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  1. ‘Gang of migrants’ ambush British couple driving through Paris for their UK number plate (express, Jun 25, 2017)

    “A GROUP of migrants allegedly ambushed an elderly British couple who were driving through Paris in a bid to steal their UK number plate.

    Peter, 55, and Jill Stubbs, 57, were reportedly targeted by a dozen robbers as they were stuck in traffic en route home from a holiday in the south of France, the Sun reports.

    They were briefly unable to escape as their black BMW was surrounded by three other vehicles and motorbikes held up the traffic.

    Two men on foot allegedly began circling them with one carrying a gun or knife approached the driver’s side.

    The second then used a brick to smash the passenger window before leaning in and grabbing Jill’s bag.

    Jill, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was left covered in glass after the robbers smashed the front window.

    The couple from Cornwall managed to escape by driving down a side road near Saint-Denis on Saturday night…”

  2. Over 40 terrorists have ‘used human rights law to remain in UK’ (express, Jun 25, 2017)

    “MORE than 40 foreign terrorists have allegedly used human rights law to remain in the UK, according to an unpublished report delayed by the Home Office.

    The study reportedly shows that in court cases, lawyers – typically funded through legal aid – have successfully prevented foreign-born terror suspects from being sent back to their home countries.

    Details are included in a report into a scheme called Deportation with Assurances (DWA).

    The report was ordered by Theresa May when she was the Home Secretary.

    However, the report could be set to embarrass Theresa May as it allegedly highlights the ineffectiveness of the DWA scheme, which she pushed while in the Home Office.

    The DWA scheme led to the removal of Abu Qatada, an al-Qaeda-linked cleric who was sent back to Jordan in 2013 to stand trial on terrorist offences.

    But since Qatada’s case, it is understood that no other foreign terror suspects have been returned under the scheme.

    The analysis of the scheme was delivered to the Home Office in February.

    It was carried out by David Anderson QC, the then independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, and co-written with Professor Clive Walker, an international law expert.

    Prof Walker told the Sunday Telegraph: “My research suggests there are more than 40 foreign terrorists convicted in the UK who have avoided deportation using the Human Rights Act. The figure is much larger than was previously thought.

    “The report is finished. It is a substantial piece of work. David [Anderson] has produced other reports critical or not of the Government which have always been published.

    “My role in it was to compile a detailed description of the rules and regulations about deportation with assurances. I still think the Home Office wish to pursue DWA.”

    Jihadists with links to the failed July 21 bomb plot in 2005 and an Algerian terrorist imprisoned for funding al-Qaeda training camps are among those reported to have used the Human Rights Act to resist deportation.

    Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali avoided deportation and was released in 2011 after serving just half of his nine-year sentence for helping the July 21 bombers.

    The UK Government tried to deport Ali to his native Eritrea but was prevented from doing so because he faced “inhumane treatment or punishment” if sent back.

    Lord Carlile, Mr Anderson’s predecessor as the independent reviewer of terror legislation, has called for a shift in the interpretation of the Human Rights Act to enable more suspects to be deported.

    He said: “The attacks in recent months demonstrates the need to protect the public and that this should outweigh the human rights of terrorists.””

      • One encouraging thing from this entire video was how the bold young blonde woman clad in pale blue attire (at video time point — 00:37) was so unstintingly generous in her dedication to giving that demonstration’s attendant Muslims a persistent and unmistakable “one finger salute” with her “rigid digit”.

        Oh, that I might return the favor in a far more caring, intimate, and satisfying manner to such a delightful and impeccably motivated specimen of female virtue. Sigh!

      • Since this video appears here … so must my comment.

        At time point 00:35 an irresistible blonde woman manages to overcome any sort of impediment posed by her capacious white purse and effortlessly delivers an unmistakable and richly deserved gesture of sincere regard to the Muslims that have gathered in front of her.

        Oh, for the chance to similarly flip that enchanting bird!

  3. Refugee reality: Germany admits 75% face long-term unemployment and life on benefits (Hat Tip: Gates of Vienna & Reader from Chicago)

    What follows is my comment lodged at GoV:

    …the German government acknowledged that 75% of the “refugees” will end up permanently on welfare benefits.

    This isn’t just a frank admission of abject failure, it is a declaration of outright financial (if not cultural) war on indigenous Germans.

    To expect that a native population should meekly accept how some million or more non-assimilating, sexually violent, and criminally-inclined newcomers will be given an ultimate free ride on the dime of hard-working taxpayers goes beyond mere insult and into the realm of treasonous betrayal of all that generations of post-WWII Germans have worked for.

    The bureaucratic elite (including its entire willkommenskultur crowd), with their smug attitude of, “It’s for your own good!”, may face a rather ugly wake up call.

    The only unpredictable aspect is upon which side an emerging (Teutonic) Robespierre will land. There can be no doubt that a (non-Islamic) reign-of-terror is coming. It will be something that, in traditional European style, dwarfs the puny efforts of recent Muslim invaders.

    All which remains to be seen is whether—in an outrageous usurpation of civil rights—this “cleansing” will be directed against a restive indigenous population or used to sweep away the newly arrived legions of jihadists and their fellow travelers (of all ilks).

    Either way, this latest news about how, “75% of the “refugees” will end up permanently on welfare benefits”, guarantees that the process will be neither pretty nor sedate.

    • It is NOT FAIR to trick people into coming to Europe for a better life only to enslave them as part of the welfare industry!!!

      • Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. P’raps when the social benefits run out they will come to appreciate just how unwise their parasitic scragedy was.

        • 75% of the invaders will never find work, this gives them a lot of time to plan terror attacks, rapes, and other depredations against the German people.

    • “Touched by sadness.”

      Just try and take that into a home of some victim that died in London Bridge.

      Odds are that they’d eviscerate your pudenda and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.

      “Targeted for their faith?!?”

      Who are these bloody whinging little wankers and what sort of endless shite do they think rational Westerners will tolerate in the name of their ridiculous pretense of a “religion”???

      No one was “killed” at the Finsbury “attack”, yet they pretend that all of Islam has come under an assault of monstrous proportions. Tell you what, you flipping rodwollopers, do a body count twixt Europeans and your precious Muslims. Then get back to us about how many people are being killed by whichever type of maniacal, lunatic sort of vicious bastards that you’d like to name.

      “The Royal Family”???

      PERISH THE FLIPPING THOUGHT!!! You’ve got to be farking kidding me. Chuckles is so far gone into the hands of his doting Muslim slavers that all they respect about him is how his jug-ears make it so easy for them to get a grip whilst Princey-Prinkey-Nancy-Boy enthusiastically gargles with their ejaculations.

      Please don’t get me started … you know how I get.

        • Thank you, Johnnyu. I am at the point now where having jihadists nuke a few cities would be welcome just so long as it assured that Islam was erased from the face of this earth.

          The amount of Western blood and treasure being squandered in this futile attempt to pacify those who absolutely refuse to seek peaceful resolution of anything must come to an end. Sane people will need to realize that only unconventional weapons will provide any economical way of neutralizing the 200 or 300 MILLION jihadi terrorists that are larded throughout the global Muslim population.

          Either Islam cleans its own house RIGHT AWAY (as in STAT!) or the West will have to burn down dar al harb. Islam delenda est.

          Clearly, not even Trump has the scrotal endowment for this ugly task.

  4. AUSTRALIA – Al Quds Day Rally Melbourne 2017

    Hear the anti-Israel slogans being shouted by a small group of pro-Palestinian supporters on the steps of the State Library.

  5. British author: Problems in Europe a ‘warning siren’ for US

    The Strange Death of Europe’ author Douglas Murray speaks out on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’

    • “Angela Davis – refugees are the 21st century answer to her religion of communism”
      Maurie Dee – Published on May 19, 2015

      • Can anyone be less relevant than Angela Davis … well, aside from Eldridge Cleaver?

        This pseudo-revolutionary vaginal cavity is an ambulatory argument for euthanasia.

    • I’d just as soon he not be present to listen politely as those Arabic curses are incanted on his infidel head.
      It’s evil juju, bad luck. Like a witch collecting your nail-clippings to burn in sympathetic magic.

      Not that I believe in such nonsense, Heaven forbid!

  6. Wounded jihadists, returnees from the Syrian war zone, are treated in health care institutions unhindered in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), at the expense of local people, Telegraf reports.

    Sources close to the security structures in BiH say that about 40 wounded soldiers from the Syrian battlefield were treated in hospitals in Sarajevo, Fojnica, Zenica and Travnik up to now, although they were rarely visited and examined by some BiH researchers.

  7. An independent team of George Washington University students are undertaking an independent investigation of the Seth Rich murder. Currently, D.C. Police are still investigating Seth Rich’s murder as a botched robbery.

    The forensic psychology, criminal investigation, and profiling experts-in-training, who spent three months investigating the homicide, are not so sure of this. Currently they surmise it was more likely a hired killer or even a serial killer behind the murder of North Carolina Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. The independent, all-volunteer group of about 20 current and former George Washington University students operates out of “an undisclosed location” in Arlington, Virginia, and has published their findings in an 83-page report.

  8. Update on William Finlay via David DiCrescenzo. “I just got off the phone with our embassy up there. They are now aware and looking into the matter. Bill is not returning my calls and texts which means he probably cannot right now.”

    “Let’s keep this patriot in our prayers while we wait for news.”

    What in the flying h*ll is this! In Canada you can be arrested for “HATE SPEECH” on your freaking mobile device? That’s completely and entirely and utterly and massively UNCONSCIONABLE!

    Wild Bill stated to a friend, “Was arrested at the airport for ‘smuggling hate speech’ on my iPad. Don’t know how this is going to turn out… really appreciate prayers and support of my friends.”

    William Finlay, also know as Wild Bill for America, a popular speaker and author, has been arrested today at a Canadian airport for “smuggling hate speech” on his freaking iPad. The author and speaker was invited to give a speech at the Patriotic Unity Mega Festival, at Calgary’s Olympic Plaza which is coordinated by Canada’s Worldwide Coalition against Islam (WCAI). A massive group that also has chapters in Europe and Australia.

    Update on William Finlay via David DiCrescenzo. “I just got off the phone with our embassy up there. They are now aware and looking into the matter. Bill is not returning my calls and texts which means he probably cannot right now.”

    “Let’s keep this patriot in our prayers while we wait for news.”

    • I can see now why the communists will not allow the teaching of Darwin. Makes these people look like they died as a result of their own inability to adapt.

    • Overturned oil tanker explodes in Pakistan, killing 148 (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

      “An overturned oil tanker burst into flames in Pakistan on Sunday, killing 148 people who had rushed to the scene of the highway accident to gather leaking fuel, an official said.

      The death toll could rise further as another 50 people are still in critical condition, said Dr. Mohammad Baqar, a senior rescue official in the area. There were dozens of other injuries of varying degree, he said.

      Local news channels showed black smoke billowing skyward and scores of burned bodies, as well as rescue officials speeding the injured to hospital and army helicopters ferrying the wounded.

      Saznoor Ahmad, 30, whose two cousins were killed in the fire, said the crowd of people screamed as the flames engulfed them.

      “The fire moved so fast,” he said. When the flames subsided the field was strewn with bodies, and nearby were the charred shells of motorcycles and cars that the villagers had used to race to the scene.

      As the wounded cried out for help, residents wandered through the area looking for loved ones.

      Zulkha Bibi was searching for her two sons.

      “Someone should tell me about my beloved sons, where are they? Are they alive or are they no longer in this world? Please tell me,” she pleaded.

      The disaster came on the eve of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. While Saudi Arabia and most other Muslim countries celebrated the holiday Sunday, Pakistanis will mark it on Monday.

      The tanker was driving from the southern port city of Karachi to Lahore, the Punjab provincial capital, when the driver lost control and crashed on the national highway outside Bahawalpur.

      A loudspeaker atop a local mosque alerted villagers to the leaking fuel, and scores raced to the site with jerry cans, said Rana Mohammad Salim, deputy commissioner of Bahawalpur.

      Highway police moved quickly to redirect traffic but couldn’t stop the scores of villagers who raced to collect the fuel, spokesman Imran Shah told a local TV channel.

      When the fire erupted, the same mosque loudspeaker called on the remaining villagers to help put it out.

      Mohammed Salim ran toward the smoke carrying buckets of water and sand, but said the heat was too intense to reach those in need.

      “I could hear people screaming but I couldn’t get to them,” he said.

      Abdul Malik, a local police officer who was also among the first to arrive, described a “horrible scene.”

      “I have never seen anything like it in my life. Victims trapped in the fireball. They were screaming for help,” he said.

      When the fire subsided, “we saw bodies everywhere, so many were just skeletons. The people who were alive were in really bad shape,” he said.

      Eyewitnesses said about 30 motorcycles that had carried villagers to the accident site lay charred nearby. Eight other vehicles were destroyed, they said.

      A state of emergency was declared at the Victoria Hospital in Bahawalpur, said Dr. Javed Iqbal. Within 15 minutes of the fire the hospital had called in extra doctors and nurses, and had formed a team to handle the emergency.

      Iqbal said most of the patients suffered burns to upward of 80 percent of their bodies. After being stabilized they will be transferred by C-130 aircraft to hospitals in the provincial capital, Lahore. Some of the most badly burned were evacuated by army helicopters to Multan, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) away.

      The dead included men, women and children. Many were burned beyond recognition, Baqar said, and will have to be identified using DNA testing.”

      • Welcome to the world of intensive, persistent, and epidemic corruption. A place of such grinding poverty that people run towards a potentially dangerous accident for the sake of gathering several dollars worth of petrol.

        See: Nigeria pipeline explosion kills 200

        At least 200 people died today in a large fire after a burst fuel pipeline exploded in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos.

        Hundreds of bodies, most burned beyond recognition, lay at the scene of the blast. Intense heat and flames kept rescue workers back while smoke billowed over the heavily populated Abule Egba neighbourhood.

        A senior official for the Nigerian Red Cross, Ige Oladimeji, said his workers had documented “over 200 [dead] and still counting”.

        “We can only recognise them through the skulls, the bodies are scattered over the ground,” Mr Oladimeji said.

        Witnesses said the pipeline ruptured shortly after midnight. People collected the petrol in plastic jerry cans for hours before the puddles caught fire after dawn. It was unclear what caused the rupture or ignition of the spilled fuel.

        Too bad nobody had the brains to relocate all of their open containers of fuel away from those spills where they were trying to breach the pipeline. I guess none of them will be making that particular mistake again.

        • Where there is Marxism there is poverty, starvation, corruption and police spies in every group. We are experiencing the corruption and the beginning of the poverty and the police spies. With luck we will manage to pull back from the edge of full Marxism that will generate all 4 of the Marxist horsemen.

  9. Retaliation by ‘black power’ dean, evidence destroyed
    Only white people can be racist, huh?
    A state appeals court upheld a jury verdict of nearly $5 million – three-quarters of that punitive damages – against an historically black college for discriminating against a white employee.
    One of its many sins that were meticulously laid out by the court? Deleting incriminating emails from the senior official who targeted the white employee.

  10. Aisha comes to town. Islam is a universal religion.

    “A nuclear energy expert was behind bars in disgrace on Friday after he was caught smuggling a child-like ‘paedophile’ sex doll into the UK in the first case of its kind in Britain.

    Father-of-one Andrew Dobson, 49, from Cheshire, used eBay to buy the £150 silicon doll – which resembled a girl as young as four – from a sex toy firm based in Hong Kong.

    The sick item came with a negligee, face mask, blindfold, gloves and an even a ‘cavity warmer’ to give it a more ‘life-like feel.'”

    Nuclear energy consultant, 49, who smuggled a £150 ‘paedophile’ sex doll resembling a four-year-old girl into the UK is jailed for two years in landmark case

    By Harvey Day For Mailonline
    16:49, 23 Jun 2017, updated 17:09, 23 Jun 2017
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    Father-of-one Andrew Dobson, 49, used eBay to buy the £150 silicon doll
    The sick item came with a negligee, face mask, blindfold and an a ‘cavity warmer’
    Package was intercepted by Border Force as it arrived at East Midlands Airport
    Police raided Dobson’s £300,000 property in the village of Wistaston, Crewe
    Found 26 pornographic images and videos of children being abused
    Father-of-one Andrew Dobson, 49, (pictured leaving Chester Crown Court in handcuffs after sentencing) used eBay to buy the £150 silicon doll from a sex toy firm based in Hong Kong +8
    Father-of-one Andrew Dobson, 49, (pictured leaving Chester Crown Court in handcuffs after sentencing) used eBay to buy the £150 silicon doll from a sex toy firm based in Hong Kong
    A nuclear energy expert was behind bars in disgrace on Friday after he was caught smuggling a child-like ‘paedophile’ sex doll into the UK in the first case of its kind in Britain.

    Father-of-one Andrew Dobson, 49, from Cheshire, used eBay to buy the £150 silicon doll – which resembled a girl as young as four – from a sex toy firm based in Hong Kong.

    The sick item came with a negligee, face mask, blindfold, gloves and an even a ‘cavity warmer’ to give it a more ‘life-like feel.’

    “But the package was intercepted by Border Force officials as it arrived at East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire.

    Police later raided Dobson’s £300,000 property in the village of Wistaston near Crewe, Cheshire and found 26 pornographic images and videos on his computer of children being abused.

    One 12 minute clip showed a girl of six being raped by a man wearing a clown mask. He later admitted buying the child-like doll to use for sex.”

    • Nuclear scientist.
      Passing maths shouldn’t be the only tests for those who would study THAT.

      Once for a school report I interviewed a nuclear physics professor at MIT. He talked about his many gifted students, happily working on bombs back home in Iran. They all got fabulous jobs, though he expected some had been ‘neutralized’ by Mossad.

  11. CIA chief: Intel leaks on the rise, cites leaker ‘worship’

    WASHINGTON (AP) — CIA Director Mike Pompeo says he thinks disclosure of America’s secret intelligence is on the rise, fueled partly by the “worship” of leakers like Edward Snowden.

    “In some ways, I do think it’s accelerated,” Pompeo told MSNBC in an interview that aired Saturday. “I think there is a phenomenon, the worship of Edward Snowden, and those who steal American secrets for the purpose of self-aggrandizement or money or for whatever their motivation may be, does seem to be on the increase.”

    Pompeo said the United States needs to redouble its efforts to stem leaks of classified information.

    “It’s tough. You now have not only nation states trying to steal our stuff, but non-state, hostile intelligence services, well-funded — folks like WikiLeaks, out there trying to steal American secrets for the sole purpose of undermining the United States and democracy,” Pompeo said.

    Besides Snowden, who leaked documents revealing extensive U.S. government surveillance, WikiLeaks recently released nearly 8,000 documents that it says reveal secrets about the CIA’s cyberespionage tools for breaking into computers. WikiLeaks previously published 250,000 State Department cables and embarrassed the U.S. military with hundreds of thousands of logs from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    There are several other recent cases, including Chelsea Manning, the Army private formerly known as Bradley Manning. She was convicted in a 2013 court-martial of leaking more than 700,000 secret military and State Department documents to WikiLeaks while working as an intelligence analyst in Iraq. Manning said she leaked the documents to raise awareness about the war’s impact on innocent civilians.–CIA%20Director/id-7dd623f828a54d8c8ad03ce5fb372082

  12. Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud, hire lawyers

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his wife, Jane Sanders have hired prominent defense attorneys amid an FBI investigation into a loan Jane Sanders obtained to expand Burlington College while she was its president, CBS News confirms.

    Politico Magazine first reported the Sanders had hired lawyers to defend them in the probe. Sanders’ top adviser Jeff Weaver told CBS News the couple has sought legal protection over federal agents’ allegations from a January 2016 complaint accusing then-President of Burlington College, Ms. Sanders, of distorting donor levels in a 2010 loan application for $10 million from People’s United Bank to purchase 33 acres of land for the institution.

    According to Politico, prosecutors might also be looking into allegations that Sen. Sanders’ office inappropriately urged the bank to approve the loan.

    Burlington attorney and Sanders supporter Rich Cassidy has reportedly been hired to represent Sen. Sanders. And high-profile Washington defense attorney Larry Robbins, who counseled I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, is protecting Jane Sanders.

  13. Its the Washington Compost so …

    In Venezuela, prisoners say abuse is so bad they are forced to eat pasta mixed with excrement

    CARACAS, Venezuela — The headquarters of the Venezuelan intelligence service is a vast pyramid-shaped edifice known as the Helicoide, a former shopping mall which now functions as an interrogation pen for political prisoners and protesters.

    The 30-year-old economics student had heard enough about the infamous building to be terrified as he was led into a dank cell in early April — his eyes blindfolded, his wrists bound by his shoelaces.

    “You’re going to die here,” a guard informed him, he later recalled.

    The student had been detained after throwing rocks at an anti-government protest. During the 12 hours he spent inside the Helicoide, he said, the guards pummeled his torso, gave him electric shocks and ignited a type of powder in his cell that had the effect of tear gas, causing him to press his face into the concrete floor to escape the fumes.

  14. Protesters, Security Forces Clash Again in Venezuela
    In address Saturday, President Maduro claims to have broken up U.S.-backed plot to overthrow him

    CARACAS, Venezuela—Young protesters broke down a metal fence guarding an air base in Caracas on Saturday before being repelled by security forces firing tear gas in another day of antigovernment protests in Venezuela’s capital.

    Demonstrators threw stones, and some protesters were injured.

    The clashes took place after a peaceful mass demonstration next to La Carlota base, where a 22-year-old protester was killed this week when a national guardsman shot him in the chest at close range with rubber bullets.

    Protesters also fought with security forces outside the base Friday, and activists burned some vehicles during the confrontation.

    President Nicolás Maduro said in an address to troops Saturday that he had managed to break up a U.S.-backed plot to oust him. Like his predecessor, the late Hugo Chávez, Mr. Maduro frequently accuses the U.S. of trying to topple Venezuela’s socialist administration.

    Mr. Maduro praised Venezuela’s military for standing by the government, and he warned that attempts are under way to try to sow further dissent.

  15. Albanians vote in test for democracy, EU membership

    TIRANA (Reuters) – Albanians were voting in a parliamentary election on Sunday with the ruling Socialists and rival Democrats seeking a majority to push through judicial reforms vital for membership of the European Union.

    The race pits Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama against the center-right Democratic Party of Lulzim Basha. Neither party won the 70 seats needed for a majority in the 2013 or 2009 election.

    Polls opened at 7 a.m. (0500 GMT) on what is forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures reaching 39 degrees Celsius. They close at 7 p.m.

    The elderly and the young were up early to vote when polling stations opened in Tirana, to avoid the heat or to head to the beach after voting. Turnout at 1 p.m. was 27.28 percent.

    Thousands of Muslims, who make up 60 percent of the population, recited prayers in the newly-built pedestrian square in central Tirana early on Sunday to mark the end of Ramadan.

    Exit poll results are expected shortly after polls close, with the first official results due on Monday.

    The vote will be watched closely by Albania’s European neighbors, keen for it to leave behind a history of election irregularities and violence.

    “I expect a radical change, a better future for the Albanians so they don’t emigrate throughout the world,” Tirana resident Petrit Sulo said after casting his ballot.

  16. Deep state’ apparently leaks super-secret cyber measures in effort to advance ‘Russia’ narrative
    By J.E. Dyer June 25, 2017

    The first thing to be said about the latest leak through the always-compliant Washington Post is that, if it’s true, its authors from inside the U.S. government have once again egregiously violated their security oaths.

    Leaking national secrets has become such a cottage industry that the obvious question is, Who needs the Russians?

    In the case of the latest leak, the ultimate topic is cyber tools that Obama reportedly ordered planted in Russia’s infrastructure, to enable the U.S. to escalate a cyber-war against Moscow if he or the next president deemed that necessary. (Notably, when Obama hinted at the potential for this in October, I blew the idea a raspberry for sheer irresponsibility. Just making heroic claims about it in public statements is irresponsible enough. You don’t pull this one unless you’re going to use it for a very decisive purpose.)

    • J.E. (Rember she isn’t a big Trump supporter but is a patriot) Tears the compost apart, you really need to read the entire article but part of what it does is bring out the fact that there is no evidence in the article that anything was ordered by Obama, that leader contradicts himself, and that if the article is true and the disruption aps are in place in Russia if they are used we would never hear about there use. This means we would be left thinking the US (Trump) did nothing to retaliate.

      There is a lot more in the article, as I said you need to read it.

      • OT/ “J.E.” corresponds as “Jennifer” with her retired intelligence counterparts from the IDF. They retire at about 55, so many have second careers in the defense industry or politics. All friends, they agree they’re collectively superior to anything pretending to be today’s official ‘intelligence community’.

        Their ferocious differences of opinions and wild theories are entertaining. Jennifer gets teased for her obsessive reminders – ‘Look at the map!’ Of course they all have infinitely complex maps etched in their anatomical hard-drives.

        I’m addicted to maps themselves and maps-as-devices. After my hands got bad, stamp-collecting was no longer fun. Maps are better, anyway. You can layer them or distort them. Create alternative history, “discover” perfect harbors, cut them into puzzles, make kaleidoscopes.

        • I am with you, maps are marvelous tools, I wish I have more of different areas of the world, Studying the map can give you insights of the oppositions thinking that is hard to get without them.

          After 55 most peoples bodies have too much wear and tear on them to continue meeting the requirements of the military, you have to be high ranking (either officer or enlisted) and have a very valuable skill to be allowed to remain on active duty past that birthday.

          Remind the ones who are teasing her that she is teaching a lot of civilians the craft of military intelligence analysis, The thing that needs to be taught is to look for the pattern of behavior, police and accountants and financial analysts also looke for the pattern, this lets us spot things that are out of kilter or are about to go out of kilter (in the financial patterns) the police and intel people get a glimpse into the minds of the enemy and based on past actions you can make good guesses on what the future actions will be. That is why I keep saying that Obama was and is out to destroy the US, he was raised by people who hated the US and all of his actions after he left collage have been to damage the nations. While he was in the White House about the only thing he did to help the US was to encourage private industry to get into the space launch business. I figure he thought they couldn’t build private launch systems and was encouraging them to spend money and fial. With private industry getting into the launch business the costs are dropping and hopefully reliability and re-usability will be increasing quickly.

        • I’m addicted to maps themselves and maps-as-devices.

          I, too, am a cartophile. If you have not already done so, you must, you must, you must, read, “Drawing the Line: Tales of Maps and Cartocontroversy“, by Mark Monmonier. It is a fascinating study of how maps have shaped politics, history, and the fate of nations.

          Below is a link to one of the most beautiful maps in my relatively extensive collection (e.g., an Encyclopedia Britannica atlas from WWII that contains a coupon which assures the reader how they can use it to redeem-in-full an updated version once the post-conflict international borders have been resolved).

          Geologic Map of the Eastern Part of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

          It takes a while to download but you’ll be glad you did.

            • There are few people on this earth more deserving than you, dear sweet yucki.

              I’ve been to the Canned Grunion (as I like to call it) on four different occasions, and hiked it a few times as well. Like the Hubble space telescope, this geological edifice is a veritable Time Machine.

              Thank you so much for replying. I was beside myself with anxiety that you might have missed this response of mine. Literally, I had even thought about asking Eeyore to forward this information to you.

              Now, please read “Drawing the Line” and then get back to me (through Eeyore if necessary) with your review. I can only promise you huge fun.

              Warmest personal regards,


  17. Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson is filmed repeatedly punching a man in Royal Ascot car park as he claims it was ‘self-defence’
    Tommy Robinson was at Ascot yesterday when dashcam footage was filmed
    Robinson, wearing a black suit, is seen appearing to throw seven punches
    It was unclear today if a police complaint had been made against Robinson
    Robinson tweeted a statement that he had been acting in ‘self defence’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  18. Fact Check: Is the far right largely responsible for extremist violence?
    By LU Staff June 24, 2017

    As part of a segment last week on political violence, NPR interviewed a senior fellow at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), who claimed that right-wing extremists have committed 74% of murders carried out by domestic extremists in the last ten years. He used this statistic as evidence that the country is undergoing a “predominantly far-right extremist cycle” of violence.

    Verdict: Unsubstantiated

    The senior fellow, Mark Pitcavage, cites a statistic that is likely correct but gives a false impression about domestic extremism by ignoring other data points that may undermine his claim.

    Fact Check

    In the wake of recent examples of left-wing violence, such as a number of Antifa protests and the politically motivated shooting of Republican lawmakers, NPR posed the question: “Is left-wing violence rising?”

  19. Car bomb in Syria’s Idlib province kills 10: war monitor (reuters, Jun 25, 2017)

    “A car bomb killed 10 people in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province on Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, reported on Sunday.

    The attack occurred in a market in the town of al-Dana, located in the north of the province near the border with Turkey, according to the Observatory.

    Three people under 18 were among the dead and the blast also injured at least 30 other people, it said. Another bombing in the town after midnight on Friday killed two people, it added.

    Rebel groups in Idlib province have been sporadically fighting each other since early this year. Rebels have also accused the Islamic State militant group of carrying out attacks in the area.

    Idlib province is a major stronghold of rebels in Syria and is situated along the border with Turkey, one of the main backers of their rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad.

    Large numbers of fighters, along with their relatives and many other civilians, have moved into the area under amnesty after surrendering to the army in other parts of Syria…”

  20. Iran says arrests 50 suspected of links to militant groups (reuters, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Iranian authorities have rounded up at least 50 people suspected of links to militant groups in a Western province, a prosecutor said on Sunday, the latest in a wave of arrests following twin bomb and gun attacks in Tehran in early June.

    The arrests have been made days after Iranian Revolutionary Guards fired missiles from western Iran into eastern Syria, aimed at bases of the Islamic State which had claimed responsibility for the June 7 attacks in the capital Tehran that killed 18 people.

    “Since the terrorist attacks in Tehran, more than 50 supporters and elements linked to terror groups have been arrested in Kermanshah province,” provincial prosecutor Nemat Sadeqi told the state news agency IRNA.

    “An appreciable number of suicide belts, electronic detonators, and weapons have been seized from the detainees,” IRNA quoted Sadeqi as saying.

    Iranian authorities have announced dozens of arrests following the Tehran attacks. On Saturday, state media said security forces arrested members of a group linked to Islamic State which had planned bombings and suicide attacks in Shi’ite Muslim religious centers.

    The attacks by the Sunni Muslim militants at Iran’s parliament and near the mausoleum of the Islamic Republic’s founder exacerbated regional tensions.

    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said afterwards the raids would increase hatred for Saudi Arabia, the region’s main Sunni power, and the United States.”

  21. EID CRASH: Car hits multiple people after prayers – six injured including children (express, Jun 25, 2017)

    “A CAR has ploughed into a group of Muslim worshippers in Newcastle as they celebrated Eid, leaving at least three adults and three children injured.

    The crash happened in the car park of Westgate Community College, in Westgate Road.

    Six people are now confirmed to have been injured, including three children.

    One of the children is said ot be in a critical condition.

    There are uncomfrimed reports that one child was stuck beneath the car.

    An estimated 300 to 400 Muslim worshippers were at the college celebrating the end of Ramadan.

    Armed police and the police helicopter were called to the scene, with the recent terror attack on a group of Muslim in Finsbury Park still fresh in people’s minds.

    However, police have said they do not believe the crash is terror related, Chronicle Live reported.

    A 42-year-old woman has been arrested, Northumbria Police said.

    Video taken in the aftermath of the crash shows people in hi-vis jackets running towards the scene as police sirens wail in the background.

    One witness told the paper “There were lots of children there, people were gathering for prayers for Eid.

    “My husband said he saw the car hit around six or seven people.”

    Others who witnessed the crash said they believed it was an accident.

    A statement tweeted by Northumbria Police said: “On Sunday June 25, at approx 9.14am, Northumbria Police received reports thata vehicle had collided with pedestrians outside of Westgate Sports Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    “Police enquiries are ongoing to establish what exactly happened but, at this time, it is not believed to be a terror incident.

    “Emergency stories are at the scene and five casualties have been confirmed.

    “Police have arrested a 42-year-old woman who is currently in police custody.”

    The force has asked anyone who witnessed the crash or has any information to come forward by calling 101.

    More to follow.”

    • While I refuse to immediately label this as retribution against the recent spate of Islamic “festivities” in Britain, another part of me can only gloat about how Muslims finally are getting a well-deserved taste of what they, too frequently, bring to the table.

  22. Hindus kill 1 Muslim in clash on running train in India (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Indian police arrested one Hindu for suspected involvement in the killing of a Muslim man who was attacked with a knife on a running train near the Indian capital.

    The arrested man told reporters late Saturday that he was drunk when he attacked four men on the train Friday after he was told by his friends that they were “beef-eaters.” Eating beef is taboo for many Hindus.

    Police said another three Muslims were injured in the attack by about 20 Hindus.

    The Muslims were traveling back to their village in Haryana after shopping in New Delhi ahead of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan…”

    • The arrested man told reporters late Saturday that he was drunk when he attacked four men on the train Friday after he was told by his friends that they were “beef-eaters.” Eating beef is taboo for many Hindus.

      Aafaaq could eat no pork
      Vinod could eat no beef
      They both disliked lamb and chicken
      And so begins a tale of grief

  23. Russia kills 2 suspected militants in the North Caucasus (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Russian security forces say they have killed two suspected militants during a gun battle in a volatile region of Russia’s North Caucasus.

    Ruslan Ibragimgadzhiev, a Russian Interior Ministry spokesman in the southern province of Dagestan, says two men shot at police when they were stopped in the town of Khasavyurt and were killed in the resulting firefight.

    Mainly Muslim Dagestan is the principal breeding ground for Islamic militants in Russia and sees regular attacks on police and officials. Russia fought two bloody separatist wars in the neighboring province of Chechnya after the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union.

    Some militants in Dagestan and other parts of the North Caucasus have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State group.”

  24. Afghan official says Taliban kill 10 police (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “An Afghan official says the Taliban have attacked a security post in western Afghanistan, killing at least 10 police and wounding another three.

    Jelani Farhad, spokesman for the governor of the western Herat province, said the Taliban attacked late Saturday, setting off a gunbattle in which five insurgents were killed.

    No one immediately claimed the attack.

    The Taliban have steadily expanded their reach across Afghanistan since U.S. and international forces formally concluded their combat mission at the end of 2014, switching to a support and counterterrorism role.

    In an address Sunday marking the start of Eid al-Fitr, a major Muslim holiday, President Ashraf Ghani reiterated his call for the Taliban to return to peace talks.”

  25. Militants hit Indonesia police; 1 officer, 1 attacker dead (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Two suspected militants attacked a provincial police headquarters in western Indonesia on Sunday, leaving an officer and an assailant dead during Islam’s most important holiday, an official said.

    Wielding a knife and a machete, the men stormed the police headquarters in North Sumatra’s provincial capital of Medan and stabbed to death an officer who was at his post, said National Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto.

    Responding officers shot the two attackers, killing one and seriously wounding the other, he said.

    The attack came when most Indonesians were celebrating the first day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan…”

  26. Erdogan rejects Arab demands; Turkish troops stay in Qatar (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Turkey’s president on Sunday rejected a demand by major Arab states to remove Turkish troops from Qatar, saying their sweeping list of ultimatums has threatened the small Gulf country’s sovereignty.

    Speaking after Eid prayers in Istanbul, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the demand “disrespectful” and said Turkey would not seek permission from others when making its defense cooperation agreements.

    “Demanding that Turkey pull its soldiers is unfortunately also disrespectful toward Turkey,” he said.

    He said Turkey would continue to support Qatar against the many sanctions it has faced since several Arab countries moved earlier this month to isolate the country for its alleged support of terrorism.

    In a sign of support, the Turkish parliament swiftly ratified a 2014 agreement with Qatar earlier this month, allowing the deployment of troops to its base there. The military said a contingent of 23 soldiers reached Doha on Thursday.

    Erdogan said he made a similar offer to Saudi Arabia to set up a base there in the past but did not hear back from the king.

    Doha received a 13-point list from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain that included demands to shut down the media network Al-Jazeera and cut ties with Islamist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood. The energy-rich country said it was reviewing the ultimatum but added it would not negotiate under siege.

    Turkey’s president said his country “admires and embraces” Qatar’s attitude, while slamming the demands by arguing they contradict international law.

    “Here we see an attack against a state’s sovereignty rights,” Erdogan said.

    Erdogan called the demand that Qatar shut down Al-Jazeera an attempt to take away the network’s press freedom and urged rights groups to speak out against that.”

  27. Rebels kill 1 Indian soldier, wound 3 in Kashmir (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Indian security forces have put an outskirt of Srinagar, the main city in Indian-controlled Kashmir, under security lockdown as they battle rebels who have taken shelter in a school building after killing one paramilitary officer and wounding another soldier.

    Rajesh Yadav, an Indian paramilitary force spokesman, says the insurgents attacked a paramilitary patrol vehicle with gunfire Saturday.

    Yadav said two Indian army commandos were wounded Sunday in a gunbattle that raged for several hours. After a lull, the exchange of gunfire resumed Sunday evening.

    Indian forces cordoned off a 10-kilometer (6-mile) area after local residents clashed with government forces on Saturday to help insurgents, believed to be numbering two, escape the trap.

    Rebel groups have been fighting since 1989 for Kashmir’s independence or merger with neighboring Pakistan.”

  28. Tommy Robinson talking to the Muslim coach driver who released the ‘edited’ Ascot self defense video
    Tommy Robinson
    Tommy Robinson

      • UK: Tens of thousands gather for Europe’s largest Eid prayer in Birmingham

        I’m tellin’ yez, these gigantic, triumphalist displays of Muslim dominance inevitably will lead to an individual or group taking advantage of such an ultimately seductive “clustering effect”.

        Matt Bracken identified this with respect to how Muslim “no-go zones” conversely present themselves as clearly delineated bull’s eyes.

        The irony of this transcends all proportions, large and small. Mass refusal by Muslims to assimilate and, instead, isolate themselves may seem (for them) to be empowering over the short term (especially when it comes to avoiding any gradual intrusion of Western influences).

        Nevertheless, on a long term basis, this same self-imposed segregation will facilitate swift and concentrated retribution by native populations when constant antagonism by Muslim predators eventually becomes intolerable.

        I, for one, have long ago lost the slightest sense of sympathy for such behavior. Between the 9-11 Atrocity and Beslan Massacre, I am no longer able to squeeze out even a single tear for Muslims anywhere.


        “Eid Mubarak, everyone. What a pleasure to see the community come together in generosity and support, working hard for our neighbors, working hard for those who are less fortunate,” Prime Minister Trudeau told the Project Ramadan volunteers.

        “It really is something that is so typically Canadian to be there for our neighbors,” remarked the Prime Minister. “But it is also at the heart of what it means to be Muslim – to be generous, to be present in your community, to be contributing.”

        “This is a perfect example of the strength and resilience of Canada, a place that understands that strength comes through diversity not in spite of it and the more we pull together and help each other out, the better we all are,” said Prime Minister Trudeau.

  29. Six children killed in blast in northwestern Pakistani village (reuters, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Six children were killed in a village in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday when they picked up an explosive device that looked like a toy, officials said.

    At least 31 people, including several children, have been left disabled or killed in blasts from improvised explosive devices (IEC) since 2016 in the South Waziristan region, part of Pakistan’s troubled tribal areas, senior government official Muhammed Sohaib said.

    Muhammed Umer, whose nephew was one of two children wounded, in the blast, said the children were playing when they found something that looked like a toy.

    “Four of them died on the spot, one on the way to hospital, and one at the hospital,” he said.

    Senior government official Muhammed Sohaib said the political administration would provide compensation for the families and take care of the children’s medical bills.

    On Saturday, two children were killed in a nearby village when they stepped on a landmine while playing in the fields…”

  30. LIVE: Protesters rally for ‘freedom of speech’ in DC, counter-protest expected

    ‘Freedom of Speech’ advocates rally at the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington DC, on Sunday, June 25.

    White supremacist and head of the National Policy Institute think tank Richard Spencer is set to speak at the rally.

  31. Radical Islam in New York and New Jersey

    There’s a lot more to radical Islam in New York and New Jersey than 9/11. Here are a few of the most shocking facts.

    Chelsea Bombing

    In September 2016, a pressure cooker bomb exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, injuring 30 people. A second, unexploded, pressure cooker bomb was found a few blocks away.

    Soon after, a pipe bomb went off at a charity race in Seaside Park, New Jersey. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident as the race had been delayed.

    Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the suspect, is a naturalized U.S. citizen originally from Afghanistan. He was captured following a shootout with police officers outside a bar in Linden, New Jersey.

    Imam Mohammad Qatanani

    Mohammad Qatanani is the imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County in New Jersey. He came to America in 1996. He was tried in 2008 on charges of failing to disclose a conviction for being a member of Hamas, the Gaza based Muslim Brotherhood affiliate which is designated by the United States as a terrorist group. Israel says they arrested him for being a member of Hamas in 1993. Qatanani claims he was tortured while in Israeli custody, that he was detained and not arrested and that anything he signed was in Hebrew and he did not understand it.

    Qatanani did admit he was a member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, which is a legal entity in Jordan.

    The court dismissed the case. In December 2016, DHS appealed and he is now being retried. The DHS claims it has authenticated three documents from the Israelis about the case, a letter from the Israeli liaison, a verdict in Israel and indictment from the military court.

    Despite his Islamist connections, Qatanani is known to be close with New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Christie has publicly backed Qatanani.

        • “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
          Part of a series on Antisemitism

          “11 quotes that will shock and chill you from our interview with the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intel officer to ever defect” by Benjamin Weingarten – February 14, 2014

          11. The KGB flooded the world with copies of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” ”During the almost two decades that I continued to remain in Romania, our intelligence community disseminated several million Protocols—translated into German, English, French and Arabic—to leftist organizations around the world, to mosques, and to countless people whose names were randomly selected from telephone books.

          We do not have an instrument that can scientifically measure the results of disinformation operations. But it is safe to presume that the combined effect of spreading millions of Protocols around the world and portraying the United States as a Zionist instrument used to subjugate the world to Jewish interests played a role in generating the shameful anti-Americanism costumed in the robes of anti-Semitism that we are facing today.”

        • That’s ok. Happens all the time. So-called ‘Jews’ do it all the time too; in fact, they started it.

          Individuals born to mothers who are Jews – tribal kin – go their own way. They forsake the Covenant with G-d that is the essential identity of Tribe, aka “the Children of Israel”.

          Leftism is a turning away from the bedrock terms: the Big 10, the Ten Commandments. The very first one, in fact.

          It’s attractive to Jews because many are cerebral by nature. Unchecked, they begin to worship the products of their own conception, intellectual constructs like Marxism, or its hodgepodge progeny.

          Worshipping a construct like the social-justice creed severs what bonds the Tribe. That is, the belief in the one G-d of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. May as well follow Mammon or Baal or a rock or a tree.

  32. Italy giving 5.2B euros in resources to keep 2 banks open (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “The Italian government on Sunday made 5.2 billion euros ($5.8 billion) of resources immediately available to keep operative two banks that the European Central Bank has deemed “failing or about to fail,” sending them into insolvency procedures.

    Premier Paolo Gentiloni defended the swift action by the government as vital for ensuring Italy’s slow economic recovery isn’t derailed by a “disorderly” failure of Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza.

    The two banks are based in the northeast Veneto region, one of Italy’s most economically productive. They serve many of the small and medium-sized businesses that are the backbone of the nation’s economy.

    Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan assured Italians that on Monday “there will be normal operations at the teller windows” when the two banks reopen their doors after the weekend…”

  33. Iran’s president condemns ‘siege’ of Qatar by Arab nations (abcnews, Jun 25, 2017)

    “Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has told the Qatari Emir that the “siege of Qatar is not acceptable for us,” according to the office of the presidency’s website.

    The Sunday report quotes Rouhani as telling Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani in a phone conversation: “Tehran will stand by Qatar’s government.”

    “Iran’s air space, ground and sea will be always be open to Qatar as a… friendly nation,” said Rouhani, and that the two nations’ cooperation will remain “continuous.”

    Iran’s president added that “pressure, threats and sanctions” are not solutions for resolving rifts.

    Iran’s rival Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain sent Qatar a 13-point list of demands to end the regional crisis, which included curbing diplomatic ties with Iran.”

  34. BREAKING: Police fire shots at Turkish gay pride march after supporters defy banning order (express, Jun 25, 2017)

    “POLICE have opened fire on a gay pride march after LGBT supporters defied a banning order aimed at ‘protecting’ them from hardcore nationalists.

    Armed police fired rubber bullets and fired tear gas at marchers as they came through Istanbul, in Turkey.

    The LGBT event had been banned after nationalists had threatened them with violence.

    This year is the second year in a row Istanbul’s governor has banned the march, citing security concerns after threats from ultra-nationalist groups.

    Hoardes of riot police, some with dogs, lined the route before marchers even set off.

    As well as rubber bullets, police were seen firing water cannons at participants and police helicopters hovered overhead.

    The ultra-nationalist Alperen Hearths group threatened last week to prevent the march if authorities did not act, and the governor’s office said on Saturday that it took its decision out of concern for the security of marchers, tourists and residents…”

  35. Britain’s ‘most violent’: Lee Rigby killer regarded as most dangerous prisoner (express, Jun 25, 2017)

    “THE TERRORIST who killed British soldier Lee Rigby is now considered to be the most dangerous inmate in the country, it has been revealed.

    Extremist Michael Adebolajo, 31, is marked as a serious risk to those around him over his ability to manipulate vulnerable lags.

    The prisoner, 31, is accused of brainwashing dozens of other inmates at HMP Frankland in County Durham.

    ISIS-inspired killer Adebolajo butchered Mr Rigby in the street on May 22, 2013.

    Now, he is continuing to preach his radical brand of Islam and is branded “violent, unpredictable and a major danger to other prisoners”.

    Adebolajo has been given a “special category” status and has converted non-Muslims.

    Prison sources told The Mirror the man from Lambeth, South London, is considered a serious danger.

    An official said: “Adebolajo spends most of his waking hours preaching his distorted form of Islam to anyone who will listen.

    “He sees every inmate as a potential Islamic State soldier whether they are Muslims or not.

    “He has a big personality and is very charismatic and some of the more vulnerable prisoners will fall under his spell. He is a very dangerous individual.”

    Resources are so low in Britain’s prisons men like Adebolajo are not monitored 24/7.

    The source said: “If he is suspected of trying to radicalise other inmates we step in and move him.

    “But even in prison Adebolajo cannot be watched all the time. We don’t have the staff or the resources.”

    The cost of keeping a prisoner in the jail is £1,500 per week to the British taxpayer…”

  36. Libya: Demonstrators call for Gaddafi’s son to lead Libya out of civil war

    Protesters in Bani Walid rallied on Saturday night calling for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, to lead the country.

    SOT, Ahmad al-Shalahli, al-Sayan tribe spokesperson (Arabic): “In these difficult days that our country is going through, the souls are dying and the blood is flowing, the symptoms are being stolen and the money is being robbed, and the towns are being abandoned and the country is being sold, Saif al-Islam came out.”

    SOT, Ahmad al-Shalahli, al-Sayan tribe spokesperson (Arabic): “These fans of Bani al-Walid come out to celebrate the departure of the Mujahid Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi from prison and declare our position to maintain the non-interference of foreigners. We confirm the following: First, we call on the son of Libya Mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to lead the national movement to resolve the forms in Libya and to get Libya out from civil war. Second, the International Criminal Court (ICC) denied the extradition of Dr. Mujahid al-Islam Gaddafi and considered this decision in support of the continuation of the fighting in Libya, violating its sanctity and destroying its economy, and the struggle continues until the country is liberated from its agents and traitors.”

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