David Menzies does an excellent video on the double standards on the illegality of genocidal-antisemitism

The other day, I interviewed Tim Burton of Liberty GB who spent 6 weeks of a 12 week sentence in prison for a few sarcastic emails to a Muslim who had committed fraud against the state for a hate crime. We discussed the seeming double standard in the UK for muslims over there.

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7 Replies to “David Menzies does an excellent video on the double standards on the illegality of genocidal-antisemitism”

  1. If your so slow as to not be able solve your problem the right way then maybe you should have used your time locked up to figure it out.

  2. The three Somali women’s defense was that they are Muslims, who don’t drink; therefore they are not use to the effects of alcohol.

    Tim Burton defense could have been that he is British, with British Humor; therefore he was not use to the effects that British Humor, would have on the Other. 😉 Watchers

    This reminds me of: “Weapons of freedom”
    by Olavo de Carvalho – December 17, 2009


    Big media, now massively concentrated in the hands of globalist mega-corporations, play a fundamental role in dumbing down the masses. In order to achieve this, one of the most widely employed techniques nowadays is cognitive dissonance, a discovery made by psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-1989). This is how it works. If you read today’s newspapers, you will see that Tiger Woods, the golf champion, one of our most beloved citizens of late, is now under heavy attack by newspapers and TV news shows because the poor man has been found to have mistresses. Scandal! Horror! General indignation threatens to drop half of the adulterer’s sponsorship deals and strike him off of the list of the “beautiful people” who appear on advertisements for sneakers, bubble gums, and miracle diets. But there is a telltale detail: beside the protests against the sportsman’s immorality, there are fierce attacks on “right-wing extremists” who do not accept abortion, gay marriage, or the inducing of children to premature sexual delight. The two moral codes, mutually contradictory, are simultaneously offered as equally obliging and sacrosanct. Excited and impelled to all kinds of sexual debaucheries, while at the same time threatened with character assassination in case he may practice them even to a modest degree, the anguished citizen reacts through a kind of intellectual breakdown, becoming a servile fool who no longer knows how to orient himself and who begs for a voice of command. The command can be empty and meaningless, as for example “Change!,” but when it is uttered, it always sounds like a relief.

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