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  1. Italy residents down to 60.5 mn in 2016 (ansamed, Jun 13, 2017)

    “Italy’s resident population as of December 31 2016 totalled 60,589,445 people, including more than five million foreigners, equal to 8.6% of residents on a national scale (10.6% in the centre-north, 4.0% in the south), ISTAT said Tuesday, saying that a fall registered in 2015 was continuing. The fall was 76,106 units, determined by a drop in Italian citizens (-96,976 residents) and a rise in foreign residents of 20,870 units. The number of foreigners in Italy has been steadily rising for years.

    Italy’s birth rate continued to fall last year in a trend that started in 2008, ISTAT said. The statistics agency said births were 473,438, 12,000 down on 2015, including more than 69,000 foreign babies (14.7% of the total), also down. The population (births minus deaths) fell by 142,000 units. But it was up for foreign citizens by almost 63,000 units.”

  2. Turkey: Erdogan, Ataturk Center in Taksim to be demolished (ansamed, Jun 13, 2017)

    “The Ataturk cultural center, one of the symbols of Taksim square in Istanbul, will be demolished and replaced with ”more beautiful artwork”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during Iftar – the evening meal that breaks fasting during the holy month of Ramadan – hosting the cultural and sports community.

    The building, ”absolutely ugly” according to Erdogan, has hosted concerts and cultural events since the 1970s but has been closed for the past decade as it awaited a renovation project…”

  3. Main opposition CHP leader slams Euro court for rejecting post-coup appeals (hurriyetdailynews, Jun 13, 2017)

    “Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal K?l?çdaro?lu has slammed the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for refusing the individual application of a dismissed teacher on the grounds that plaintiffs must first apply to Turkey’s State of Emergency Investigation Commission.

    “The ECHR has given a decision stating that it would receive applications only after an application to an established commission. Don’t you know what is going on in Turkey? Which commission are you talking about? People are dying in prisons. We waited five months to just appoint members,” K?l?çdaro?lu said in a parliamentary group meeting on June 13.

    His comments came after the ECHR refused an application from a Turkish teacher who alleged that he was wrongly dismissed with a state of emergency decree, with the court saying the educator must first apply to the State of Emergency Investigation Commission so as to first exhaust all domestic legal avenues.

    With the ruling expected to set a precedent at the ECHR amid thousands of applications from public officials who lost their positions with a decree after the July 2016 coup attempt, K?l?çdaro?lu slammed the Strasbourg-based court for undermining the legal conditions in Turkey…”

  4. Canada: Hate crimes targeting Muslims up 61 percent in 2015 (middleeasteye, Jun 13,2017)

    “Hate crimes targeting Muslims in Canada increased by 61 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to new data from the country’s national statistical agency.

    One hundred and fifty-nine hate crimes targeting Muslims were reported to police in 2015 across Canada, up from 99 incidents the year before, while hate crimes in general rose by five percent across the country in 2015, Statistics Canada said on Tuesday.

    This is “largely due to an increase in incidents targeting certain religious and ethno-cultural groups, specifically the Muslim population and Arabs or West Asians,” Statistics Canada stated in its report.

    Overall, 35 percent of hate crimes – criminal incidents that police find to be motivated by hatred towards a group on the basis of race, colour, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other factors – were motivated by religion in 2015.

    Meanwhile, though the number of hate crimes targeting Jewish people went down to 178 incidents in 2015, compared to 213 incidents the year before, the Jewish community remained the most targeted religious group overall.

    Thirteen percent of all hate crimes in 2015 targeted Jewish people in Canada, while 12 percent of overall hate crimes targeted Muslims.

    “The tragic and cold-blooded murder of six men at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec last January is a painful reminder of how hate can destroy lives and deeply shake communities,” Khalid Elgazzar, vice-chair of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), said in a statement.

    “Today’s numbers capture only a fraction of what is happening in our neighbourhoods, in our workplaces, in our schools, and at our places of worship,” Elgazzar said.

    A call for action

    Since the deadly attack on the Quebec City mosque in January, dozens of hate incidents targeting Muslim communities have been reported across Canada, including vandalism of homes and mosques, and anti-Muslim rallies held in major cities.

    But Statistics Canada estimates that only 35 percent of incidents perceived to be motivated by hate are reported to police and therefore the data for 2015 “likely undercounts the true extent of hate crime in Canada”.

    The NCCM has called for police services to publish annual reports on hate crimes and bias incidents every year, boost funding for hate crimes units, and be more transparent in how they determine whether incidents will be investigated as hate crimes.

    It also wants the “federal government to provide increased, stable funding to ensure that hate crime reports are made available to the public in a more timely fashion”.

    Ottawa must also track the growth of hate online, “a phenomena with which we are increasingly concerned,” the organisation said.

    “It is up to all levels of governments to ensure that perpetrators of hate crimes in Canada are held to account and that victims and communities are empowered to confront hatred regardless of who it targets or its motivation,” Elgazzar said.

    In its report, Statistics Canada also found that women were particularly vulnerable to religious-based hate incidents.

    “Muslim women in particular bear the brunt of being targets of hate crimes. It has been an unfortunate reality with reported incidents on the streets, at the workplace or in a shopping mall,” Farhat Rehman, of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, said in a statement.

    In 2015, Muslim women reported being verbally and physically assaulted in several incidents across the country.

    This included a Muslim woman who was called a “terrorist” while picking her children up from school in Toronto, and a pregnant Muslim woman in Montreal assaulted by teenagers who tried to tear off her headscarf.

    At the time, Canada was in the midst of a federal election campaign that saw the then-ruling Conservative Party vow it would bar women who completely cover their faces (with a niqab) from participating in citizenship ceremonies.

    The Conservatives also promised to establish a “barbaric cultural practices” hotline, a proposal that critics said unfairly targeted the Muslim community in Canada.

    Meanwhile, Statistics Canada found that 48 percent of hate crimes were motivated by hatred of a race or ethnicity in 2015, and black communities were the targets of 17 percent of all hate crimes that year.

    “Anti-Black is a serious problem in Canada,” Chelby Marie Daigle, the author of a report called Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Ottawa, said in a statement.

    “My community needs to become a priority for government and other institutions to consult with on addressing this issue and we definitely aren’t now, despite the years of being one of the most targeted groups.””

  5. Taliban ‘surging’ in Afghanistan, US defense chief warns (ahram, Jun 13, 2017),-US-defense-chief-w.aspx

    “Pentagon chief Jim Mattis on Tuesday warned lawmakers that the Taliban is surging in Afghanistan, and said America is “not winning” in the country.

    The “Taliban had a good year last year, they are trying to have a good one this year,” Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “Right now I believe the enemy is surging.”

    He earlier told lawmakers: “We are not winning in Afghanistan right now. We will correct this as soon as possible.”

    • He is right, Obama and the left have over the years managed to infiltrate enough people into the Federal intelligence services and the Federal police agencies, these fifth columnists are working to overturn the election and if they manage to bring down the duly elected government the only recourse the people will have, the only chance to regain our freedom will be a revolution. If they don’t manage to bring down the current President with their quiet coup they are going to turn even more violent, their goal is to make America ungovernable and so violent and nasty we will accept their dictatorship in exchange for peace.

  6. Spain: Catholics protest Ramadan prayers held by Virgin Mary statue in Granada

    Catholic Christians protested on Plaza del Triunfo in Granada, Tuesday, against the fact that dozens of Muslims had held their Ramadan prayer at the Jardines del Triunfo, a site they consider to be sacred, on Saturday night.

    • 7 photos on this page :

      El imán de la Mezquita de Granada lamenta la polémica suscitada por “un acto de convivencia”

      Tras lo ocurrido la semana pasada en Londres, la comunidad musulmana también buscaba con esta jornada de “convivencia” compartir sus tradiciones y “dar una imagen de lo que realmente es el Islam

      El imán de la Mezquita mayor de Granada, Sheij Ahmed Bermejo, ha lamentado la polémica suscitada por el acto que la comunidad musulmana celebró el pasado sábado en los jardines del Triunfo, una plaza pública donde hay un monumento a la virgen, puesto que según afirma el objetivo era dar a conocer el Ramadán y demostrar que el Islam es “convivencia y generosidad”.

      Bermejo ha señalado que el colectivo solicitó autorización al Ayuntamiento de Granada para celebrar este evento, que incluyó un rezo colectivo coincidiendo con el momento de romper el ayuno y al que, según afirma, asistieron también miembros de la comunidad cristina.[…]


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