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3 Replies to “Sydney Oz”

  1. This blogpost sounds very credible to me, although I do not know the poster.

    Also: from what I see in Australian streets, I have stopped believing the official number of 1.5 – 2 %, quoted when referring to the Muslim population in OZ. Seeing islamic veils and niquabs sprouting up like mushrooms after the rainy season, that number is either hugely inferior to reality, or OZ females are converting to the “religion of pieces” (one piece of you here, another piece of you over there) at the speed at which Aids was spreading in the 80ies.

  2. This is to be expected in all Western nations that don’t fight back forcibly, it is another reason the war will last so long and will initially give the enemies of freedom some victories. These victories are going to take time and lives to reverse.

    It won’t be long before groups in all nations are playing tit for tat with the Moslems and the Quisling governments will send the Police after the non Moslems while leaving their Islamic masters alone. This in turn will increase the violence against the Moslems and probably the police and government offices.

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