A tale of two tweets

Both of these tweets are from women with what appear to be Jewish names. I only point this out to show the irrelevance of it, as they are opposite in value and intention.

1. The Islamic State insists that the Vegas shooter is one of theirs and names him.

2. A Prof. in Canada gives a near perfect example of postmodern thought in order to deflect any responsibility from Islam for the jihad attack in Edmonton the other day, and make it about white supremacists. It is some of the most obnoxious intellectual slight of hand I have ever seen.

I responded:

Replying to 

This is a brilliant example of the most pernicious of postmodern thought. Ignore what is true, reverse the onus of guilt, crisis exploited

The professor has made her tweet private now. Hopefully out of shame. Here it is:

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  1. 1- While somewhat beside your point, I heard a muslim radio “expert” say it is impossible that the Vegas shooter is Islamic State because he shot himself, and that a jihadi never, ever does this–preferring martyrdom by enemy. Does this mean there are no cowards in Islam? From my perspective the whole thing is rife with cowardice. Roadside bombs, beating up women, exploiting minors…sounds like one big fat ego problem to this armchair shrink. Somehow I doubt Mohammed coined the phrase “pick on somebody your own size.”

    • It’s true. They don’t kill themselves, no points in Paradise.
      Only exception is if they kill themselves (suicide vest…) while in the process of killing Infidel.
      In this case, he should have waited till police entered his room instead of killing himself before or left the room with guns blasting. For Islamic State, an Infidel is an Infidel, regardless of political orientation.

      Which brings me to think maybe someone else did the shooting and he had already been killed.

      It could also be a case of a severely depressed Trump hater, ridden with debt, a guy brainwashed by media such as CNN. Apparently, he gambled $10,000 at a time. Where did he get the money?

      All in all, it’s an interesting story to follow.

  2. And that Dr Weinberg is a JEW. Why the hell are we continuously defending these people when most don’t deserve it? Long Live Israel.

        • I wasn’t thinking about anyone being Jewish, I was thinking about and talking about the attitude of hoping that all of those killed are Trump supporters.

          • No Richard, you weren’t. I knew that.

            It’s just everything is offensive to this here Snowflake right now.

            I resent seeing the word “Jew” in caps in this context.

            There’s nothing in the stories that I’ve seen about the _Judiasm_ of these individuals.

            Were they speaking as representatives of some Jew-ish human rots org?

            Jew-ish names.
            May as well be back in the USSR.

            • I should probably tell you about a couple of days I had recently. But I would have to either write a book, or be a talented film maker/writer to do so well.

              In summary though, I met a current Nazi, at least he seemed to be in any meaningful way, and an ex Nazi propagandist and spent several hours with each.

              My post was to show that two people who will be identified as Jews no matter what they actually are, have opposite points of view. One of them is a profound anti-civilization communist, post modernist of the worst kind. I cannot say for sure but she appeared to make her twitter feed private minutes after my response to it, which was to bust the classic postmodern tactics she used to try and turn an act of Islamic terrorism into fuel to hate white people, of western-civilization.

              The other one has her own security concerns website which, at least at first glance, is unusually competent and way on side with all those in the world that still prefer reason and freedom.

              The result of that post I think has been to perhaps shake out some things here and there.

              My view is that there is nothing in Judaism which drives Jews to communism and postmodern ambitions to destroy all that is good in the world just like there is nothing in black people or Chinese people to do so.

              Yet Chinese people, or rather one Chinese person, Mao, managed to kill 80 million of his own people in peacetime to try and achieve a PoMo utopia before he gave it up as a bad job.

              Same with Jews.

              The Zionist movement did start out as a communist one. But not because they were Jewish, but because those Jews were communist.

              The Kibutzim fell apart because they were communist. People soon realized they preferred to raise their own children and that they could not view their fellow worker across the world as equal or greater than their own children.

              These people realized people are not ants. Ants do think like that to the extent that they think.

              Israel thrives and thrives precisely because of its freedoms and free markets. But that gets missed.

              Islam however shares with communism that the behaviour and ambitions of its adherents are a function of its ideologies. When a person ceased to be a Muslim, or a communist, or a Nazi, then they hold in my estimation, the same status as anyone else who is none of these things.

              Thanks to the Nazis however, a Jewish person who is hated for being Jewish no matter by whom, is hated no matter what he or she says, thinks or does.

              Even if they convert to another religion or none, or invent a cure for a serious disease that hater has, it changes nothing. Because post-Nazi antisemitism is irrational and quasi race based.

              The Canadian professor who pulled that disgusting slight of hand to try and make Islamic terror a white person’s fault, is every bit as likely, perhaps more so, to hold her views because she is Canadian, (we are home to a lot of brutal commies and the culture is warped that way) a woman, (women tend to move left and collectivist more easily than men by nature) or because she is white. (White people seem to be the creators and propagators of communism world wide except when it escapes to China or central/South America)

              But of course the real answer isn’t that Jaques Derrida, or Michelle Foucault was French. Its that they are god damned commies.

  3. Erin Weinberg
    University of Alberta, Humanities and Fine Arts, Faculty Member | Shakespeare +18
    I am a sessional instructor at Augustana, the Liberal Arts Campus of the University of Alberta. I teach English literature surveys from Romantic to Present, as well as Shakespeare and Early Modern Revenge Tragedy.

    My recently completed PhD thesis explores affect in Shakespeare’s comedies. My monograph project will provide a feminist focus to Shakespeare’s comedies, considering how comic heroines *choose childlessness* for a temporary but nonetheless definitive space of time.

    Outside of Shakespeare, my secondary area of study is Jane Austen. I am currently working on an article on affect and thing theory in Austen’s Persuasion.
    Supervisors: Marta Straznicky and Elizabeth Hanson

  4. They better hope that he was an Islamic convert because the alternative is worse:

    I have read but have not seen confirmed that he was married to an Asian Muslim, that he visited the Middle East a lot and that he was a registered Democrat voter, now let that last part sink in a bit.

    He picked as his target a Country and Western concert which tends to be blue collar real Americans that enjoy that music, people who Clinton defined as deplorables..

    If he is not Islamic, then he as a member of the left carried out a political motivated mass killing against people on the right, and that is where things will get very rocky. And this needs to be pointed out in no uncertain terms, the Democrats and their progressive allies have been calling for this type of thing and now we have had it.

    • Frying pan vs. fire. There is no way to put lipstick on that pig.
      Best story for the gov’t would be to tell us that he was just a raving psycho and they can’t determine a motive. And anyway, what about gun control?

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