US scandals and corruption of the left, and Islam. As usual: Links 1, Sept. 8, 2017

1. The DWS scandal seems to be unfolding. She attempted to hide evidence of serious criminality by her employees.

2. Turkey increasingly arrests and detains German and US citizens; Merkel says Germany rethinking relationship

As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stepped up the pressure this week on the European Union about whether to admit it as a member, U.S. and German officials are growing more exasperated with a government that increasingly is arresting and detaining citizens from both nations for seemingly arbitrary reasons.


Relations between Turkey and Germany have been tense for months, with Turkey accusing Germany of harboring people with alleged links to last year’s failed coup against Erdogan as well as outlawed Kurdish militant groups.

Berlin has accused Turkey of backsliding on democratic values and is angered by the arrest of 12 German citizens in Turkey for what Berlin considers political reasons.

3. Thomas Sowell predicting the future:

4. Jihad Watch article on discussion event on Canada’s sharia compliant, M103 and the ANTIFA threat to stop it by violence.

A conference entitled “M-103: Islamophobia Cure or Shariah Trap?” will take place in Toronto this Sunday. The event is organized by a group called Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF). Speakers include Dr. Bill Warner, Leo Adler, Deborah Weiss, Anthony Furey, Raheel Raza, Yusif Celik, Anni Cyrus and others. But “organizers are not publicly revealing its location. Anti-fascist activists, known as Antifa, have already threatened to disrupt the event and intimidate participants.”


Canada is in a crisis over “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103. Last March, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103 passed the House of Commons, even though a poll indicated that this was not what most Canadians wanted. Canadians were duped by this motion, which had questionable origins, intimating an agenda which has no place in a democracy. The majority vote for the motion was along party lines, with only two Conservative MPs voting for it: Bruce Stanton and Michael Chong.


Although M-103 is not binding legislation, it was followed up with a Heritage Committee study “to look at the issue and then report back with a recommendations that could be used to create legislation within 240 days…The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage is made up of 10 people, six of whom are Liberals. There is a Liberal chair, Hedy Fry, and then there is one Conservative and one NDP deputy chair.” Public hearings were part of this study.

5. Euronews teaches us all what biased reporting really sounds like. Notice how they point out that the AfD leader is “Hitler’s Finance Minister’s granddaughter. Euronews has never pointed at the Stasi involvement of either Merkel or Merkel’s secret thought police chief, Kahane however.

Granddaughter? Seriously?


The radical Students for Justice in Palestine organized a “Smash Fascism” rally this week at the University of Illinois to attack Zionism and the fiercely democratic State of Israel as a supposedly white-supremacist, fascist country.


What these left-wingers meant by “fascism” is subject to debate. Fascism has long been in the eye of the beholder. The term has been used so promiscuously in recent decades that it has been drained of meaning.


George Orwell’s observation in the essay, “Politics and the English Language,” that “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable,’” is as true today as the day he wrote it.

When the Left speaks of fascism they don’t refer to actual fascism as an ideology and political system — they mean whatever they oppose. What is fascist changes, sometimes daily.

7. Tommy Robinson on the BS of jihadi brides


Thank you M., Xanthippa, Richard, Wrath of Khan and MANY more. More to come shortly. In fact the next couple of weeks will have a lot of content even if there are no crisis in the meantime.



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  1. The DWS scandal, the Comey scandal and the Senator Menendez scandal are opening cracks in the cover the Dems have enjoyed for so many decades. We may, I repeat may be seeing the Dem party fall apart and hopefully members of the swamp getting in as much trouble as the Politicians. As their disappears the leftist leaders will probably order antifa to create more riots to draw peoples attention away from the breaking news on the scandals.

    • We may, I repeat may be seeing the Dem party fall apart and hopefully members of the swamp getting in as much trouble as the Politicians

      I can only hope that Hillary’s antics have yanked the keystone out of all further DNC sedition.

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