A Rebel TOP TEN list, with a special focus: Obama’s CVE is dead!

Daily top TEN from the REBEL.

This is a list worth looking at. But for us, the most significant thing is President Donald Trump utterly destroying Obama’s attempt at post modern destruction of Classical Civilization by the moral equivalence of his office of the CVE. (Item 7) Now, the CVE can only be used to deal with ISLAMIC TERRORISM! This is a great victory, not just against Islamic jihad, but against post-modern thought which fuels Islamic jihad.

Below, a couple of videos explaining Obama’s CVE:

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2 Replies to “A Rebel TOP TEN list, with a special focus: Obama’s CVE is dead!”

  1. Trump shocks only the Marxist brainwashed. Unwitting dimwits trade their souls for crackerjack degrees at schools that charge a ransom for the safe lobotomy.

    Take a time machine to, say, 1945 and get your grandfather’s opinion on today. You’d hear Trump. Diplomacy? All good until other countries are playing you for a sucker. Safe spaces? Right. Transgender? Open Border? Communism? Gays in the military? Debt is money? And on and on.

    The boiling frogs are mad because Trump’s hard logic is hard and they are soft. Soft money bankrolls them. They live a lie that must go ever bigger or they are done for.

  2. The Marxists of all varieties are angry that they came so close to destroying Western Civilization and achieving their goal of having a one world socialist government run by unelected bureaucrats. These self proclaimed elites trying to set themselves up as the Nobles and Royals in a neo feudal society where the rest of the population are surfs with no rights that the self proclaimed elites don’t think we should have.

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