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7 Replies to “Evergreen college continues to prove the case that public funding should be withdrawn from schools”

  1. It would be very interesting indeed to find out to what degree the radical leftists are leveraging themselves and making themselves powerful to the point of taking over the world. Are fifty percent of the people radical leftists? Of course not! Thirty percent? I doubt it. Twenty? Ten?

    I’ll betcha that the real number of actual left wing extremists – that is to say soldiers of the left who are aware of the overall plan – numbers in the thousands rather than the hundreds-of-millions. It’s just that they’re so damned dedicated and tireless that they seem virtually impossible to stop no matter how small their actual numbers. They know what they want and they want it bad, and they’re smart and they’re good at what they do…

    For instance, what percentage of the students at Evergreen State actually want to see a one-party Democrat dictatorship replace the two-party democracy they have now, with the Democrats staying in for thirty five years at a stretch and the Republicans nothing but a memory? How many of the students want to see white people discriminated against in retaliation for slavery and the Jim Crow laws? How many really want to see the first amendment torn up and freedom of speech abolished under the guise of “hate speech” laws?

    George Soros wants to turn the whole world into the Third World and his plan is unfolding with symphonic precision. Very soon we will turn around and we will find ourselves living in Venezuelastan from one end of the Earth to the other. People. For God’s sake. Wake up!

    • It took only 3% of colonial Americans to take arms for the Revolution.
      At least that’s what hardcore DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution – teach.
      My familiar ghost, President John Adams, says it’s more complicated, but technically not far off the mark.

      • 3% took up arms and fought but around one third supported the revolution, this distinction is ignored by most people. The success of a revolution depends on the number of supporters as well as the number of people fighting. The supporters are the ones who provide the physical equipment and food along with the money to buy more equipment and food as well as pay the troops. This support function is ignored by a lot of people who think only those fighting count.

  2. The leftist domination of the educational industry is one of the evils that are destroying civilization, the United States and the resto fhte Western nations have probably passed the point where a political solution to the problem is possible.

  3. An Evergreen College diploma has been rendered worthless by these events. Employers now look very closely at the entirety of a resume and Evergreen would certainly raise a flag.

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