BBC tells the truth, more oz school horror: links 2 June 9

1, Top five from the Rebel. Notice the BBC edit of the muslim attack story, and the Toronto Star version of the muslim woman who attacked people with golf clubs and a knife at a Canadian Tire.

2. Saudi Arabia issues 10,000 Riyal fine for watching al-Jazeera.

Saudi Arabia issued an outright ban against watching the al-Jazeera TV channel on Thursday, in the latest bizarre twist in its on-going diplomatic spat with Qatar.

The Saudi commission for tourism and national heritage issued a warning of a 10,000 riyal ($2700) fine if any tourist outlet failed to censor the Qatari news channel.

“The commission affirms the necessity to cancel a number of al-Jazeera media channels inside tourism accommodation,” the unsigned letter reads.

The letter references law 1214, dated 13 January 2011, related to television transmissions.

(There is a lot of news about various nations closing the doors on Qatar. This is a great sign and I think is 100% a result of the Trump visit. The cost/benefit has changed and nations like Saudi no longer feel like backing terrorism and Islamo-Nazism is the way to go. Qatar really is the origin of MB pustulance.)

3. Wanstead knife attack on woman ‘suspected hate crime’

An attack on a nursery school worker who was kicked and suffered a cut to the hand with a knife is being treated as a hate crime, say police.

The victim, who is in her 30s, was assaulted in Hermon Hill, Wanstead, by three female suspects at about 09:30 BST on Wednesday.

She was taken to hospital for treatment and has since been discharged.

“As a result of comments made during the attack, police are treating it as a hate crime,” Scotland Yard said.


Nursery manager Karrien Stevens said the victim told her she was slashed by three Asian women dressed in black.

Ms Stevens, who runs Little Diamonds nursery in Hermon Hill, said the woman told her that she was attacked while on her way to work from Wanstead High Street.

The attackers slashed her arm from the wrist upwards before running off down the street, she said, and shouted out “something to do with Allah and the Koran”.

4. And hence forth, Al Baghdadi shall be known as “The Rubble Caliph”

5. no comment.

6. No need to sheikh hands with women at Oz schools

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, ML., a lot of great people actually.

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  1. 5. ‘Shall we go to the police?’ ‘No, they’re on a high, bro’
    This cameraman sums up the fight accurately.

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