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8 Replies to “Trump admin will also hold the press to account”

  1. Excerpt from ‘Alinskyite Tactics, Robert Creamer, and Us’ by Stanley Kurtz
    October 20, 2016:

    “In 2007, Robert Creamer published ‘Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win’, a tactical handbook for the left that he wrote while serving a prison term for tax evasion and bank fraud. Creamer’s advice on how to handle conservatives (pp. 74-6) makes for interesting reading about now:

    ‘In general our strategic goal with people who have become conservative activists is not to convert them—that isn’t going to happen. It is to demoralize them—to ‘deactivate’ them. We need to deflate their enthusiasm, to make them lose their ardor and above all their self-confidence…[A] way to demoralize conservative activists is to surround them with the echo chamber of our positions and assumptions. We need to make them feel that they are not mainstream, to make them feel isolated… We must isolate them ideologically…[and] use the progressive echo chamber…By defeating them and isolating them ideologically, we demoralize conservative activists directly. Then they begin to quarrel among themselves or blame each other for defeat in isolation, and that demoralizes them further.'”

  2. Some Experts Say Trump Team’s Falsehoods Are Classic ‘Gaslighting’ (nbcnews, Jan 24, 2017)

    “The new Trump administration stunned and outraged journalists, pundits and plenty of ordinary Americans this past weekend with false assertions about how many people showed up for Friday’s inauguration.

    The claims were easily disproved and news outlets have spent hours showing precisely how…”

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