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6 Replies to “A proper advert for Islamic North Africa”

  1. Tards MAKE deserts.
    They’d pave Paradise and put up a parking lot…then crawl around on it, sniffing each other's rear-end…

    For all the baloney, Israel remains Beyond the Pale for Tards and their Dhimmis.
    The ElderOfZiyon observes: “Israel doesn’t seem to be invited to World Economic Forum Middle East starting today.” It’s simply bizarre: http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2017/05/israel-doesnt-seem-to-be-invited-to.html (See the comments, too.)

    The President is staging this first foreign trip as a quasi-religious pilgrimage to the most sacred sites of the “Three Great Abrahamic Religions”.
    • Because an infidel can’t go to Mecca.

    • And won’t visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
    That’s as of 5/21/17. POTUS may change his mind. It’s fraught, you see. Would that mean acknowledging Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem?
    even though Putin the commie-cutie already has: there’s a man who keeps score.

    • Oh yucki !!!!!!! 🙂 !!!

      1. “…Tards MAKE deserts.
      They’d pave Paradise and put up a parking lot…then crawl around on it, sniffing each other’s rear-end…”

      Another one that goes into my quotations folder 🙂 Thank you.

      2. Somewhere there is a documentary about how the Jews have made Gaza bloom and when they left it to the tards, on the basis of yet another “false promise of peace”, it aparantly took very very little time for the the thriving beauty to wilt and for Glass Houses to be destroyed….it seems everything the tards touch turns ugly and/or dies.

      3. Israel doesn’t need to step down into the gutter of the Tard Zoo.

      4. My personal jury regarding a few things our new POTUS has done lately. I know the nasty and hysterical onslaught they wage on him is HUGE……..but I still hope that he is a little like the Swan metaphor and that underneath the flashy dancing with the tards, underneath the surface his feet are pedaling like mad in the right direction. (Our Vlad recommended to watch “Homeland” to understand the Deep Throat State….)

      • Rita, thanks for the kind words!

        • The destruction of those greenhouses in Gaza should’ve made front-page news…somewhere. They were fabulous, then rubbish. Genuine Greens would’ve been screaming, “Murder”, “Crime-against-Life”. But sadly, Green is mostly Red.

        • The WaPo has an article about Iran’s progressive desertification:

        “Due to gross mismanagement and its ruinous impact on the country, Iran faces the worst water future of any industrialized nation. . . . Beginning in 1987, as the war with Iraq was ending, the special military force of the Iranian regime—the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)—was given a special perk. Among other strangleholds on the Iranian economy, IRGC-owned companies . . . were given control over major engineering projects throughout the country. Recklessly, these companies began damming major rivers, changing the historical water flows of Iran. This was done to give preferences to powerful landowners and favored ethnic communities while also transferring billions from the public treasury to IRGC leaders’ accounts. . . .”


        • Bill Warner described in a video how the tardish invasion ruined the environment, one of the many dimensions of the fall of the Roman Empire. Besides desertification, ports were silted with corpses, the damaged infrastructure virtually irreparable.

        • The comments at the ElderZ’s agreed with you, this WEF-MENA is third-tier stuff. But all this bloviating in the ‘Belly of the Beast’ about “our shared interests and values” is just too, too- NAUSEATING.

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