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  1. Hostility towards Muslims on the rise in Switzerland (thelocal, Sep 12, 2017)

    “Hostility and discrimination towards Muslim people in Switzerland is on the rise, the Federal Commission against Racism (FCR) said on Monday during a conference at the University of Fribourg.

    The conference, organized by Fribourg University, religion researchers at the University of Lucerne and the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society (SZIG), discussed the conclusions of the latest studies into the perception of Muslims in Switzerland.

    According to organizers, hostility towards Muslims in Switzerland is as a direct result of the political discourse and media reporting around Islam which exaggerate certain aspects of the religion, reported news agencies.

    This hostility “is fed by facts that have nothing to do with Muslims themselves but with international events,” said FCR president Martine Brunschwig Graf in interviews after the conference.

    Federal interior minister Alain Berset, attending the conference, warned against lumping in Islam with terrorism and “holding Islam responsible for all the extremist acts committed in its name”, broadcaster RTS reported.

    Conference organizers blamed social media sites for allowing the cheap and easy dissemination of “propaganda” that spreads suspicion of Muslims and leads to their social exclusion.

    While there is no “miracle recipe” for fighting against this hostility, Brunschwig Graf said Switzerland had made steps in the right direction, not least the creation, in 2015, of the SZIG, a research and training institution that aims to encourage the discussion of Islam in Swiss society.”

  2. Saudi Arabia: Sovereign measures taken against Qatar due to its wrong policies (saudigazette, Sep 12, 2017)

    “Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ahmed Qattan said on Tuesday that the actions that have been taken by the four Arab states calling to combat terrorism are sovereign measures due to the wrong policies being pursued by Doha since so many years…”

  3. Iran strategy: Trump weighing more aggressive response (gulfnews, Sep 12, 2017)

    “President Donald Trump is weighing a strategy that could allow more aggressive US responses to Iran’s forces, its proxies in Iraq and Syria, and its support for militant groups, according to six current and former US officials.

    The proposal was prepared by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, national security adviser H.R. McMaster and other top officials, and presented to Trump at a National Security Council meeting on Friday, the sources said.

    It could be agreed and made public before the end of September, two of the sources said…”

      • In Iraq and Syria but not in the rest of the Middle East. The 8 years of Obama pretty much left him with no choice but to let Russia and Iran have Iraq and Syria with some enclaves for the Kurds and hoping that Russia will protect the Christians and other religious minorities in those nations. In many respects this matter boils down to the availability of military assets to counter the threats to the peace. Under George W. we had a military that was capable of fighting 1 and 1/2 major wars at the same time, Obama cut us back to the point we only have enough to fight 1 major war. North Korea is threatening US allies with their missiles as we all US terrority (Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and possibly a large chunk of the mainland) as well as US allies in the Far East. Iran is threatening US allies but isn’t yet a major threat to the US itself. This makes North Korea the top priority threat, as we rebuild our military (and without the US being attacked in the homeland) the Dems will limit the speed we can rebuild at) our hands are semi tied.

        Yes I am worried about Israel and what is going to happen in the MIdeast but understand why North Korea has top priority. We are going to have to strengthen our naval forces in the Gulf, the Red Sea and given Iran’s rapidly developing ability to develop a naval base in the Med we need to strengthen our forces there also. We aren’t on war time footing so we can’t re-enforce every place as fast as we want. This problem is the major reason they are taking their time in deciding what we are going to do.

        • It isn’t all about troops or capabilities. It’s choosing sides and ACTING as if we are still the U.S. of A. We’re projecting terminal weakness. In the Mideast!

          I’m trying to stay calm, but impeccable Israeli sources tell a different story. There were a lot of moving pieces around the Iran Deal, some of them military. They were working with IRAN!

          Compromised Israeli assets, horrible stuff – and I’ve seen the merest tip of the iceberg. By leaving 0’s senior command in place, not changing the worst of the lot, PT-45 is complicit.

          It’s not a matter of fighting forces; it’s elucidating a direction. That means more than, “I’ll bomb the bleep out of ISIS.” In the absence of strategy, personnel is policy.

          Mattis, like Kerry, is Iran's man.

          McMaster says Hezbollah not a terror group

          August meeting with US officials grew heated when H.R. McMaster rejected Israel’s Hezbollah concerns, denied it was a terror group.

          A new bombshell report alleges that a meeting between high-level Israeli officials and their American counterparts last month deteriorated when National Security Adviser H.R McMaster brushed off Israel’s concerns about Hezbollah, at one point backing up an aide who denied that Hezbollah is a terror organization.

          According to the report on Channel 10 and PJ Media, McMaster yelled at Israeli officials, and denied that the Iran-backed militia is a terrorist group.

          Israeli had sent a high-level delegation to meet with their American counterparts on August 27, in order to discuss the looming threat by the Hezbollah terror group. Israel is worried that the militia is becoming entrenched on its Syrian border, and were incensed with McMaster brought along NSC Senior Director on Counter-Terrorism Mustafa Javed Ali, even asking her to leave the room when she denied that Hezbollah is a terror group.

          McMaster also repeatedly brushed off Israel’s concerns about Hezbollah, at one point yelling at the Israeli delegation, which included Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence head Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi, and Zohar Palti, who heads the Defense Ministry’s political-security department.

  4. Baghdad: worst province in Iraq for human trafficking (memo, Sep 12, 2017)

    “On Monday, the Iraqi High Tribunal Council announced that Baghdad is ahead of all other Iraqi provinces in terms of the number of human trafficking crimes recoreded. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has subsequently met with his security forces leaders to discuss the matter…”

  5. Syrian army general warns refugees: ‘Don’t ever return’ (middleeasteyes, Sep 12, 2017)

    “A top commander in the Syrian army has warned refugees not to return to the country, saying “If you know what is good for you, none of you return,” on state television.

    Major General Issam Zahreddine, of the elite presidential Republican Guard, “advised” anyone who fled the ongoing conflict in Syria not to return, adding that the army would not “forget or forgive”.

    “To those who fled Syria to another country, I beg you don’t ever return, because even if the government forgives you, we will never forgive or forget,” he said.

    “If you know what is good for you, none of you return.”

    Reuters reported that Zahreddine later issued a clarification on his Facebook page, saying his warning had been directed only at people who had taken up arms…”

    • This is officially population transfer.
      Busloads and planeloads. Even while our State Dept twiddles its thumbs, it facilitates population transfer. Continues to serve the Islamic Republic of IRAN.
      Dr. Mordechai Kedar writes:

      …About half the citizens of Syria – approximately ten million people – have become refugees. Approximately half of them are inside Syria and half outside. Those abroad are in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, other Arab countries, Europe, North and South America, Australia, and even Israel.

      Generally speaking, all Syrian refugees who have reached countries outside the Arab world will stay there for good, because life in those countries is orderly and safe. The refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, however – all together about 3.5 million Syrians – are waiting for the war to end so they can return home.

      …the reality in Syria is changing completely, and it is difficult to foresee a massive return of Syrian refugees from those countries. There are two main reasons for this. First, during the six years of the savage and blood-drenched war, large parts of the Syrian cities have been reduced to rubble by aerial bombing, barrel bombing from helicopters, artillery and tank shells, and explosive devices and mines.…

      …But there is another reason the refugees will not return: the Sunni refugees’ fear of the country’s new landlords, the Shiites. For a considerable time, Iran has been transferring Shiite citizens from Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan to Syria. Its clear intention is to decisively change the country’s demographic composition so it will have a Shiite majority instead of the Sunni majority it had until the civil war erupted in 2011. This is undoubtedly the case because the Alawite rulers of Syria know the Sunni majority regards them as heretics and idol worshippers who have no right to live in, let alone rule, the country.

      Twice the Sunnis have rebelled against their government. The first time was from 1976 to 1982, and that rebellion cost the lives of some 50,000 civilians. The second is the current rebellion, which so far has cost the lives of about half a million men, women, and children. The Alawites want to prevent a third uprising, and the sure way to do so is to alter the population’s makeup from a Sunni majority to a Shiite one. Hence, they will not allow Sunnis to return to their homes. Instead, they will make them permanent refugees who fear returning to a country that has been taken over by their enemies.

      This ethnic cleansing promotes the ayatollahs’ dream of creating a Shiite corridor from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. This corridor will encircle the (eastern) Arab Mashreq from the north, and the war in Yemen is meant to create a complementary corridor from the south. Between the corridors the two kingdoms, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, will be ensnared, until they eventually fall into the Shiites’ hands along with Israel, the “Little Satan.” Europe and America will do nothing, because who cares about Muslims fighting Muslims?

      The Shiite majority that will emerge in Syria will also suit the purposes of Lebanese Hezbollah, for which these Shiites will be natural partners. The warming ties between Shiite Syria and Lebanon could lead to some sort of federative union between the two, thereby marginalizing Lebanon’s Christian communities and “persuading” them to flee to other countries and leave Lebanon to its Shiite owners. That is the real reason for Nasrallah’s enthusiasm about the war on Syrian soil, and it is also the reason why Hezbollah’s opponents object to its involvement there.

      [That means the refugee problem will only get worse.]

      The Ebbing of Warfare in Syria Will Spell Catastrophe for Europe

      • Twice the Sunnis have rebelled against their government. The first time was from 1976 to 1982, and that rebellion cost the lives of some 50,000 civilians. The second is the current rebellion, which so far has cost the lives of about half a million men, women, and children.

        Islam has no rival when it comes to a self-chlorinating gene pool.

        … who cares about Muslims fighting Muslims?

        Anyone who is on the incoming end for fleeing Muslim rapefugees.

        • The Saudi’s need to call the Sunni refugees from around the world into Jordan and Syria and use them to form a Sunni Army to fight Iran and the Shiite/Persian Empire. The sentence “Who cares about Moslems killing Moslems” is telling but in the long run we need to use Saudi and hte Sunni’s to counter balance Iran and the Shiites.

          We in the US have often been (correctly accused) of not playing the long game. Since WWII this has mainly been because the left gained enough control over the media and the Dems to modify our foreign policy every time they won the Presidency. Their filling the bureaucracy with leftists helped to prevent a coherent long term foreign policy that always supports US interests. (examples, the Clinton and Obama Years) We are now entering a time when we must play the long game, our enemies are playing a long game and most of our allies are busy committing suicide so we are being forced into the position of either playing the long game or losing our freedom.

          • Long Game = Checkmating Communist China and Islam

            Those two ends will arguably justify some very ruthless means.

            Anyone who is incapable of stomaching such a harsh prospect should right-away move to Communist China or a Muslim majority country in order to immediately experience all the joys and comforts that they have on offer.

            PS: If Cultural Marxism is added to that primary list of goals, things get much, much nastier. It equally possible that the first two objectives may not be attainable without including this third aim.

  6. Report warns of Brotherhood activism in Austria (gulfnews, Sep 12, 2017)

    “A government report has warned against increasing Muslim Brotherhood activism in Austria, expressing alarm as the group actively promotes a narrative “that, through its use of victimhood and justification of violence, creates a fertile environment for radicalisation” in the country.

    According to the report, Muslim Brotherhood entities in Austria have purposely exaggerated anti-Muslim incidents and attitudes — which the report says unquestionably exist — to foster a siege mentality within local communities, arguing that the government and Western societies are hostile to them and to Islam in general.

    “This dynamic has been particularly evident in Austria over the last few years … The spread of this narrative of victimhood mixed with justification of violence should be seen with concern given the massive rise in radicalisation seen throughout Europe during the last five years,” it says.

    The 65-page report was commissioned by the Austrian Foreign Ministry and the Austrian Security Services, and prepared by Dr Lorenzo Vidino, the Director of the Programme on Extremism at George Washington University and an expert on Islam in Europe and North America, in cooperation with the University of Vienna and the Austrian Integration Fund. Vidino’s research over the past 15 years has focused on the mobilisation dynamics of Islamist militant networks and the activities of Muslim Brotherhood-inspired organisations in the West.

    The Brotherhood, which is a designated terrorist organisation in the UAE, Egypt and several other countries in the Middle East, has been publicly labelled as a threat to the social cohesion of Austrian society by Austrian security services, according to the report.

    “The Brotherhood’s narrative is problematic when it comes to its impact on integration and social cohesion. While Western Brotherhood spokespeople tend to publicly adopt more nuanced and less controversial views, some of the less visible members of the milieu in the West condemn Western societies as corrupt, immoral, and unjust,” the report said.

    Such a dangerous stance by the group, the report noted, evolved in spite of the Austrian government’s constant efforts to make Muslim Brotherhood organisations privileged interlocutor within the Austrian Muslim community, funding many of their activities and entrusting them with teaching Islam in state schools and providing religious services to recently arrived refugees.

    Tracing the history of the Brotherhood’s rise in Austria, the report said: “Various national branches of the Muslim Brotherhood have a long-established presence in Austria: some of their networks first appeared in the 1960s. Since their inception, Austrian-based Brotherhood networks have grown and developed, adapting their tactics and changing their priorities. They have directly or indirectly spawned several affiliate organisations.

    The issue is not without contention and political consequences … It is critically important for all European policymakers to determine whether the Muslim Brotherhood operates in their country, and if so, understanding how it operates and what its aims are. This understanding is particularly important during times of intense debates about extremism, massive migration, and integration of Islam in European societies.”

    Outlining the overall structure of the outfit in Austria, the report classifies them into three categories — the Pure Brothers or direct members of various branches of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East who have established a presence in Europe; the Brotherhood Spawns or entities set up by individuals with strong personal ties to the Brotherhood but which operate independently; and the Organisations Influenced by the Brotherhood, which have dwelled in ideological surroundings that are very close to the terror group.

    “Individuals and organisations that belong to each of the three categories have operated for decades in Austria, creating a sophisticated web of entities, charities, educational academies, and businesses, and obtaining a disproportionate level of visibility and power, considering the small number of Brotherhood members and sympathisers in the country,” says the report.”

  7. More Saudi public figures arrested in total clampdown on free speech (alaraby, Sep 13, 2017)

    “A number of prominent personalities have been arrested in Saudi Arabia in recent days, with no reason given by authorities for their detention.

    Among the those arrested is social media star and successful social entrepreneur Essam al-Zamel and the famous Saudi historian Dr. Khaled al-Awda, who is also the brother of one of the kingdom’s most famous clerics – Dr Salman al-Awda – who was also arrested last weekend.

    Popular progressive Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has also been banned for writing for al-Hayat newspaper following comments he made on social media defending the Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudi daily is owned by members of the kingdom’s royal family.

    While no reason has been given for their arrests – and the recent detention of other well-known Saudi personalities – state-owned media and figures linked to these outlets have vocally supported such arrests and justified the “positive steps” taken by authorities.

    The moves come just days before calls were made on social media for peaceful demonstrations this Friday dubbed “Hirak 15 September” (“The 15 September Movement”).

    The arrests also come at a time Saudi society has shown signs of being strongly divided on the country’s blockade of Qatar and their government’s seeming subservience to UAE foreign policy.

    Media outlets in Saudi Arabia now completely toe the government line on the Qatar issue and no space is given for dissent or criticism, however soft.

    It appears that with rumours circulating about the apparent imminent coronation of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman as king, the government is cracking down heavily on social influencers known to be independently-minded and carry sway in the kingdom – particularly among Saudi youth.

    The common factor is that most of those detained have huge social media followings.”

    • Looks like the Saudi royals are getting jittery about having spread so much terrorism. Ensconced in their gold-plated palaces, they are primly situated between the proverbial kaabah rock and the MB’s hard-on a hard place.

      As the old saying goes: Be very careful about what you wish for…

      • We in the West are faced with a problem we haven’t faced for a long time. We are facing a minimum o f3 enemies in the Middle East we are facing 3 enemies of varying degrees of threat and our Islamic allies are worried about our staying power and we have two frenemies who are working to disrupt all we do so they can take over as the influence peddlers and king makers in that region. We are going to have to learn to play one enemy against the other and at the same time keep our Islamic allies from creating more problems.

  8. Supreme Court allows broad Trump refugee ban (reuters, Sep 12, 2017)

    “The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed President Donald Trump to broadly implement a ban on refugees entering the country from around the world.

    The justices granted a request from the Trump administration to block a federal appeals court decision that, according to the Justice Department, would have allowed up to 24,000 additional refugees to enter the United States than would otherwise have been eligible.

    The Supreme Court ruling gives Trump a partial victory as the high court prepares for a key October hearing on the constitutionality of Trump’s controversial executive order, which banned travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and limited refugee admissions…”

  9. Visegrad Group Still Rejects Migrant Quota System

    According to Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto, the V4 countries continue to reject the “mandatory migrant quota scheme.” Poland and Hungary in particular believe that safety of their people and future, national sovereignty, and thousand year friendship is more important than short-term western European acceptance or bribes.

  10. Viktor Orban: Europe’s Population Decline Needs To Be Fixed With Pro-Familiy Policies

    PM Orban Viktor said that only pro-family policies can create a future for Europe and Europeans.

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