should take a huge situation,” Rivkind told Channel 8, the local CBS affiliate. “I don’t want to give anybody any ideas. However, you should be well prepared. In my mind, it’s a question of time.”


    • Takeaway is the last paragraph:

      “On one hand, you do exceptional things to save a human life,” he said. “Then one crazy piece of shit comes to kill without blinking an eye.”

  2. He told us a few things I didn’t already know:

    1: The shooter purchased the firearms recently. This speaks to a decision to commit at attack like this if not this exact attack.

    2. He sent $100,000 dollars to his girlfriend in the Philippines.. This is probably significant in that he wasn’t expecting to survive the attack.

    Another item that wasn’t new to me but is significant is that he armed himself with a lot of weapons and then with no experience (or none that has come to light) planned and carried out a very professional terror attack.

    I would like to know what books were found in the house, was there a lot about military tactics, especially ambushes?

    Next I would like to know who he has been talking to recently? Did he have help in the planning?

    Why did he take so many guns to the suite? Was he expecting one or more people to join him for the attack?

    What was the reason for waiting until the end of the festival before opening fire?

    Despite ISIS claiming him as one of their own it has ben obvious from the beginning that this was an attack on people that were perceived to be 1) Trump Supports and 2) people who support gun ownership. Did he have help from ANTIFA or BAMN?

    How much did the Girlfriend know? We know that she has to have known a lot about why he suddenly started buying so many firearms. Did she leave the country because she wanted to be gone during the attack thinking this would shield her from any blame and prosecution?

      • Russkis are conspiracy-theory addicts. Still…

        ~like: just because you're paranoid that doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you~

        My own Russki has come to the same conclusion. A couple different scenarios, but they boil down to the same thing.

        • ~like: just because you’re paranoid that doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you~

          It isn’t a matter of whether or not you’re paranoid.

          It’s a matter of whether you’re paranoid enough.

    • Excellent analysis, Richard.

      Every last bit of this stinks to high heaven hell of terrorism.

      As in (please pardon me), “no bag limit”.

      Vegas = “perceived to be Trump Supporters” — WTF?

      As in Lost Wages is “sin city” and DJT (we hope) stands for some shred of morality.

      What happens in Vegas kills peopleStays in Vegas“. Yeah, sure.

      Don’t get me started. Vegas is so totally effed-up that something like this (however undeserved) was a predictable outcome with respect to those Islamic bastards—or merely deranged loons—who insist upon imposing insane sharia puritanism upon the world.

      Rotting in everlasting hell should be the least of their worries.

      • The Israeli doctor said the place was wide open, a sitting duck. He’s good – he came to help after the Marathon Bombing in 2013.
        He offered to connect Las Vegas people with Israeli security experts, but no one followed up.

      • In the Philippines it’s called KFR (Kidnap for Ransom). For a long time, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s Maguindanao-based Pentagon Gang was that industry’s leader. With the 2011 death of its leader, Tahir Alonto, there seems to be reduced activity of this once notorious organization. All the same, it’s Islamically based and that means all ransoms help fund jihad in the southern Lanao provinces and the Zamboanga peninsula of Mindanao.

    • This could be a member of a left wing groups that decided to warn people to keep her conscious from bothering her, or it was someone who decided to have some sick fun by scaring people. This is another case of we need more info.

  3. I have a brother who gambles, has had lovers whose names he has forgotten, and cross-dresses into a female persona…

    If he snapped – that the fantasy is broken – I would know exactly why. The murderous rage pinning him down on the inside would be targeted at all those who have happiness. Changing the world for peace.

    Another behavior that revolves around Black Stone of Mecca. Resentment and self-justification filling the void left by pride in his heart. Islam does not have the monopoly, just the largest cash-flow next to Socialism.

    For a brother not to know this, is another one on his own cruise of suppression and euphoria.

    Time to meet the Fockers and the nation of politicians.

  4. USA: Tourist shares chilling video of Vegas massacre room

    Tourist Jeff Bridges shared a 2016 video from the 1,800 square feet hotel room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel that assailant Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Route 91 country music festival from, in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

    Bridges, who was upgraded to the suite back in 2016 with his wife, gives a tour of the luxurious room with its views overlooking the Las Vegas strip.

  5. Interesting Info Regarding A Plane Once Registered To Stephen Paddock
    If you look at the website flightaware.com and search a tail number, in this case N5343M, you will see the N number belongs to a SR20 that at one time was registered to Stephen C. Paddock of Mesquite, Texas and Henderson, Nevada (Our Shooter). You will also see that it is currently registered to a company out of Roanoke, Virginia named VOLANT LLC. A company that works with the “Defense/Intelligence” community per their website. Wait it gets better.

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