Islamic beachhead burns down in Texas

Typically these are set by muslims for any number of a variety of reasons. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was done to create anti-Trump sentiment. But its also perhaps an actual pushback against Islamic doctrine in the US by freedom loving patriots. The good thing is, if you read the media unafraid of the facts we will find out sooner or later most likely.

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3 Replies to “Islamic beachhead burns down in Texas”

  1. Regardless of who set the fire … it’s a win. Bottom line: One less indoctrination center.

    With Trump outing the MSM on a regular basis, its fangs are slowly being drawn. This administration will likely do more than any other in history (at least since Jefferson), to increase public awareness of the Islamic threat. Muslims can set their mosques on fire with clockwork regularity and it will not cause any significant increase in existing public sympathy. With Hillary Clinton’s political career totally flamed out and cratered, few newcomers, if any, will continue buying into the Liberal @ss-kissing of Muslims, here in America or elsewhere.

    What will certainly increase is Muslim fatigue as Americans (and Westerners in general) become increasingly fed up with history’s biggest bunch of whiny-arsed, crybaby, loser, bullies.

  2. Wow, Victoria, Texas!!!


    I spent some time doing martial arms and gun training there in the late 1980’s – don’t remember seeing any mosques, or even a single Muslim, there back then.

    Gosh, I feel old!

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