Tracking Islamic atrocities in the name of Islam: Links 1 on April 24

1, What happened to that Saudi woman, dragged back from the Philippines?

2. From Soros to a fan of Hillary Clinton’s, here is where the NGOS who bring migrants to Italy get their money and how they spend it.

Doctors Without Borders

We begin with the largest associations. At the top of the list is obviously Doctors Without Borders (DWB), which in 2016 could count three ships: Dignity I, Bourbon Argos and Aquarius. Today only one remains active, Aquarius, to which, however, has been joined the new acquisition, Prudence, a commercial ship 75 meters long with 1,000 berths on board. A giant rescue ship.

The activity that DWB carries forward in the world is nothing to laugh about. One has to smile, however, at the fact that among its founders is Bernard Kouchner, a medical doctor who has seen more political buildings than operating rooms. In 2007, in fact, he was appointed minister of foreign affairs by Nicolas Sarkozy, or that government that bombarded Mohammad [sic] Ghaddafi and transformed Libya into the lawless port from where today boats depart laden with immigrants.

3. This one is for fans of the show, Homeland:

A HACKER who has planted porn and gay images on more than 250 ISIS Twitter accounts has been threatened with beheading.

Following the Orlando gay nightclub shooting he decided to replace the pro-ISIS imagery on their profiles with pro-LGBT messages and links to gay porn.

But now he’s revealed his web hijackings have led to horror death threats.

He told CNN: “I get beheading images… death threats. ‘We’re going to kill you’ and that’s good because if they are focusing on me they are not doing anything else.

“We started to take over their accounts with porn and gay pride images basically just to troll them. We thought that putting the naked images would offend them.”

4. From Jack Posobiac who was attacked by ANTIfA today:

5. The Russians Hacked Democrats’ Plans to Cheat in the General Election, Too

New York Times report on Saturday claimed that FBI Director James Comey decided to reveal that he was re-opening the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because he suspected Attorney General Loretta Lynch was covering up for her — and because an email found by Russian hackers seemed to support those suspicions.

The Times’ investigative report suggests that a U.S. intelligence agency managed to intercept some of what Russian hackers were stealing — and that one document, “described as both a memo and an email, was written by a Democratic operative who expressed confidence that Ms. Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going too far.”

According to the Times, Comey feared that Lynch — who had insisted the Clinton probe be referred to as a “matter” and not as an “investigation,” and who suggested it the investigation was not criminal when, in fact, it was — would declare the case closed, and then Russian hackers would leak the document to undermine the FBI’s image of independence.

6. Part 2 of the Marine le Pen interview

7. Historian finds documentary proof of Turkish role in Armenian Genocide

The Turks continue to deny any active plan to commit genocide of the Armenians and other non-Muslims. Here, however, is documentary proof that the Ottoman government knew what was happening and approved. The Armenians were kuffar harbi — Infidels at war with Islam — for wanting independence, and hence under Islamic law their lives were forfeit.

“My firm belief as a Turk is that democracy and human rights in Turkey can only be established by facing history and acknowledging historic wrongdoings.”

Yes, but Islamic supremacists never do that. Ever. It either didn’t happen or it’s the Infidel’s fault.


8. Leftists do their damnest to destroy Paris. The claim is likely that le Pen was one of the winners, but its a very good guess it would have happened no matter who won.


Thank you Xanthippa, M., NorseRadish, Yucki, TL., and many many more. And much more to come.

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  1. Paris and all other Western Cities are war zones of varying intensity, the left will use a victory by anyone who isn’t far left as an excuse but they are planning on doing the same thing on any and every excuse. Their goal is to scare the politicians into surrendering to the far left allowing the far left to set all policies and ordering all actions. This will continue until they win total control of the western nations or are kicked out of all western nations.

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