Giant mosque in small town, mocking CNN becomes high art, Links 1, July 11, 17

1, New mosque in Ft. McMurray, biggest in North America?


  1. Wounded soldier calls US$8M to Khadr, “punch in face”

4. Predator’ London minicab driver who raped sleeping women JAILED for 12 years

Taxi rapeMET / GETTY

Jahir Hussain has been jailed for 12 years

Jahir Hussain, 37, was convicted of two counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault, one count of assault by penetration and one count of battery with intent to commit a sexual offence.

He was described by police as a “predator” who used his position as a mini-cab driver to attack “vulnerable females”. 

The first attack took place on October 21 when he picked up a 23-year-old woman from Old Street. 

She fell asleep in the back seat and woke to Hussain cutting off her clothes. Hussain, of Morris Road, E14, then repeatedly attacked her before driving her home. 

5. Even people who hate President Trump would agree with this, they just see it differently. But they would certainly agree.

6. Viktor Orban says Brussels, (The EU) is implementing the George Soros vision for the future of Europe.

And for the record, its not because he is ethnically Jewish:

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  1. I turned off the new features as what comments I did get about them were all negative.

    Wait, what? So, our little village has been infiltrated? I would say leave the negative comments and let your regulars confront them.

    • It was the regulars who complained, including the guy who asked for the feature in the first place.

      It also seemed to slow down the back end of the site a lot for some reason. Still is slower than it was. Not sure why. Ill keep looking for a plugin that just allows voting up comments. I really do want that but not at the cost of ponying up everyone’s info to a foreign data base or 2 days of technical problems. There HAS to be a simple solution to it but I haven’t found it yet and I have indeed been looking.

      • I gotta say also that I see flaws. When I write a comment then go away to check a word definition, I return to find everything I’ve written gone. It’s a bit frustrating.

        • It ate my comments, mixed-up my registration info, and was just plain unfriendly.

          It’s nice to know you’re “liked”… but:
          • what if you’re NOT “liked”?
          • or SELDOM “liked”?

          Will that change how you relate to the material or those who comment on it?
          • will you feel PRESSURE to reciprocate?
          • will CLIQUES develop?

  2. 5 – The only problem is that CNN makes it so easy for people to hit them. They are acting stupider then the normal liberal and that is saying a lot.

  3. I doubt many, if any of you have been to Fort Mac. As a contractor I went there looking for work three times. It is a rough, tough frontier town. The native teenagers will roll you for your $3k pay outside the local bar if you’re drunk. Or even if your not but out of the light and alone. The place is pretty much run by Newfoundlanders because they had nothing to lose by leaving home and had those Irish smarts to take over. At least it used to be this way just a few years ago. Maybe the mayor is still a Newfie.

    It sits near the edge of the tree line. It is a barren foreboding desert. It is brutal in its physical harshness and the loneliest place on earth for a man away from home trying to get ahead. Many live in work camps. Powerful illicit drugs moved in with the Hell’s Angels and other gangs some years ago. There is so much money.

    A 150,000 sq. Ft. Mosque doesn’t belong here. This is a beach head to Canada’s North and oil wealth. The enemy’s gall is bracing but real. Beware.

  4. Hungary needs its Jews. They are the great asset. They are one with the culture. Orban knows it. Bibi recognizes it. Many are aware of the Hungarian, and Jewish Hungarian contributions to science and art. It is vastly disproportionate to the size of the country. I apologize in advance for saying it again and again, but it matters to all.

    • And Hungarian Jews get along better with other Hungarians than with Jews from anywhere else in the world. They’re called “clannish” – by the most clannish people in the world!

      It’s really a flourishing community, unique in many ways. Its biggest problem is the seduction of young people to the universal Leftism spawned and fertilized by Soros, inc.

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