Update on Fairfax Va. jihad attack? by Kenan Mehmed Ozcan

By Ava Lon:

This afternoon Fairfax county police apprehended a man after a hit and run. Around 10 am he hit once, a 75 years old woman crossing the street, then he turned around and struck her again, on purpose, causing her death, and left the scene.
The suspect’s name is Kenan Mehmed Ozcan, 31 of Fairfax. According to what appears to be his linkedin account he is a graduate of both Virginia Tech and George Mason University.

In an seemingly unrelated incident police were called to a shopping center at 12:45 where a 43 old woman reported a man acting strangely; she took his picture and he assaulted her. After arriving at the scene the officers noticed at the parking lot a car with front-end damage typical of ramming a person at speed. It appears the strangely acting man and this morning’s hit and run perpetrator, are one and the same person.

According to the General District Court Online Case information system the suspect has a criminal record:on April 18, 2013 he was found guilty of grand larceny and sentenced to six years with all but 2.5 years suspended; he also has several traffic citations.

The name, Kenan Mehmed Ozcan, is of Turkish Muslim origin.

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  1. Those who are made to crawl can be depended upon to snarl.

    Just as how those you slop will always manage to grunt.

    So, let’s face it … this savage will quarrel.

    Regardless of who we affront.

    Slop them all and butcher the lot of them.

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