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  1. SYRIA –

    wiki : -Al-Mu’tasim Brigade

    […]a Free Syrian Army faction active in the northern Aleppo Governorate,

    […]The Mu’tasim Brigade is known for possessing a large amount of US-supplied weapons from the Syrian Train and Equip Program

    […]this group is supplied by the United States.

    […]The Mu’tasim Brigade (…) opposes the U.S.–Russia peace proposals on Syria.

    […]the Moutasem Brigade participated in the Turkish military intervention in Syria

  2. Clear Progress for Integration of Muslims in Western Europe

    The Muslim population in Western Europe has been growing since the 1960s. In most countries, Muslims now make up more than five percent of the total population. Despite social tensions, integration is making clear progress. This is the central finding of our Religion Monitor 2017.

    […]This is evident in the findings of our Religion Monitor 2017, which investigated the language competence, education, working life and interreligious contacts of Muslims in France, the UK, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The successful integration is all the more notable because none of these five countries offer consistently good opportunities for participation, and Muslims encounter open rejection from about one fifth of the population.

    […]”Islam is not an obstacle to integration. Muslims, even the highly religious, learn the new language and strive for higher education levels just as much as other immigrants,” says Stephan Vopel, our expert on social cohesion.

    […]The Religion Monitor 2017 has identified three core strategies for advancing integration and cohesion in Western European societies: First, improve opportunities for participation, especially in the employment and educational systems. Second, accord Islam the same legal status as other institutional religious groups, thereby recognizing religious diversity. And third, promote intercultural contacts and interreligious discussion, for example in schools, in neighborhoods and in the media.
    National Post – Muslims assimilate well in Germany, even though many Germans don’t like them: study

    About 60 per cent of Muslims in Germany hold a full-time job, and an additional 20 per cent are employed part time. These rates are similar to those for ethnic Germans

    Muslim immigrants in Germany have an easier time finding a job and building a community than those in Switzerland, Austria, France and Britain.

    That’s according to a new study from the Bertelsmann Foundation. The researchers spoke to more than 10,000 Muslims who were either born in Europe or arrived before 2010, which means they did not interview the millions who travelled to Europe from Syria and the Middle East during the recent refugee crisis.

  3. Shocking New Details Emerge on FBI’s Raid of Paul Manafort’s Home

    According to a new Fox News report, the FBI’s raid on Paul Manafort’s home in July was far more extension, invasive, and intimidating than was originally reported. And that’s saying something, since the original reports sounded bad enough. In them, we learned that Robert Mueller’s gang of agents stormed Manafort’s house in the pre-dawn hours, less than a day after the former Trump campaign manager willingly cooperated with congressional committees to provide testimony and documents.

    But according to the Fox News report, the raid was especially intrusive, which sheds new, disturbing light on Mueller’s intentions.

    From Fox News:

    The FBI’s July raid on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s Virginia home lasted 10 hours and involved a dozen federal agents, who seized documents labeled “attorney-client,” according to a source close to the investigation.

    The July raid was first reported earlier this month, but the new details reflect the intensity and scope of the search, which the source described as “heavy-handed, designed to intimidate.” Elements of the account were backed up by a second individual also not authorized to speak on the record.

  4. This is looking more and more like a vigilante lynching of someone that isn’t liked. We saw a political prosecution of Sheriff Arpaio and it is looking like we are seeing another political prosecution case being build. The files that were marked Attorney Client are suppose to be off limits from the police.

  5. Greenpeace, Eco-Terrorists Sued for Inciting Violence at Pipeline Protests

    (Emily Larsen, Liberty Headlines) Last week the developers of the Dakota Access Pipeline filed a racketeering lawsuit against Greenpeace and dozens of other environmental groups that protested the pipeline. The lawsuit alleges that Greenpeace and others incited violence by eco-terrorists.

    In federal lawsuit, builder of Dakota Access Pipeline claims environmental groups incited eco-terrorism

    The developer of the Dakota Access Pipeline filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Greenpeace and other environmental groups, accusing them of inciting eco-terrorism for their role in campaigning against the pipeline.

    Energy Transfer, suing in U.S. District Court in North Dakota, claims the environmental groups committed racketeering and defamation that increased the cost of construction by at least $300 million.

  6. The Time Has Come To Stop The War On Free Speech
    If local authorities won’t do it, the Federal government must.
    August 28, 2017
    Daniel Greenfield

    Freedom of Assembly is the first and most important right of the Bill of Rights. Today it is being denied in cities like Berkeley and Portland where local left-wing governments have contrived to deny rally permits while giving the masked thugs of their leftist Antifa allies a blank check to assault those whose views they oppose.

    In Berkley, Boston and San Francisco, the First Amendment doesn’t exist anymore.

    The threat of violence that shut down the Patriot Prayer demonstration in San Francisco, an event scheduled to feature African American, Samoan and Latino speakers, is a case of fascism justifying itself by flying the false flag of “anti-fascism.” And it is the third such case this week – the others being Boston and Berkeley. The founder of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, is a Japanese American who regards himself as a “person of color” and who had made it very clear that he opposes Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and who has publicly stated that his goal is to promote “love” not hate.

  7. Cancelling Patriot Prayer
    Democrat politicians let Antifa thugs suffocate free speech.
    August 28, 2017
    Matthew Vadum

    Freedom of speech in America is under assault by the Left like never before.

    The constitutionally-suspect shutting down of Patriot Prayer’s tiny, properly permitted rally at a federal park in San Francisco Saturday is yet more proof of the political ascendancy of the evil ultra-violent “antifa” street thug movement. The Left now has the power to dictate what is and is not acceptable speech in California and many parts of the country.

    Patriot Prayer is an innocuous Tea Party-ish group that only wanted to conduct a rally to affirm its members support for free speech. Instead the group has been smeared relentlessly — and now as it turns out, persecuted by state actors.

  8. Deadly Racism, Two Presidents, and the Lying “News” Media
    Remember when Obama wouldn’t condemn Black Lives Matter after 5 cops were murdered?
    August 28, 2017
    John Perazzo

    What would we find, specifically, if we examined how America’s most influential media outlets used their news pages ? as distinguished from their opinion pages ? to report on how Presidents Trump and Obama, respectively, responded to homicides that occurred in racially charged circumstances?

    The Coverage of Trump

    Earlier this month, on August 12, a group of white nationalists held a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, ostensibly to protest the proposed removal of a statue of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a local park. Those demonstrators clashed with a leftist group of counter-demonstrators, many of whom represented the Marxist/anarchist movement known as Antifa, and one woman was killed when a young white nationalist rammed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters. Shortly after the mayhem, President Trump condemned “the egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides” in Charlottesville. In response, the left rose up like a chorus condemning the president for failing to specifically call out the instigators as “white supremacists,” and for choosing to assign blame not only to the supremacists but also to the Marxists and anarchists. Two days after that, on August 14, Trump specifically named “the KKK,” “neo-Nazis,” and “white supremacists” as objects of ridicule. But by then, it was far too late to mollify the left. He hadn’t said exactly the right words, with precisely the right inflection, at just the right moment.

  9. Europe’s Asylum Disgrace
    Guess who gets the red-carpet treatment — and who gets turned away?
    August 28, 2017
    Bruce Bawer

    Three years ago, Aideen Strandsson, an Iranian actress who had converted from Islam to Christianity applied for asylum in Sweden on the grounds that apostasy is a capital offense in her home country. (Don’t ask me why her name sounds Swedish rather than Iranian.) This summer, Swedish authorities turned her down. They were fully prepared to send her back to Iran – and to her death – when the Hungarian government stepped in and agreed to take her. It is just one individual’s story, but it illuminates the dramatic difference between Western and Eastern Europe when it comes to matters that will, before too long, decide the future of the continent.

    Sweden, of course, is one of those Western European countries that have eagerly granted asylum to armies of Muslims who pose as refugees from persecution but who are, in fact, economic migrants, eager to climb onto the welfare-state gravy train. Hungary, meanwhile, is one of those Eastern European countries that refuse to take in Muslims but are willing to accept Christians.

  10. How to Get Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal

    by John R. Bolton
    August 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Although candidate Donald Trump repeatedly criticized Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement, his administration has twice decided to remain in the deal. It so certified to Congress, most recently in July, as required by law. Before the second certification, Trump asked repeatedly for alternatives to acquiescing yet again in a policy he clearly abhorred. But no such options were forthcoming, despite “a sharp series of exchanges” between the president and his advisers, as the New York Times and similar press reports characterized it.

    Many outside the administration wondered how this was possible: Was Trump in control, or were his advisers? Defining a compelling rationale to exit Obama’s failed nuclear deal and elaborating a game plan to do so are quite easy. In fact, Steve Bannon asked me in late July to draw up just such a game plan for the president — the option he didn’t have — which I did.

  11. Newsletter Distributed on College Campus Calls for Banning Veterans

    A newsletter distributed at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs says veterans shouldn’t be in college:

    The newsletter reads as follows:

    “A four-year, traditional university is supposed to be a place of learning, of understanding, of safety and security. However, there is an element among us who may be frustrating those goals: Veterans.

    UCCS is known for its number of veterans who are full and part-time students. But these veterans of much of the school prides themselves on may be hurting the university.

    First off, many veterans openly mock the ideas of diversity and safe spaces for vulnerable members of society. This is directly in contradiction to the mission of UCCS. Many veterans utter the mantra that they, “do not see color”. But the problem lies in their socialization into the military culture that is that of a white supremacist organization. They have been permanently tainted, and are no long fit for a four-year university.

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