Germany not pleased with US move away from intl’ communism, more: Links 1 for May 29

1, Philippine military says close to defeating Islamist rebels

(It is truly amazing what you can accomplish when you actually fight back)

The Philippine military said on Monday it was close to retaking a southern city held for a seventh day by Islamist militants, as helicopters unleashed more rockets on positions held by the rebels aligned with Islamic State.

The occupation of Marawi city by the Maute, a group hardly heard of a year ago, has become the biggest security challenge of Rodrigo Duterte’s 11-month presidency, with gunmen resisting air and ground assaults and controlling central parts of a city of 200,000 people.

The military said the rebels may be getting help from “sympathetic elements” and fighters they had freed from jail during the rampage that started on Tuesday and caught the military by surprise.

“Our ground commanders have assured that the end is almost there,” military spokesman Restituto Padilla told reporters. “We’re trying to isolate all these pockets of resistance.”

(Interesting that the only think in quotes is “sympathetic elements”. My suspicion is that means what he actually said is, “local muslims” and of course, that is not allowed.)

2. UK police arrest 16th person in connection with Manchester attack

British police said on Monday they had arrested a 16th person in connection with the Manchester suicide bombing last week.

The 23-year-old man was arrested in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, “on suspicion on offences contrary to the terrorism act”, Greater Manchester Police said on Twitter.

A total of 16 people have been arrested in connection with the attack, in which 22 people died. Two were released without charge, while 14 men remained in custody for questioning, the police said.

(On the second day of Ramadan by imam said to me, 16 people busted killing spree)

3. The real islam

4. Pieces of pig placed on plot of future mosque in Germany

(I hope someone monitors this story. I have frequent discussions with people about whether or not this tactic works. My feeling is that people who understand the problem of Islam who do this go to jail for violating sharia disguised as a ‘hate crime’  and we lose good people while they just move the pig part and build the thing anyway. Some people insist that muslims won’t build on land that has had a pig buried on it. I find that exceptionally hard to believe or there wouldn’t be a mosque anywhere in the world outside of fully conquered nations.)

Nine wooden spikes topped with parts of a dead pig were planted on a plot of land where Muslims are planning to build a mosque in the eastern city of Erfurt, German police said Monday.

The 1.5 meter-tall (nearly 5-foot) stakes were topped with half of a pig’s head, pig feet, and pig bowels among other things, the German news agency dpa reported. Police say whoever was responsible is unknown.

Pigs are considered unclean by Muslims.

(I believe Pigs find muslims pretty unclean as well)

5. German regime clearly in damage control mode after Trump visit to NATO


Merkel warns against “simple answers” after Trump meetings

Merkel says EU cannot rely on US and Britain any more

Here is a fun analysis of what the various leaders at the meeting thought of Trump.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Oz-Rita, Xanthippa and many more. Piles more to come. 

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22 Replies to “Germany not pleased with US move away from intl’ communism, more: Links 1 for May 29”

  1. “Britain should consider fining internet giants that fail to take down extremist content as part of a fresh crackdown on terror material, a former senior spy chief has said.

    Brian Lord, the ex deputy director of intelligence and cyber operations at GCHQ, said some social media firms are failing to face up to their social responsibility.”

    One persons extremism is another’s daily bread.

    The internet is full of dehumanising Sexsquirrality. Many then go out to conquer new innocents to create converts.
    Brian Lord did not protect the British People.

    Communism is promoted. Class warfare and anti-christian values spread. Diversity and Multiculturalism used as weapons to demoralize and break civilizations.
    Brian Lord did not protect the British People.

    Islam is a moribund personality cult. Well known throughout history for its enslavement of nations. They were allowed to build fortresses in the UK
    Brian Lord did not protect the British People.

    These traitors who prevent free speech.

    • Islam is a moribund personality cult.

      Perfectchild, I once had a tetralingual Oxford graduate praise my command of the English language yet, I sincerely doubt my ability to to more concisely summarize, “The Religion of Pees”. Please take that as you will.

      PS: “The Religion of Pees” (you saw it here first). As in dawah = Urine-vited.

      • “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism (Islam) lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.”

        “The effects are apparent in many countries: improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.”

        “A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity,”

        “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men,”

        “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

        All quotes from Winston Churchill.

        My meaning of “moribund personality cult” was that Islam kills every soul it infects through its membership of submission (shahada). Then uses outrage and terror for a sense of life (the LGBTQ+ community).

        “Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step, and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it (Islam) has vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

        Dehumanized. The imbalanced conscience that will attack the mind of a child.

  2. 1- Once Duterte is done mopping up at home he can tour western Europe, cleaning up that mess, then skoot to Canada to show Justeeen how to fix the growing enrichment issue.

    2- What amazing police work by British police! Incredible. Pretty easy when you already knew where and what these creeps were before the bombing yet chose to do nothing. How do they square this complicity? How many more innocents will die while police stand down? The cops are worse HOSTAGES (H/T Sassy) than the civilians.

    5- Angie has her lederhosen in a knot. She’s just mad that Donny’s a man and she is not. All these lefties lose it when a stubborn, common sense person refuses to kiss their Planet-saving arses. Looks good on ’em.

  3. Germany can get upset all they want, they need us to keep them save from the Russian Bear and if we decide not to fight they are up the creek without a paddle. The Bear is once again growling but Europe isn’t responding with increased military spending because the US has always been there to protect them. Obama ended that, we no longer have a military big enough to face China and Russia at the same time and we have allies in the Far East that needs our help more then Europe. Without Nukes South Korea and Japan can’t stand up to China, Europe has two nations with nukes and the potential to field a combined military force that matches anything the US can field.

      • It’s a tour de force.

        ‘Mammy’s boy’ Macron. Wait, wasn’t that how Muhammad started out?

        “It was at secondary school, through drama, that I met Brigitte. It was surreptitiously that things happened and that I fell in love. Through an intellectual bond, which day after day became ever closer. Then emerged a lasting passion.”

        The mind of a female in a man. A cowardly Socialist father. There is nothing more evil in this world than these Muhammads scorned.

          • While I sincerely admire Bombard’s painstaking assessment of body language in so many other video clips, she really missed an important indicator in this particular segment.

            Examine video time point — 03:22. Not only does the daughter recoil from Biden’s uninterdicted contact (02:58) but she looks askance (at 03:23) in a relatively undisguised expression of aversion or revulsion with regard to the unwanted attention (that Biden) has shown towards her (which seemingly goes unchallenged) by her own parents!?! WTF?!?

            Again, for all of Bombard’s admirable perceptiveness, she seems to have gone AWOL with respect to this obvious cue.

            Obviously, even the most competent person may remain capable of missing a most clear signal on whatever bad day. All the same, Bombard’s usually acute judgement of body language can only make me wonder why this went unnoticed. Any and all comments are welcome.

        • “Mammy’s boy’ Macron. Wait, wasn’t that how Muhammad started out?”

          The ‘flip’ where the worm has turned. love-hate becoming hate-lust for the creature that imprisoned him against himself.
          Female abusers, female domestic violence, female child abuse… that no Socialist can turn their heads to see.

      • Such ammunition regularly killed whatever enemies (a primary goal) with kinetic force and—whenever Muslim foes took note of the porcine-based lubricants—it only served to increase the fright and demoralization of Islamic soldiers who, otherwise, might not have been deterred quite-as-much in battle. Rather the splendid return on such an otherwise picayune investment, eh?

        If it means redirecting all Hebrew recruits away from America’s fighting forces and into behind-the-lines desk jobs, then let’s do that and use pig-based tribological extracts as a way of ensuring that all Muslim enemies are universally horrified at the prospect of engaging Western troops.

        What about this is unclear?

        • They also greased the hang ropes with pork grease and made sure the Moslems knew this, dying with Pork fat on your neck kept you out of paradise. The same effect can be achieved by burying all Moslems in caskets lined with pig skin.

          In the fight against the Islamic rebels after we took the Philippines Black Jack Pershing reluctantly used ammo greased in pig fat to stop the rebellion.

          • Ok. This is a theme I have to return to often. I apologize if what I am saying is obvious but from time to time, I feel that people sort of slip a bit and over condense and lose the important factor in certain elements of this whole thing. So I do not mean to be either didactic or condescending but fear it may look that way. Its my lack of command of the language, not intent if it does.

            There is no Allah. There is no paradise with 72 virgins after death and there is no Islamic hell.

            This has meaning.

            So packing your bullets with pig grease will foul your gun and screw up your shot. Maybe even be dangerous to the shooter. Its stupid, counter productive and dangerous. Even if you manage to still hit your targets with a precision machine like a C7 or C8 machine rifle, it will have no effect on the muslim target UNLESS he thinks that the bullet has pig grease on it, and then, in fact it makes ZERO difference to the target as he will die or not the same way and not go to Jennah the same way as if it did not have pig grease on it.

            Therefore, what matters, is that the people down range from our shooters, THINK the bullets have pig grease so they are less likely to engage you and are more afraid of you, as in theory we have changed their cost benefit analysis for the jihad.

            That makes sense and the US strategy back when the West wanted to win, of wrapping muslims waging jihad on the Philippines in a pig skin and MAKING SURE EVERYONE KNEW IT, worked.

            It could have been a wool blanket and had the same effect so long as the muslims believed it was a pig skin.

            If in fact there is a jennah and an allah and putting bullets in pig grease without telling the enemy worked to stop them from getting their jihad award, then a strong case could be made for converting to Islam, although I myself would find the value system unacceptable. But if it was true, Im not sure I could blame anyone else for converting.

            The next question is about burying a pig head at a mosque site.

            I would like to see evidence that this works.

            I haven’t tracked it myself, but someone with good research skills may want to look at sites where people buried a pig part or a pig or pigs blood and did let everyone know they did that on a proposed mosque construction site and the result was that they didn’t build one. As far as I know, they move it, and then build.

            What does work, is Gavin Boby taking it to planning council. That works for now till the planning councils are all commies nd muslims, which we are very near to, now.

            Other methods work but it would be a sure fire arrest if I mentioned them because effectively opposing this invasion and conquest is illegal now.

            One thing i do know is, a British man put a single strip of bacon on the doorknob of a mosque for which the British government arranged the death penalty for him in that Jeffery Dalmer sort of way. The mosque however, is doing better than ever.

            So to borrow a question from NorseRadish:

            “What about this is unclear?”

            • Inflicting pigs under any form on the jihadis can be as much demoralizing to them as enhancing Infidels’ morales. If fat dipped bullets and pig heads buried where a mosque construction is planned become common knowledge it’ll bring infidels together: knowing that someone is actually fighting back, in any way or shape, actually does make people joining that crowd.

  4. There is also that question if a jihadi stopped in his tracks by a pig-dipped bullet is -in the eyes of his imam, and therefore Allah- entitled to his 72 huris or not, is an important question, Vlad, to which I hope you’ll find the answer.

    • The answer ti that one is easy and important.

      All fatwas lead to jihad.

      If it is in the interest of promoting jihad then the fatwa is that having a pork covered bullet kill you is foriven by allah because you were waging jihad in allah’s way. This is the same logic that llowed very religious and dedicated muslims to fly aircraft on a suicde mission into the WTC as well as the pentagon and an attempt at the white house.

      llof them, legend has it, were drinking booze, eating ham and sending the evening of September 10th at a strip joint in the US. Because all of one’s sins are forgiven if you die fighting in allah’s way.

      So that metric makes it very easy to know how its going to go,

      However being buried in a pig skin seems to have inspired special fear at one point as we see in the film, The Real Glory, available on Youtube. Perhaps because this is something outside the jihadis control after his death. Or perhaps this is also not true.

      Perhaps someone brave enough to pose as a muslim can ask on a muslim Q&A board if a muslim is buried in a pig skin who died waging jihad, does he still get to go to Mohammad’s sky bar and brothel?

      But from what I have seen, and from discussing it with scholars of Islam who are members of our team, it seems that the math is very easy. All fatwas point to success in jihad, and motivation to jihad. For instance you can certainly enjoy music if its a cappella war chants that motivate jihad. Obviously you can go to a Western rock concert of an infidel woman who’s songs encourage the maximum possible amount of sluttery so long as you plan to kill people there, and so on.

      • It’s the flip side of the way rabbis rationalize breaking rules. What I think of as the ‘get out of jail free’ card:
        If it’s to save a life, you can violate the Sabbath (drive or take calls or whatever). Every law can be broken, everything is subordinate to the imperative of life.

        Here’s one I remember that stands out.

        ~ Warning: This is going to be a turn-off ~
        Haredim – the men and women don’t touch, don’t shake hands. [Don’t even make eye contact.]
        ~ Turn-off over~

        But I heard one rabbi say that if a woman extends her hand not knowing the tradition, and in circumstances where she might be embarrassed, the man should go ahead and shake her hand.

        Because if she’s embarrassed, it’s like ‘losing face’, which is a kind of death. So ‘to save a life’ you must shake hands.
        Later he’ll want to wash his whole body, maybe burn his clothes, vomit, etc.
        The whole thing is too tempting for naughty little girls – or not-so-little. Hard to resist the urge to bump into some pompous jerk, “accidentally” grab his shoulder, or elbow. Make him UNCLEAN.

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