1st amendment? We don’t need no stinkin 1st amendment!: Links 1 on May 7 2017

1, Palestinian hunger strike about as legit as the rest of their grievances.

(If he really wants to make a statement, he needs to go on a suffocation strike. The first three minutes are a bitch but after that its effortless till the end of time.)

2. Danish American documentary film maker covers ANTIFA riot in Copenhagen

(This fellow is someone worth following. Subscribe to his Youtube channel. Good things are coming from this guy)

3. Gavin McInnes on taqiyya on the hijab issue

4. French voters receive pre-spoiled ballots.

(The sad sad thing is, that it didn’t matter. Macron seems to have won by such a huge margin that the cheating wasn’t necessary. The French have a lot to be ashamed of. But not for long. France will be erased soon.)

5. Zoom in on the graphic of the soldier in the flyer below. Did the CBC actually make this?





One might expect that for over one Billion dollars a year, the CBC could find clip art that was of anyone other than an SS officer of the Nazis. If this was the CBC of course.

6. Philippines says bomb sparked by feud but IS claims attack

A bomb explosion that killed two people in a Muslim community in Manila was sparked by a personal feud, Philippine police officials said Sunday, but the Islamic State group claimed its fighters were responsible.

Police said a package being delivered by a man exploded late Saturday in downtown Manila’s Quiapo district, killing him and another man receiving it at a Shiite center. Police said four others were wounded.

Another explosive, either a homemade bomb or a grenade, went off more than two hours later near the scene of the first blast and wounded two policemen deployed to help secure the area and investigate the bombing, according to authorities.

(Looks like fairly standard Sunni murdering Shiia to me. What Tundra Tabloids calls, “Predator Vs. Alien”.

7. IS militants kill Christian man in northern Sinai

Gunmen have shot dead a Christian man inside a barbershop in Egypt’s northern Sinai, security officials said on Sunday — the latest attack on Christians in the turbulent region contested by a local affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group.

The late Saturday killing in the coastal city of el-Arish came one day after IS warned it would escalate attacks against Christians. IS claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday through a brief report on its Aamaq news agency.

8. Gunfight between Indian police, rebels kills 5 in Kashmir.

(This Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan could get quite kinetic should the US get distracted with Syria, Turkey and North Korea)

Rebels attacked a police squad in the Indian portion of Kashmir, triggering a gunbattle that left three civilians, one officer and an assailant dead, police said Sunday.

The unit came under fire Saturday night as it reached a road accident site on a key highway connecting Kashmir Valley with the rest of India, said senior police officer S.P. Pani.

He said the dead civilians were road construction officials of a private company.

One civilian and one police officer also were injured in the shootout, he said.

Police believe two insurgents escaped under the cover of darkness after the officers swiftly retaliated in Malpora , a village 65 kilometers (40 miles) south of Srinagar, the main city in the Indian-held Kashmir.

9. Middle school student suspended for ‘liking’ photo of gun on Instagram

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

(Nothing soviet about this at all)

you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, NorseRadish, Oz-RIta and many more who sent in stories and followed news such as the election in France.

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12 Replies to “1st amendment? We don’t need no stinkin 1st amendment!: Links 1 on May 7 2017”

  1. To me personally, I can think of nothing I value as much as freedom – indeed, in the Christian-Judaic worldview, even God considered it to be of such importance that he allowed the possibility (certainty?) of evil, in order to give some of his creations that very precious thing. So, when people willingly give up their freedoms in exchange for something else (often security) or even out of apathy, I am confused to say the least. But I’m starting slowly to really get it: freedom just isn’t that important to some people, incomprehensible as that idea is to my personal way of looking at the world.

    In particular, women have sometimes been accused historically of being all too willing and quick to abandon freedom (and other loyalties) in exchange for something else, often security, or social acceptance. So there is the stereotype (and stereotypes typically have some basis in reality) of women in a fallen city or nation rushing to make themselves “friendly” to the conquerors – in order to protect themselves and their offspring (evolution at work, perhaps). If that means converting to another ideology, putting on a hijab, or fully covering themselves, and following the orders of a male guardian, then so be it.

    So, I’m generalizing here – I realize that not all women behave in the same way just as not all men do either. But it does seem to me that certain behaviours of women – their voting patterns, for example – in our Western societies are becoming a systematic problem for our societies, weakening us and leaving us vulnerable to Islam’s invasion. If women – or anyone – provide aid to the enemy, even by converting or wearing a hijab, then they are making themselves into the enemy. Gavin MacInnes has a point when he warns that if some women want to abandon the freedoms that Western culture (and males) have allowed them, and at the expense of weakening our society, if, indeed, they want a patriarchy, then that can be arranged; it just won’t necessarily be an Islamic patriarchy.

    • On the gonad level
      There’s the Vagina Monologue
      And the mammalian level
      There’s Muhammad and his God.
      On an Intellectual level
      A Feminist demagogue
      But, on the conscious level
      She calls out the dhimmi dog.

    • …freedom just isn’t that important to some people, incomprehensible as that idea is to my personal way of looking at the world.

      You are exactly right. As eerily strange as that must sound. Think of tribal systems and those who are utterly dependent upon them for prestige or even just mere survival. You can no more easily get someone to detach themselves from such primitive conditions regardless of how abusive or brutal they may be. Muslim women are a prime example of this.

      A final example: Astounding though it may be, the vast majority of those who perform FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) are women.

      (and stereotypes typically have some basis in reality)

      To paraphrase “Balkan Trilogy” author, Olivia Manning:

      “The problem with stereotypes is that there usually is some truth to them.”

      PS: Excellent comment. Please contribute whenever possible.

    • Yazidi women opened their veins to keep their babies alive on their own blood. Sure, a mother is programmed to protect her young. The Mama Grizzly Effect.

      Their are other differences not amenable to social engineering. But maybe it’s less difficult to socialize men into behaving like feckless wimps. To default to submission might not go against instinct.

  2. WWIII is progressing nicely, for the most part it won’t be large scale battles between national military forces but will instead be riots, assassination squads, terror attacks and massive tit for tat raids. The radical left around the world are the best organized and one radical left group is allied with all other radical left groups in the world. We on the side of freedom are facing a long uphill fight to ensure that our nations and cultures survive.

  3. If he really wants to make a statement, he needs to go on a suffocation strike.

    It’s just slightly ironic that you’re talking about some of the world’s premier oxygen thieves.

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