Bill Whittle, Egypt reacts and more: Links 1 on May 27 2017

1, Every now and again I post the exceptional and exceptionally important audio book, Explaining Post Modernism. In fact, thanks to a suggestion by Johnny U., I even made it a permanent feature on the side bar of this site.

For anyone who has managed to make a serious dent into that book, or dare I say, even finished it, (a feat I just managed myself yesterday) this article will make a lot more sense.

2. Egyptian state Islamic authority cancels Ramadan celebration following attack on Copts in Minya

(Could Trump’s speech in the KSA given Al Sisi renewed confidence to take on the muslims?)

Dar Al-Iftaa, the Egyptian state body responsible for issuing Islamic edicts, has cancelled the celebrations scheduled on Friday to mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

The grand mufti, Shawqi Allam, who heads Dar Al-Iftaa, has issued a statement condemning the attack.

Gunmen attacked vehicles carrying Coptic Christians on their way to Saint Samuel’s Monastery in Minya on Friday, killing 28 people and injuring 25, according to the latest toll.

3. Saudi Arabia: Iranian TV, 14 Shiites sentenced to death

TEHRAN – The supreme court of Saudi Arabia has sentenced to death 14 young Shiite activists in the eastern province of Qatif, where many Shiite protests were staged over the past few years against the regime of the Al Saud family, Iranian broadcaster PressTV reported Friday.

The trial was allegedly held in the special section of the court dealing with terrorism cases and which, according to opposition members, is a tool of the Saudi interior ministry to crack down on anti-regime activists.

According to some defense attorneys, quoted by the television, the young Shiites were physically and psychologically tortured to obtain a confession.

4. Bill Nye the science lie

Thank you Ted L., Richard, Wrath of Khan, M., and all. Busy day for everyone.

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  1. 4. “Gad Saad Testifies To Canadian Congress To Prove There Is Male And Female” Paul Joseph Watson – May 26, 2017

  2. I haven’t made it through the entire book yet but I have listened to enough that I recognize what the article is saying, it is an attempt to destroy Western Civilization by destroying all of the advances we have made in the sciences. Back in the 70’s I first heard some leftist say that truth is anything that furthers Marxism, facts don’t matter just advancing the leftist agenda. We are living in a time when the left has enough power to attempt to force all of us to think the way they want us to . We have seen all of Western Civilization wimpified from the top down. Many of the Upper Class are joining this movement because they think it will make us safer while the lower classes are resisting this movement because they are being forced to live in increasingly dangerous neighborhoods.

    We are engaged in a war of survival that is partially a cultural war, a war the lovers of freedom are losing and that the totalitarians are winning, This cultural war started as a war against the traditional morality and the left has won enough that they have moved on to waging a war against critical thought and science. They deny science and then when we disagree accuse us of being anti science. They have destroyed the educational systems to the point that the children believe their lies because they have never been taught critical thought. or real science. Just as they have never been taught the facts of history, and are pushing for us to make the mistakes that brought Hitler to power. The difference this time is that they Fascist movement (nazifa hat tip Rita) is winning in just about all western nations. We are seeing resistance movements build in all western nations but we don’t know how much time we have to prepare before the left drives their war into full scale Third World urban guerilla war against everyone that doesn’t agree with them.

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