Time to have a look at the NSA. No its WAY past time

While we are on it, this seems like the right time to recommend the Julian Assange book, “When Google met Wikileaks”.

Now I don’t have the time or the energy to read books anymore. But this one Im making myself read. Im about 50 pages in and its chilling to the bone. Google’s power is dystopian and its connections to the US state department under Clinton/Obama are nothing short of Orwellian and way way beyond.

It can be purchased, for the moment, here.

In one way its great to hear powerful people upset about the NSA. But in another way, its highly irritating that they have not up to now, as the NSA spies on every US citizen in flagrant breach of their clearly established 4th amendment rights. ANd suddenly its a problem when they use that power, a power equalled only by google, to affect their agenda. And yes, the Trump agenda so far is also mine and the majority of readers here.

But the time to close down the NSA and replace it with something sane is now.

And while they are at it, they should at least look at giving a medal to Ed Snowdon.

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4 Replies to “Time to have a look at the NSA. No its WAY past time”

  1. They will keep all their Muslim advisors I imagine. America has no clue about Islam without their Muslim friends telling them what to do to appease it.

    • Nah, Bl@k – we gotta get ’em out!
      There’s a Trump compilation video where he’s telling security: “Get ’em out! Keep their coats, get ’em the hell out!”
      Crowd goes berserk with JOY. There’s an appetite for that here, no doubt about it. Cowboy movie ethos alive and well across America. A silent majority, even if not a plurality. [Hard to know about that, given the voting energy of illegal aliens, felons, and dead people.]

  2. As all who are regular readers know I have been worried about the destruction of civilization, I think it is safe to say that civilization has officially fallen and that all Western Nations have been turned into 3rd world nations. We are no longer fighting to preserve civilization but are instead fighting to preserve our freedom.

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