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6 Replies to “Katie Hopkins”

  1. Milo gets everywhere.

    Do not resist evil.
    Rage hides a terrible fear
    Resentment makes you unable
    To deal with this Mohammadan Queer.

  2. Back in the day of British political leadership by such stalwarts like Sir Winston (“Never, Never, Never Give Up”) Churchill—any ability to “Keep Calm and Carry On” must have been a relatively simple matter. Especially when compared with being told (by London’s Mayor, no less) that one must learn to accept Islamic terrorism as a regular feature of the modern landscape.

    Being told to “Keep Calm and Carry On” by those who have flooded your neighborhoods (and nation) with barbaric, Third World, criminal scum can only be an affront of monumental proportions. Woe betide the apparatchiks who have leveled this stupendous insult against all right-thinking people. Soon enough, the populace’s choice will be binary, at best.

  3. Sadiq Khan has quite the history. How come media didn’t talk about this? Although it wouldn’t have changed much since London is majority Muslim.
    It’s totally over for London. No coming back. Very sad.

    • If things go the way I think they will 20 y ears from there won’t be a majority Moslem city in the British Isles, in fact the number of Moslems will be much smaller then now.

  4. Things are going to get interesting in Britain, you are having the people push back against the government and warn the government against certain actions. either they are ready to die fighting a losing battle or think they have enough backing to win the fight. Probably the latter.

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