Leftism and Islam tag teaming liberalism even in Israel: Links 1, Sept. 18, 2017

1. A New postage stamp by Canada Post:

2. Moderate Islam:

3. Milo discusses Berkeley’s attempts to derail Free Speech Week:

4. The other day I titled a video of an interview of an AfD candidate by an Israeli media outlet.

I did not put the usual splash ending on it or upload it to my own channel because frankly, it was as awful and biased as a CNN or CBC piece. Meaning the actual content or facts were ignored and the “voice of god” technique was used to cast aspersions on the speaker or subject with a voice over to counter the very reasonable and likeable message of the interviewee, just because the person did not fit the preconceived narrative for them.

But Baron Bodissey had a better idea. Send it to an Israel who could explain what we just saw from that perspective. So here is the clip and the explanation is here.

The temptation is to edit this interview and upload it with just the questions and the answers and take out the post hoc judgement calls of the editor. In this unusual circumstance, it would actually make the interview more honest than what you see above, as the dishonesty was added for effect post hoc.

5. The difference between Merkel and Clinton seems to be that people hate Merkel enough to bother going to her campaign speeches to disrupt them with whistles and boos.

6. India also wants to deport the Rohingya 


7. The Polish union, Solidarity, which was instrumental in ending communism in Poland, is on the march again, this time against the EU.

Thank you M., NorseRadish, Wrath of Khan, Ava Lon, Egri-Nok, Richard, Xanthippa, and all the people who have been working double shifts and more this week to keep up with all the evil that is going on, and that is not being reported in a factual or even reasonable manner. So much to do, so little hours in the day.

I have started an account at Gab.ai so for anyone thinking about it, should you choose to join, it appears that they may be nearer the tipping point for success than many other alternatives out there, Its not a big investment in time and they certainly seem friendly to classical liberals and do not throttle or otherwise cheat their membership as we see from the more popular social media sites.

For those wishing to follow this site at Gab, we are vladtepesblog.




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4 Replies to “Leftism and Islam tag teaming liberalism even in Israel: Links 1, Sept. 18, 2017”

  1. #1: Would a postage stamp say, “Blessed Christmas” or “Blessed Noel”?
    I am guessing that a stamp in Yiddish lettering for “A Zissen Jahr” a sweet year
    is just around the corner. Perhaps we can have a stamp that says in Hebrew lettering, “May you be inscribed for a good year.”
    amusing, but not offensive….
    Have an Eid Mu’baraq or Blessed Eid

  2. Free Speech Week

    While not worrying too much about seeming like an overly curmudgeonly homophobe—as in; I’ve lived with lesbians and gays—when a relatively flaming queen like Milo Yiannopoulos manages to voice some of the most cogent, Conservative arguments against Liberal intolerance, things seem to have gone just slightly off of the FECKING rails, eh?

    That an ostensibly (at one time) world-class university campus—which, no less, once ensconced a globally renowned “Free Speech Movement”—is now incapable of hosting even occasional presentations by politically dissenting voices without catering (if not outright pandering) to overtly intolerant and violent über-Liberal factions is nothing short of the selfsame “fascism” that so many of the criminal, hyper-violent Antifa thugs gangsters Brownshirts Gestapo @$$h0les unashamedly represent.

    Go figure…

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