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13 Replies to “Angela Merkel vows to make all the laws possible to protect Germans from her policies”

  1. Angela Merkel vows to make all the laws possible to protect Germans from her policies

    Angela Merkel vows to make all the laws possible to protect against Germans ever repealing her policies

    There, fixed that…

    PS: Eeyore, the headline (as it stands) makes zero sense. You may wish to consider a rewrite.

    • It makes perfect sense. It was a dig at her for creating a totalitarian state in order to solve problems she herself created.

      Rita, who translated and titled the clip, thought it was perfect.

      While your “fix” of it is also good and also poignant, my title requires a developed sense of irony. Read it again and assume I know what i’m doing.

      • The irony is lost on me. That’s how much I detest the hag.

        Merkel is Germany’s Hillary Clinton. The only difference being that Merkel managed to gain that country’s highest office.

        Does anyone think that Hitler would have welcomed all of these Muslims into the Germany of his time? Personally, I sincerely doubt it. Hitler may of admired Islam, but at least he had some slight sense (however warped) about preserving German culture.

        • No, he didn’t. He wanted to “preserve German Culture” in pretty much the same way as Obama wanted to preserve American culture and for the same reasons.

          Hitler wanted to create the perfect man, and to do that, he had to destroy the man that was.

          This is a global constant in all postmodern or socialist movements. It is why the Soviets killed the Ukrainians. Why Mao killed all the peasants and why Hitler killed all the Jews, Gypsies and so on.

          There is nothing of preserving German culture in that.

          • You are right Hitler was out to destroy all of Western Civilization just as the modern “Post Modernists” are out to do. Merkel is talking a good game of saving Germany and and the German Culture but her actions scream what her true goal is.

            One thing the modern leftist who claim to hate Hitler

            • One thing that the leftist who claim to hate Hitler either don’t know or ignore is that all of their actions and policies are straight out of Nazi Germany.

              Hitler and his people started the free love movement in Germany and worked to destroy marriage as an institution.

              They Nazi founders were into drugs and Goering was an Heroin/morphine addict.

              The modern left wants to claim that the Nazi’s were anti homosexual but many of the founders of the Nazi party were open homosexuals and the only tow types of homosexuals that were oppressed were the feminine males and those who were a political threat to Hitler.

              Hitler and hte Nazi;s were anti Christianity and wanted to destroy not only the Jews and their religion but also Christianity and all of the followers of Christ.

              Many of the top Nazi’s were into the occult and there are many similarities between the modern occult movement and the occult movement in Germany during the 20s through the mid 40s.

              The economic policies of the modern left are the same as those of Hitler and the Nazi’s. The crony capitalism is the same as that practiced in Nazi Germany.

              We are not suppose to know these facts and if we lose this war it will centuries before historians will manage to dig out these facts.

    • “Angela Merkel vows to make all the laws possible to protect Germans from her policies”

      Create the Problem. Enflame the Reaction. Present the Solution that negates the problem.

      The Hegelian dialectic, as stated by Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus was comprising three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, and an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis.

      Islam. Problem: Muhammad murdered, raped and robbed in the Name of Allah. Reaction: Dhimmis desperately wanted to live peacefully and alive around their muslim neighbors, having laws against the nothing-to-do-with-us ‘Islamist criminals’. Solution: Submit to Muhammad, (because it is not permitted to serve Allah alone), so that now murder, rape and stealing between themselves is brutally and sadistically outlawed. (The Koran – A law for establishing the Honor Among Thieves).

      Communism. Problem: Targeted attacks upon those deemed Privileged and successful by those using their Preferences of Diversity. Reaction: More laws for the invasion of privacy and more prisons demanded . Solution: No Privacy And The State is an Open Prison.

      Sexsquirrelity. Problem: Openly carrying out the latest and hottest perversions. Reaction: Disgust. Solution: Every Child Is Born That Way And Has The Ability To Consent.

      These three Antithesis. Anti-Soul, Anti-Mind and Anti-Body.

      • So for Merkel who was brought up by the Stasi, (her father was a phoney Churchianity Christian – no more than a golden calf pagan), the goal is a United European People’s State that may one day become Eurasia.

        So nation states must be destabilized.

        Problem: Flooding with millions of people with equal values.

        Reaction: Freedom from rape and murder demanded.

        Solution: State Protection.

        Running into the jaws of peace.

        • “Kasner was regarded as a religious leader and idealist who did not oppose the church governance or the policies of the Socialist party, unlike Schönherr and Hanfried Müller (members of the Weissensee Work Group (Weißenseer Arbeitskreis) standing in opposition to dominant national-conservative trend of Berlin-Brandenburg bishop Otto Dibelius). From a perspective of governance, Kasner was considered one of the more “progressive” forces.”

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