On the left, and some less than positive reactions to Islam being forced on us all every day: Links 1, June 25

1, BLM debunked even more. The Rebel Media:

2. Skip ahead to eight minutes:

3. Judge Janine on leftist modus.

(Frankly she almost gets it but not quite. The fact is, the Democrat party has been at least partially subverted by quite fully anti-American ideologies and is as much an enemy of the state as any other leftist-Islamic group out there.)

4. Orban takes questions in English

5. Thousands of muslims prepare for mandatory government proctology exam in Moscow

6. Major news story about minor story of vandalism

Thank you EB., Richard, M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, Yucki, Kathy and a lot of wonderful people who took the time and effort to help keep us all informed. More to come shortly.


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2 Replies to “On the left, and some less than positive reactions to Islam being forced on us all every day: Links 1, June 25”

  1. 3 – She almost gets it, a lot of the people on FOX almost get it, they refuse to admit that the Clintons and the Obamas hate the US and that they are reflecting the true face of the leaders of the Democrats in and out of Congress. The Democrats have been trying to destroy the ability of hte US to protect ourselves and our friends and allies for many decades but they had to work quietly until the fall of the Soviet Union. After that they could openly work to reduce the size of the US military The Judge and the others at FOX believe it is impossible for any US citizen to hate the US and want to destroy us and all of our friends. This blindness will continue until the leftist start their terror attacks and the police discover clear connection betwen the terrorists and various Democrat members of Congress.

  2. 6 – When a Christian Church is vandalized CNN and hte rest of the Propaganda Media only make a big deal of it if the Church is for Black Christians, they are doing the same thing with the minor vandalism of a Mosque because they think they can attack the traditional US culture and do more damage to it.

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