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18 Replies to “One Marine describes the Islamic attitude to the West”

  1. The Front Line in this war of survival is everywhere, just as all towns and cities are border towns and cities. It is a matter of time before the terrorists and trained commandos that have infiltrated all of our nations receive the orders to attack. Their superiors are waiting for the right time and that time is probably rapidly approaching.

    • Even with Trump? I am fairly certain that he will strike back with a passion. Flowers, stuffed animals and candles don’t seem to be in his play book, or Mattis’ either.

      • I’m not a Trump hater by any means. But he’s slow walking most of what needs to be done. .gov has mostly ever been reactionary. They’re never proactive when it comes to anything unless it involves billions. My 2 cents. It’s always baffled me since 9/11 to have a DHS that touts “homeland” security but the porous border allows who knows who into here. It’s been unsecured for so long we have no idea who’s here. John Wayne is not coming and there won’t be a Calvary. God help us.

        • The Calvary is is the armed civilians who will fight back, there are more then you think. You are right by saying John Wayne won’t save us, the government can’t save us, we are the last line of defense and it is up to the armed civilians to protect themselves, their families and their towns. We can work out from there. Of course the Propaganda Media will call all of us murders and worse.

      • They thought Bush wouldn’t do anything after the 9/11/01 attack, they are testing Trump to see if he will fight back, the best test is a major attack.

      • But he appointed Deep State at the highest levels. 0’s gang is still in place, nice and comfy.

        Mattis, like all senior military, follows orders. He knows the Enemy he knew, no gears shifted. Tillerson’s done more than one sword-dance in his long career as a Texas oilman.

        Kabuki. Mixed messages. Double-talk.
        NONE of it as casual as it’s meant to appear. I’m looking at the Middle East, but my Russki tells me the same goes for Europe. That’s according to his Russian sources and his family in Kiev.

        The difference is PT-45 loves America. The other side wants [present tense] us submissive or dead.

        Which is necessary but not sufficient.

        It’s early for our POTUS, he’s up against it, and I appreciate the monumental job. At the same time the information his people – our side – gives to us is …shaped, so we need to process it somewhat differently ourselves.

        I’m watching the ball, keeping score by counting REAL goals – like extirpating the MB and confining the Ayatollahs to their sandbox. Same thing for the South China Sea and the Refugee Resettlement racket at home.

        Define objectives that can be measured. Don’t trust: Verify.

        Careful not to be distracted by fool’s-gold, for example:
        ~~ “ISIS Defeated!!” ~~
        Same as G.W. on the ship with the flag and “Mission Accomplished”.
        Sunni monsters replaced by Shitte monsters.
        Congratulations, Iran!

        • Politics is the art of the possible, we are watching him try and work around the Deep State to save the US, he has to be careful because he knows a lot of them hate him and don’t care what happens to him. His death would be a warning to Pence to toe the line of suffer the same.

          As you say we have to see what happens in clearly defined goals and pray that enough of the Deepb State agree with the goals that they don’t prevent him from doing anything.

      • I pray we won’t have to, of course providing help to the good guys in a civil war is a horse of a different color.

          • I hate it when you agree with the future I am trying to avoid thinking about.

            Yeah it is a high probability that we will have to liberate Canada, I hope our friends manage to make their way to safety before we are forced to move.

  2. My brother was in Bosnia with the British army in the early 90’s. He dealt with muslims and one of them said a very similar thing to him. He said you are like dogs to us. We will pet you and feed you but you are the infidel and when we have had enough of you we will just shoot you.
    My Dad fought in Yemen in the 60’s . He came back saying they wanted to rule the world. People then laughed at him.
    I know a mechanic who now lives in France. He dealt with an influential muslim business man in Glasgow in the early 80’s. The muslim told him this whole area of Glasgow would be muslim. It pretty much is.
    London is 44 % native white now.
    People need to wake the f@#$ up!

    • That is the last thing we will do, there are enough armed vets in the Midwest to make up at least one and possibly 3 Army Corps. Most of us (I am not) are still young enough to show the Invaders and the left that you don’t mess with a free people.

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