Spain, Edmonton and Vienna. Links 1, October 1, 2017

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1. Not sure exactly what the deal is here, but I believe it to be connected to an informal plebiscite about Catalonian independence from Spain. The Spanish government is reported to be using force to prevent citizens from having this non-binding informal vote for an independent state but I do not know any particulars yet about this particular video.

2. Bulgarian Man is Badly Injured and Serb was Killed in an Attack in Vienna

Serbian was murdered, and a Bulgarian – seriously injured in a fight with Afghans and Chechens in Vienna last night, the Austrian national news agency APA reported.

The fight was last night near the entrance to a metro station in Ottakring district in the capital of Austria.


At 02:00 this night, the two groups, a 21-year-old Serb and Bulgarian, on the one hand, and four men from Afghanistan and Chechnya, on the other, entered a confrontation for unknown reasons, a police spokesman said.

According to data of the law enforcement agencies, a 22-year-old man used a knife and attacked the Serb and the Bulgarian. They both received very severe injuries.

3. Spare the bladed whip and spoil the jihadi

Here are the Jumping Tards of Tehran.

4. More on the possible Islamic State attack in Edmonton on CFL fans

5. Twenty gunshots heard in a crowded area in Lawrence Kansas

(Really not much more in the article. No descriptions released yet)

6. Justin Trudeau responds to Edmonton jihad attack by praising diversity and not mentioning the Islamic component of the attack, or mentioning the attack at all.

Thank you Tanya T., M., Xanthippa, Perfect Child, Johnny U. Wrath of Khan, and a host of wonderful people that maintain vigilance in the increasingly feint hope that we can preserve something like a cooperative and functional liberal democracy.

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10 Replies to “Spain, Edmonton and Vienna. Links 1, October 1, 2017”

  1. The Catalan footage is disturbing
    Would not take much for a thoughtful crowd to
    take charge of the brutish thugs…. Garroting comes to mind, they are surrounded by citizens of all varieties passively getting thumped, time to get offensive

  2. The pace of the attacks is picking up, add this together with the Finns putting their Army on the streets to backup the police and you see a major explosion in Europe in the near future.

  3. 1. Just want to make the point that if the Spanish Government is prepared to use force to stop a breakaway vote how come they are not prepared to use force to control their borders and the communists.

    • Maybe because understanding a breakaway vote is easier than understanding a postmodernist-driven marriage of globalists and battering-ram Muslims competing to see who can create their caliphate first. If I hear “DIVERSITY IS OUR GREATEST STRENGTH” again from Trudeau or his ilk I promise I will barf on my rainbow flag. Especially in response to attempted mass murder. Disgusting what low regard the ruling elites have for the intelligence of people. Conversely, given the abject normalcy bias preventing most people from waking up to the aforementioned dynamic it’s hard to blame the bastards.

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