Katie Hopkins states the dangerous and obvious and true

It is funny how as time passes, more high profile people are more openly stating that which we have been saying bluntly for  decade or more, but at the same time, the official culture has gone far farther the other way. What we are allowed to say by law is progressively more restricted, witness Jordan Peterson and forced pronouns, and the legal costs grow for failing to be sufficiently enthusiastic about the narrative. Witness Canada’s M103 rapidly becoming a fake study that will result in a Soviet era bill.

But for the moment, enjoy Katie Hopkins and Tucker Carlson.

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  1. All western nations are rapidly going full Stalinist, not just communist but Stalinist. We here in the States are seeing our history being erased like Stalin and his followers did in the USSR, in the rest of the West it is not just history but also Free Speech that is being erased.

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