More attacks, more emergency, Philippines fighting back: Links 1 on May 24

1, France to extend state of emergency.

Paris (AFP) – President Emmanuel Macron wants a sixth extension of France’s state of emergency since the Paris attacks of November 2015, his prime minister said Wednesday, adding that the terror threat “remains very high”.

The new president, elected on May 7, also wants legislation to boost the powers of the security forces, Edouard Philippe said, two days after the Manchester concert suicide bombing that claimed 22 lives.

“France and the United Kingdom are fighting the same enemy,” Philippe said after a meeting of his defence council. “The terrorist threat remains, in Europe, in our two countries, at a very high level.”

Macron is seeking a new extension of the state of emergency, which expires on July 15 after being extended “to preserve our democracy” — referring to France’s just-ended presidential election and upcoming legislative polls.

2. BBC Radio 5 Live goes off air as studio is evacuated

BBC Radio 5 Live went off air today and switched to emergency pre-recorded audio when the studio was evacuated mid-way through a live broadcast.

Confused and concerned listeners took to Twitter on Wednesday just before 2pm to ask what was happening after hearing an evacuation alert in the background of Afternoon Edition.

3. Soldiers and police armed with machine guns raid block of flats in Manchester city centre

Armed police brandishing machine guns have raided a block of flats in the city centre as part of the investigation into the Manchester Arena bombing.

It’s believed part of a railway line by Piccadilly Station was closed while the high-profile raid was carried out.

Residents at the block on Granby Row near Sackville Street say they heard a fire alarm go off inside the building and were greeted by soldiers carrying “machine guns”.

(Strange thing to do after a lone wolf attack. I mean if the guy is dead and there is no connecting ideology or supporting group, well there is nothing more to do, right?)

4. Manchester Bomber Had ‘Proven’ Links To Islamic State: French Minister

MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) – The Manchester suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a concert venue packed with children had recently returned from Libya, a British minister said, and her French counterpart said he had links with Islamic State and had probably visited Syria as well.

Interior minister Amber Rudd said Salman Abedi had likely not acted alone, and troops were being deployed to key sites across Britain to help prevent further attacks after the official threat level was raised to “critical”.

Rudd also scolded U.S. officials for leaking details about the investigation into the Manchester attack before British authorities were prepared to go public.

5. Soldiers on one Philippine Island begin to enforce marshal law. The president is considering applying it across the Philippines to battle Muslim terror.

6. Video of the feeblest “backlash” of all time, which some have claimed was equivalent to the attack killing 22 in Manchester. A door needs a new paint job. Thats it. But after all, in the UK, where a strip of bacon on a doorknob gets you the death penalty, I guess this is the same as the Manchester Arena attack.

7. Muslim looking guy with axe disrupts Manchester memorial.

Thank you M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, Richard, Tanya and many many more. Don’t stop sending it in! We are just getting started.

Earlier this morning I listened to the Scott Adams show on Red Talk radio for the first time and it was very enjoyable. So I called in. You can hear that call at this link at 26 minutes 30 seconds.




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10 Replies to “More attacks, more emergency, Philippines fighting back: Links 1 on May 24”

  1. 1. “France and the United Kingdom are fighting the same enemy,””

    Yes, the ones with men and women joined to their mothers. Those with multiple personalities and identities. Gender-Fluids. The schizophrenics unleashed.

    A soul knows a soul. Period. There is no collective group to belong to.

    • Muhammad makes Muslims submit by the Sword
      72 virgins, the Devil’s reward.
      Communists make Socialists submit to the Word
      Political Correctness rewarding Absurd.
      Perverts make Gender-Fluids submit to the Herd
      Collectivist-Identity for those if Preferred.
      Jesus the Light of Repentence is heard
      Because their Lies are rewards for the Slaves of the World.

  2. Scott Adams Show. He asked a question and You answered the call. That was great Vlad. Scott Adams continued to talk about You and the information that you provided. I’m sure that he and his listeners appreciated the info. Well done.

      • Yes we are.

        Did you see the video where Podesta claims that the conservative media are colluding with Russia? He is panicking about what is coming out on the actions of the DNC, if he weren’t panicking he would find some lie other then that obvious idiocy to try and discredit the Patriot movement.

        • So weird. If the twisted inverts keep this up, they might just come out the other side – straighten up and fly right.

          David Horowitz [alomst] turned himself around: from far-left to founder of Frontpage and Gatestone, devoting time, money, and reputation to our side, the Good Guys.

          The “almost” is his incontinent malice toward Diana West. I don’t understand such responses among conservatives. Could be Red-Diaper Syndrome pathology.

          Horowitz has done so much good, I’m just grateful. He’s an example of what’s possible. Even with red-diaper rash.

  3. Brilliant job on the radio.

    From the reactions of Britain and France the Manchester attack provided on some information they had considered to be unreliable. They are expecting a wave of attacks in all of their major cities and are reacting to that threat. The reaction will probably stop the expected attacks but will be a double edged sword, the lack of attacks will cause the soldiers to relax and not be as vigilant as they should.

  4. Oh boy, Duterte is now going to fix the Islamists.

    This is going to be fun to watch.

    To those in the Philippines, I recommend investing in pig carcasses. I suspect that their price will soon go up significantly.

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